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Hi everyone! I’m not great at introductions so let’s just jump right into the giveaway.


In Transit
Shuffle Along
Dear Even Hansen (OBC)
Waitress (OBC)
Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812 (OBC)
Falsettos (2016 Revival)
The Humans
Hamilton (OBC w/ Rory O’Malley)


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Literati Headcanon

The time has come. The book is finished. There’s only one thing left to do. It’s time to write out the acknowledgments.

Thanking her mom and her grandparents all came so easy. But when it comes to the person who pushed her in the right direction, the person who’s idea it was for her to even write this book, her mind goes completely blank. Nothing sounds good enough. She knows she wants to thank him. She knows the impact he’s had in her life. And yet, she just can’t find the perfect words to express her gratitude.

Perhaps it’s because she never had to say those words out loud before. She never had to verbally express how thankful she is for him. Come to think of it, she never got to thank him for giving her that wake up call outside the pub in New Haven, she never even told him how much of an influence he had on her decision to return to Yale, and especially now how he was the sole reason why this book is coming to life.

For the past few months, he’s been the one who spent countless nights with her at the Stars Hollow Gazette where they’ve been working tirelessly on the book together. Usually, they would just order in a ton of food and work in silence. It was crazy how the silence, as well as their witty banter and thoughtful conversations, all came so natural and felt so comfortable. As if they didn’t need words to know exactly what the other was thinking. But every now and then, she’d break the silences and demand they order Indian food, which would always cause a back-and-forth. It would drive him crazy and he’d threaten to burn the building down, but he let her do it anyway. Just thinking about that made her smile.

On that late afternoon Jess gets a short message from Rory “Can’t put pen to paper. Need a break. See you tomorrow.”

It’s already dark outside when Jess arrives at the Gazette and everybody has long gone home. He turns on the little desk lamp, picks up Rory’s note pad that was laying on her mac book and obscured the power button and starts the laptop. Just as he was putting her notepad out of the way, totally lost in thought, something on the handwritten draft caught his attention. He saw his name appearing at the bottom half, followed by a long paragraph that was all scribbled out. It looked like every time she would start a sentence, she would stop midway, and ended up crossing everything out. There was one sentence at the very end though that was very clear and very legible.
“I couldn’t have done it without you”.


It’s scary to be in love, that much I know, but it’s also wonderful and special and if you can’t say it or fully express it then you’re never gonna be able to experience it and I want you to experience everything that’s great because you’re so great. I’m not saying you say “I love you” at the drop of a hat. It has to be right and real and it has to take a lot of thought. But someday with someone it will be right.

My version of a Gilmore movie

So I found this on my computer - it’s from March 2014 and I guess I basically outlined what I’d like from a future GG movie. Some parts of it are really cringe, but some parts are sweet (I think at least) and it was funny to go back and read this today of all days! I think the actual revival will probably be more dramatic and emotional than my version. But still, how far we’ve come.

It starts with Rory sitting in a small but cozy looking apartment writing an email to someone who she apparently has not seen/talked to in a very long time - her voice narrates what she writes as she talks about some of the things that have happened since she saw this person last (i.e. Lorelai and Luke getting married, having a couple kids, updates on Lane, Sookie, E&R, the townsfolk i.e. Kirk, Taylor) while visual flashbacks of the things she’s talking about (like L/L’s wedding) appear on screen. Rory mentions she’s living in New York and writing for a local paper and says she loved the picture of his family (we assume this person sent her one in their email to her) and that their son is really cute. As Rory hits “send” we see that the recipient is Dean Forester.

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i am just so genuinely confused that anyone on this earth thinks i want to spend the precious airtime afforded me in a gilmore girls revival looking at a saltine cracker w/ a trust fund (logan) have a shady affair w/ rory when paris geller is walking around in pantsuits w/ stilletos and jess mariano is there doing literally anything