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“Imagine being young Amy Pond’s friend, and when she grows up she tells you about the Doctor, and you meet him after almost being killed by a Dalek, and the two of you fall in love at first sight.”

Based off of an imagine by: some-random-imagines. I loved the prompt, so thanks for letting me write a one shot for it!


Amelia Pond was always your best friend, even though everyone said she was crazy.

When you were little girls, Amelia lived down the street from you. Every day, you would walk over to her house, and the two of you would play for hours. Amelia would tell you stories about her Raggedy Doctor, and most of your games were centered around him. You liked hearing about the Doctor, and were very disappointed on the day when your mother took you aside to tell you that the Raggedy Man wasn’t real. “Amelia is confused,” she said, “They’re sending her to a real doctor, to help her tell the difference between real and imaginary.”

Even though she had imaginary friends, Amelia was still your best friend. She was still your best friend many years later, when she went by Amy and worked as a kissagram and dated Rory Williams. In fact, Rory had become a good friend of yours through Amy.

So when the two of them showed up on your doorstep, looking the most disheveled you had ever seen them, you were quick to let them and ask what happened. You figured it had something to do with the thing that had appeared in the sky above your home.

“It was him.” Amy gushed. “It was the Doctor, he’s real. And he came back. He sent them away, he saved all of us, the whole planet. He’s real, (Y/N), the Raggedy Doctor is real.”

You turned to Rory, alarm clearing showing on your face. “Is she alright? Should I call someone?”

“No, (Y/N), it’s the truth.” Rory leaned forward. “I’m as shocked as you are, but the Doctor is real. He’s a time traveller, or something.”

You sighed, pouting. “How come I didn’t get to see him? I want to meet Amy’s imaginary friend.”

“You will.” Amy promised. “He’ll come back. And when he does, I’ll make sure he meets you.”


That was a while back. Amy was Mrs. Williams now, and she and Rory had moved away. You still visited then every once in a while, and they told you all about their adventures with the Doctor. You had given up on meeting the man. You were just (Y/N), living on your own, working a job that you liked but didn’t love, and spending most of your free time reading or watching Netflix. Things could have been much worse.

For example, you could come home one day to find what appeared to be a UFO crashed in your living room, with a strange robot thing that looked like a pepper shaker rolling through your house. You stared at the thing, cautiously approaching it. “Hello? What is this, what’s going on?”

The creature turned to you, waving it’s eye stalk slowly up and down as if to study you. “You. Are. Human… All. Humans. Must. Be. Exterminated!” It began to advance on you, leading you to step back quickly.

“Now hey, you’re in my house, and I–” you were cut off as the creature shot a bolt of light at your couch, which burst into flames. “Hey! Stop! This isn’t funny!”

“Exterminate!” The creature rolled towards you. “Exterminate!”

You ran through the house, barricading yourself in the kitchen. You pulled out your phone and hit speed dial number three. Amy picked up on the fourth ring.

“Amy, oh my gosh, please help me. Come quick, there’s a thing in my house. I think it’s an alien. It just killed my couch and it says it wants to… Exterminate me. Amy, please help me!” You were talking to fast, your breath quick and shallow as the thing began to cut through your door. Amy assured you that she and Rory would bring help as soon as possible before quickly hanging up.

Only seconds after the phone call ended, the creature busted through your door, rolling ominously towards you. “Exterminate!”

“Stop it!” You backed up to the middle of the kitchen, feeling your blood run cold. “Leave me alone!”

Suddenly their was an odd sound behind you, although you didn’t dare look away from the imminent threat in front. The sound died away, and then you heard a door open, followed by Amy’s voice yelling your name. “Amy!” You yelled, not daring to look back.

You suddenly felt a hand that was much too big, much too masculine to be Amy’s slide into your palm, fingers curling around yours in a comforting and protective manner. A male voice spoke just beside your ear. “Run.”

You didn’t have to be told twice. You let the strange man pull you into what seemed to be a blue wooden phone box of sorts, parked in the middle of your kitchen. He pulled open the door and pushed you inside in front of him, turning to yell something at the giant pepper shaker that had almost killed you. You were barely in the door before Amy and Rory ran to you, wrapping you in a group hug. You were safe.

You finally registered the sheer size of the room you were in. Oh yeah, police box. “So this is the TARDIS?”

The man you had saved you suddenly whirled at you, his barely-noticeable eyebrows raised in surprise and suspicion. He strode forward until his chest was nearly touching yours, looking down at you. “How do you know about my TARDIS? Who are you?”

You blushed, the close proximity of this very attractive man making you even more flustered. “I’m (Y/N). Amy and Rory told me about the TARDIS. And you’re the Raggedy Doctor. Although…” You allowed your eyes to sweep his frame. “Not as Raggedy as I was lead to believe.”

It was the Doctor’s turn to blush. “Well we can’t take you back home, so it looks like you’ll be traveling with us for a bit.” He seized your hand in his, sending invisible sparks up your arm. By his confused blink, you could tell he felt it too. “Welcome aboard, (Y/N).”

You followed him over to the console. “So… Do you have wifi?”

He stared at you. “No one’s ever asked that before. You’re different. Different is good.”

You felt another blush grace your cheeks. “And you’re real. You’re actually real.”

“Of course I’m real.” The Doctor treated you to a childish grin that made your stomach flip.


(Y/N) was different, the Doctor decided. She was beautiful, in that special way that only certain humans could be. She had the spark, the thing that all his companions had in common, but it seemed to burn a bit brighter in her. She made him feel things, emotions he had almost forgotten. Things he hadn’t felt… Well, since Rose, if he was honest with himself.

She had an odd sleep schedule. He would find her sitting up in the console room, reading a book, long after Amy and Rory had retired. Sometimes he would let her read in peace, sometimes he would sit down next to her and they would talk for hours. She was fascinated by his stories of adventure, and he was fascinated by her. He wanted to know everything about her.

She had been with him in the TARDIS for at least two weeks now. They were on New Earth, in a beautiful, sunny park. Amy and the Doctor were sitting on a picnic blanket, watching Rory and (Y/N) play frisbee. Amy broke the silence between them. “You don’t know what’s happening, do you?”

“What do you mean? Of course I know, I’m the Doctor.”

“You’re totally clueless.” Amy laughed. “You’ve fallen in love with my best friend, and you don’t even know it.”

“I have not!” The Doctor protested indignantly, straightening up, even as his face flushed red. “(Y/N) is amazing, but I’m not… In love with her.”

“I see how you look at her.” Amy’s eyes softened. “It’s the same way Rory looks at me. You’re in love, Doctor. And she loves you too, you know. You’re both idiots for not seeing it.”

The Doctor frowned, picking at a blade of grass. “Does she… Do you really think she loves me?”

“I know she does.” Amy smiled. “I grew up with (Y/N). I figured out how to tell when she fancies a boy a long time ago.”

He smiled to himself, lost in his thoughts for several moments before he finally stood up. “(Y/N)!” He called out, “Come here, please. I need to talk to you.”

Amy chuckled as the two of them walked off, automatically intertwining their hands as they walked. She watched their serious expressions, and the surprise on (Y/N)’s face at the Doctor’s confession. She saw the hug, saw how it lingered much longer than it could have. And then, finally, there it was. Their first kiss.

It was the first of many. From that day on, the Doctor no longer had reason to complain when the Ponds kissed in front of him. He and (Y/N) did the same to them at least as often.