rory talks

some sweet mcpriceley to soothe one’s soul

  • what they say: im fine
  • what they mean: is hayden ok? did connor and hayden keep in touch after the rally? did hayden get to see his parents again? were they proud of him if so? what life did his parents take away from him? did he have any friends? how emotionally stable is hayden? does he have any friends now? what does he do? does he still have his radio show? I Need Answers but i will never get them

Kara breaks up with Mon-el for good right around the time the Legends visit her to help out with whatever new baddie is in town. Mick notices afterwards that even though the day was won and the world saved, Kara still looks kind of down. He gets the truth out of her because Mick Rory is nothing if not blunt and to the point, and Kara breaks down a little bit in front of him. So he tells her to get dressed in her civies because they’re going out for a drink and a night on the town until she stops thinking about him. 

Alex finds them a few hours later so drunk they can barely stand and singing karaoke together at the alien bar.