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Poldark FACE … the boys are back in town! 

maroucia  asked:

Any recommendations of recent fics that are 100% book canon? Modern AUs are fine, crackfics as well. I just don’t like any show canon in the fics I read. Like not even a hint of it. I swear it, I hate the show so much, I’ll stop reading a fic if Sansa is so much as friend with Shae or Sandor tells her ‘No, little bird, I won’t hurt you’. I know I’m a bit extreme, but I just can’t help it. Anyway, thanks in advance!

This was actually much harder than I thought it would be! I wish we could get adding a tag in AO3 like: no show elements into circulation among writers, because even when tagged ASOIAF there are a lot of show components to many of them. I also tried to tailor them to your tastes, too, lol. No lemoncakes for me if you find one with friend Shae snuck in there. 

There’s also this post which is provides instructions how how to further filter out characters, tags, etc that you can check out. Happy reading! - Mod Feather

Edited edition. I didn’t check these for gifsets including Rory Mccann and Sophie Turner, just in case that’s a deal breaker. I can do lists that don’t visually feature them in the future if anyone is interested. - Mod Feather


“I like that his gear still looks very wildling. Tormund does not want a change. Even though he has the opportunity to wear […] some real armour he’s like ‘Nah  fuck that I want my  wildling furs ‘cause I’m a savage’. He’s trying to show that him and Brienne need to make some ginger babies basically. […] He’s still got snow on his fucking hair and beard. You can see the flakes of snow, he like just came in from outside, he’s like ‘Oh we’re taking a picture? Let’s do it.’”


Sansa + Sandor | “Someday when we’re old and worn, like two softened shoes, I will wonder on how I was born, the night I first ran away from you.”