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favourite rory & logan moments: 22/?

Reaction to a Clingy S/O- Evan Peters Preference

Tate- Tate would love it. Tate himself loves being around you too. He would love that you always wanted to be wrapped in his arms or holding your hand. Tate would make it a priority to sneak you kisses when you weren’t expecting it. Sometimes if other people weren’t the house with you, Tate would still hug you or hold your hand and just wouldn’t actually show himself.

Kit- Kit’s favorite thing is walking into your house and have you hug him. Even if you weren’t as clingy, he still would be. Kit loves to wrap his arms around you when he hugs you from behind. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, he’ll always find away to hug you and place small kisses on your neck.

Pre-death Kyle- Kyle would love to cuddle you up in blankets as much as you love to do the same to him. Whenever you’re alone most of your time is spent cuddling and listening to Kyle’s dumb jokes. If you’re in public or with Kyle’s friend, Kyle will normally hold your hand. He doesn’t show much affection in public, but he will hold your hand and give you cute little kisses.

Post-death Kyle- Kyle felt better knowing you are clingy towards him. It shows him that you love him and went to be with him. You being close to him also allows him to keep you safe. Kyle will tightly wrap his arms around you as you lay in bed together.

Jimmy- Jimmy wouldn’t mind you being clingy. Jimmy likes to cuddle with you when you’re alone in your caravan, but sometimes he likes some time to himself. When you’re around other people Jimmy likes to keep an arm loosely wrapped around to make sure others know that your his. Sometimes you pull him closer to you and he laughs before pulling you into a tight hug.

James- James wouldn’t like you being touchy clingy, but he would enjoy you being clingy in wanting to always be around him. Rarely he’ll cuddle with you, but every day he will hug you and kiss you. The most physical affection you would get from him would be during sex. When you go out in public he would make sure you were close and he would have an arm around you or have you wrapped around his arm.

Rory- Rory isn’t much of a cuddling guy, but he would like it if you sat on his lap. You would sit on his lap and wrap your arms around him while he was watching TV, playing video games, or basically any other time you wanted. He’d be fine with hand holding in public and he would probably show you off to all of his friends and fans.

Edward- Edward isn’t one for touching or being around people, however when it came to you he would like for you to keep him company. It annoyed you a bit that he never really wanted to hold your hand or hug you. A very few random occasions he will hold you and tell you how much he appreciates you being with him.

Guardian - Rory Regan

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Prompt- “HIIIIII, could you pls do a Rory x reader one shot in which the reader is part of the team arrow and she gets kidnapped by Prometheus and Rory, Rene and Curtis are like, bitch we gotta save our friend, but Ollie is like hoe no, too dangerous for you. But they go anyway and Rory is like gotta save my girl bc he and reader have something complicated, like are they dating? Are they friends? no one knows. But they realize they love each other and fluff? If you do, thank youuuuu” - @shabsanalghul


Word count - 1,024


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“Who’s birthday did you say it was, again?”

Rory was pulled from his thoughts. “Parker, my brother.”

“Oh, right, right.” the woman nodded. She wrapped her arms around Rory’s waist as the stood in the front lawn. “What did we get him?”

We? Rory had gotten Parker a gift prior to today, but there was never a “we” mentioned in the card or spoken in their conversations. “I got him a model ship. He enjoys putting them together.”

“Oh, cool. Perfect for someone his age.”

Rory didn’t mention it, but Parker had picked up the hobby in his teenage years. It was a way for him to concentrate and become patient. At least, that’s what Parker said. Not an activity for his older years. Whatever, It didn’t matter. What did matter was enjoying the day.

Realizing Feelings - Rory Regan

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Prompt- Not to be over dramatic, but I’d literally give you my soul if you were to do something cute & fluffy with Rory Regan from Arrow. There is absolutely nothing on him as of right now, and since your writing is so exquisite, I thought you might be a good person to ask? You totally don’t have to (and I’ll completely understand if you don’t), but if you do, thank you in advance! Either way, I’m a big fan of your work and I hope you’re having a lovely day/night/whatever! XOXO :)” -anon

Word count - 874



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Summery: Benny and Jenny Weir are the dynamic duo or as their cousin Stiles Stilinski calls them the terrible twosome.

Both having inherited special powers from their parents they are always in trouble, so when they get kicked out of Whitechapel after irritating the resident vampires and are shipped off to Beacon hills Stiles begins to see just how much trouble his baby cousins can be.

Teen Wolf/ My Babysitters A Vampire Crossover

Word Count: 1626

Part One  Part Two

Jenny had woken up early and was happy to see a cute outfit tucked into her window with a note written in Sarah’s hand writing.

“We saved up and got you that dress you like.” Jenny read to herself as she pulled on the dark blue floral dress and grabbed a mid-waist army jacket and knee high boots letting her white socks stick out a little over the top.

A soft thumping on the bathroom door told her Benny was awake and she skipped happily across the room unlocking it and was almost flattened by her brother who stumbled through as if he’d been leaning on the door hoping to fall through it and, judging by the pink sparks that flew from his hands he quite possibly would have if she had she taken any longer.

“Look what Grandma sent us, also Erica got me a new shirt cool huh?” Benny offered his sister a wand with her name neatly engraved in it and showed her a new spell book and potion kit while he held up his hands so she could see his new shirt.

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Double Date (by Marc Ellerby, from the 11th Doctor Titan Comics #9) featuring the Ponds and 11/River
  • Rory: *out at dinner with Amy* Isn't it nice to get out of that TARDIS for one night? Leave all the timey-wimey hoo-ha behind and have a bit of alone time just the two of...
  • The Doctor: *walks in with River* HELLO PONDS!
  • Rory: *splurts drink*
  • The Doctor: *leaning over* What are you both doing here?
  • Amy: We're on a date.
  • The Doctor: What a coincidence--so are we! Scooch up, we'll join you.
  • River: Ummmmm.
  • The Doctor: Oh, it can be a double date! This will be fun!
  • River: Spoilers: it won't be.
  • Waiter: *to River* Miss, shall I take your coat?
  • River: *whispers* Oh, nooo. I'm not appropriately dressed for a night out with the parents.
  • The Doctor: Like you're ever appropriately dressed.
  • River: I've never heard you complain, Sweetie.
  • *laughing*
  • Rory: *looks mortified*
  • Rory: *to waiter* Excuse me, can I get another glass of wine please?
  • Amy: Best make it a bottle.
  • Rory: Two bottles.
  • The Doctor: *wraps arm around Rory* Ahh, come on Dad, lighten up, this will be great! You don't mind me calling you "Dad", do you?
  • Rory: *looks even more mortified*
  • Rory: *to waiter* I think we better make it three bottles.

kickingshoes  asked:

For the kissing prompt: Killerwave, 13 Against the Wall. (based on that post "since all of Caitlin’s boyfriends die I think she needs a sturdier man in her life… I nominate Mick Rory to be her next love interest") Mick proves to her he doesn't go down so easy.

Attention: Kissies Prompts are closed. Will be answering what’s already in my inbox.



The last thing Caitlin expects to see at her door is Mick Rory.

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   "Excuse me…“

  Inching towards the woman at a painfully slow pace, Rory held one arm outstretched towards her, a small item held in a slightly-shaky, open palm. "Is this, uh–is this yours…? I’m not here to bother you, honest–I know I look–like this, but I saw this on the side of the road, and it wasn’t there the last time I looped this street, and nobody else is around that might’ve dropped it, so…” Wincing at the way their voice cracked with nerves towards the end there, Rory hunched their shoulders, trying to make themself look as unintimidating as possible so as not to alarm the other any more than they might have already done with their scarred-up, lizard-y features alone.