rory williams is my favorite character


My problem isn’t that my favorite characters aren’t real; it’s that I’m not fictional. I don’t want them to be real. What I desperately wish is that I could be fictional with them. It’s not that I want them here with me in this mundane and ordinary world; it’s that I want to join them in their extraordinary one. (x)

Characters that deserved better:

Allison Argent (Teen Wolf)

Bianca di Angelo (PJO)

Finnick Odair (THG)

Nymphadora Tonks (HP)

Beth Greene (The Walking Dead)

Tris Prior (Divergent)

Rory Williams (Doctor Who)

Alex Whitman (Roswell)

Tara Maclay (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)

Alcide Herveaux (True Blood)

Teresa Agnes (The Maze Runner series)

Jordan Kyle (The Mortal Instruments series)

Winifred ‘Fred’ Burkle (Angel)

John Eades (The Caster Chronicles)

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doctor who - for your "send me a fandom" thingy

1. My favorite male character: Ten and Rory

2. My favorite female character: Rose

3. My OTP: Ten/Rose

4. My NOTP: Eleven/River

5. My BROTP: Ten/Donna

6. My other ships: Whouffle, Mickey/Martha, and I kinda lowkey ship Eleven/Rory

7. My least favorite character: River

8. My favorite season/movie: Season 2

9. My favorite episode/book: I don’t have just one favorite episode but one of my top favorites is Tooth and Claw.

10. Character I’d like to have sex with: Ten or Amy

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Name: Kayleigh

Nickname: oh god i have a lot. Kenna (short for my middle name Mckenna), k bug, leigh, kay, kay kay, kenna roo

Zodiac Sign: cancer

Hogwarts House: gryffindor

Height: yikes 5'2

Orientation: bisexual af

Ethnicity: as white as a sheet of paper

Favorite Fruit: either pineapple or watermelon

Favorite Season: autumn ftw

Favorite Book Series: the maze runner series

Favorite Fictional Characters: there’s a ton but here are some of my top faves i guess; Newt (maze runner series), the weasley twins, Rory Williams, Chekov (Star Trek), Marty Mcfly, Prince Zuko, Keith Kogane, Leonard Snart (i could go on and on)

Favorite Flowers: sunflowers and daisies

Favorite Scents: the smell of freshly baked sweets, anything fruity and i really love the differences in smell of older and newer books

Favorite Artists/Band: older music would be the beatles, johnny cash, patsy cline, frank sinatra, nirvana, sex pistols, the clash. newer would be neck deep, all time low, state champs, melanie martinez, arctic monkeys

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Cocoa: i loveeee tea so much but i also enjoy hot cocoa

Average Sleep Hours: it really just depends on how tired i am. im a night owl so i’ll stay up until almost 6am and then wake up at like 12.

Number of Blankets Slept With: one in the summer and a billion as soon as it starts getting cold

Dream Trip: i want to visit Europe but also my dad and i’s dream has always been to go to Japan

Blog Created: originally this was sorta like a personal one (my other one is a haikyuu blog) but it strayed more towards cow chop, achievement hunter, funhaus and a few personal and other things (i don’t even remember when i started it)

Number of Blogs Followed: 145

Number of Followers: uhmm yikes 39 (my blog is shit and i just started using it again a couple months ago so im not surprised lmao)

What Do I Usually Post: cow chop, achievement hunter, funhaus, sometimes various other things im into or things related to my personality

Do I Usually Get Asks: no but i’d love to receive some

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Name: Susanna

Nickname: Sue, or Vio in WoW

Zodiac Sign: the virgoiest virgo that ever virgoed

Height: 5′9″

Ethnicity: Irish, Scottish

Orientation: Pansexual

Favourite fruit(s): I loathe all fruit but green apples

Favorite season: autumn

Favourite book(s): NeverWhere, Good Omens, Harry Potter (all but esp OoTP), The Vampire Lestat (Yes, I know AR is a twat, but that book was a huge part of my teenage years), The Magicians, Bag of Bones, The Stand.

Favourite flower(s): berber daisies

Favourite animal(s): owls, turtles, and shih-tzu doggies

Favourite beverage: Southern Comfort and Coke, coffee

Average hours of sleep: 5

Favourite fictional character(s): the entire kingsman cast, roonil wazlib, dean winchester, the eleventh doctor, rory williams, sherlock holmes, john/joan watson, cecil baldwin

Number of blankets you sleep with: one to two depending on how cold it is.

Dream trip: england, and I will never ever come back, ever

Blog created: march 2013 I think?

What do I post about: kingsman, sherlock occasionally, witchy things, anything with morticia, things I find pretty, england

Do I get asks on a regular basis: very rarely, although i do have nice chats with people now and again over the messenger

Aesthetic: skulls, black liner, black or red lips, pristine journal pages

Favorite band/artist: currently - Jake Bugg, of all time - a tie between the doors and sting

Fictional characters I’d date: harry hart, river song, merlin, sirius black (look like mr. gary o), 

Hogwarts house: hufflepuff

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Doctor Who

5 favorite characters: Rory Williams, Bill Potts, Jack Harkness, Martha Jones, River Song

3 OTPs: The Doctor/River, Jack/Ianto, Martha Jones/Respect very lowkey Jack/Doctor

Funniest character: Probably Donna or Jack or Missy I can’t decide

Prettiest character: Clara (but amy’s hair color ruined my life)

Most badass character: River

Character I’d like as my BFF: Bill

Character that’s ruined my life: Rory Williams I love him so much???? Also the Doctor himself feels like a given lmao


Fangirl Challenge - (2/10) Favorite Male Characters : Rory Williams

“This is the right thing to do. This will work. If I die now, it’s a paradox right? The paradox’ll kill the Angels. Tell me I’m wrong, Go on, please. Because I am really scared… Great. The one time you can’t manage it.”

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What is your absolute all time favoritest Doctor Who episode?

Ugh, that’s hard, but I honestly would have to go with the Series 5 finale!

(I’m cheating a little and counting both parts as one episode, cause it’s weird to say only half of the plot is my favorite)

Moffat at his finest, to me, anyway: great character, great plot, great atmosphere, and even my favorite music from the show is prominently featured in it.

Little Amelia specifically is one of my favorite characters ever, and the moment between her and Eleven (when he picks her up in the garden and does that monologue while she sleeps) is my favorite part of the entire finale, and by default, my favorite moment of Doctor Who (so far, anyway!)

Also, Rory punches Eleven in the face. I love Rory, I love Eleven, and I could watch that on a loop reel for an hour.

(Also, up until the big smile and the “Welcome back, Rory Williams!” look at how Twelveish Eleven is acting. I love it, it just shows they all really are the same person at the core of it. Honestly, kind of reminds me of Twelve’s whole “You were faking being heartless” thing from last week’s episode, Murder on the Orient Express)