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3 years on & I’m still loving this song.

Gucci Bandanna (by SouljaBoyTellemVEVO)

Top 10 Tracks of 2011

in no particular order…

1. Kanye West & Jay Z ‘Ni**as in Paris’

Ubiquitous. Surely the biggest track in Hip Hop this year. The beat is bananas and proved that Jigga and Yeezy can still deliver club bangers. Can’t wait for the already shot video to be released. CRAY!

2. Maverick Sabre 'I Need’ Z Bias remix

This remix of an already brilliant song absolutely smashes it. Listen to it and try not to bop your shoulders. One of the funkiest tracks of the year. Incredible voice too.

3. Machine Gun Kelly 'Wild Boy’ feat Waka Flocka Flame

Ignorant. Rowdy. Dumb. Stupid. All reasons to love this track.

Sometimes you want music to make you think, sometimes you want it to make you feel like superman. This is superman music. The Katt Williams cameo in the video is genius. Love a bit of Waka as well. YEAH B*TCH!!!

4. Kreayshawn 'Gucci Gucci’ Giggs remix

With all the overplaying it’s very easy to hate on this song now, however try to bring yourself back to when you 1st heard the original. It was sooooo f*cking fresh. What the hell was the beat? Who the hell was this girl? What gave her the right to swag is out like that?

For me, the Giggs verse is THE best verse of the year. HARD AS F*CK!

5. Hackman 'Close’

The most original and odd sounding track of the year. Uplifting yet haunting. The warped Alicia Keys sample is beautiful. Sounds like it’s come from a different planet.

6. YC 'Racks’ feat Future

OK, I know a lot of people hate this song, BUT it’s the catchiest track of the year. It’s a celebration. Music is all about context. This comes on when you’re at a club in Vegas, don’t tell me you wouldn’t be doing the dance to it.

From the sing songy flow, to the simple chorus, this gets stuck in your head for weeks.

7. Young Jeezy 'Ballin’ feat lil Wayne

This is the hardest track of the year. There were a lot of Lex Lugar-esque beats around but this was the best. Jeezy’s voice and flow were made for these kinds of haunting, dramatic beats.

Nearly crashed so many times listening to this. If you’re low on energy, put this on. PUMPED.

8. Meek Mill 'Ima Boss’ feat Rick Ross

2011 was Meek Mill’s year. Despite being around a few years on the Philly circuit, Rick Ross’ cosign pushed him into the limelight and he took every opportuntity to become THE street rapper of choice.

Tupac Back and a few other features impressed but it was this song that really stood out. The video is spot on; evoking Ruff Ryders memories, showing love to the State Property boys while still being contemporary. He didn’t put a foot wrong in 2011!

With 'House Party’ feat Young Chris already bubbling, 2012 should be a huge year for him.

9. Vybz Kartel 'Go Go Wine’

Skin-bleaching and murders aside, Vybz actually made some music in 2011. Incredibly catchy and manacing at the same time. Plus, as we all know, ragga makes girls dance sexy! What’s not to like!

10. Drake 'Cameras’

The stand out track on the album. Smooth as f*ck. Sounds so clean in a car. Who knew Lex Lugar has beats like this? More please!


What a year for music!!! Urban music is in an incredible place and if anyone tells you any different, they’re talking sh*t. YEAH B*TCH!


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