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I've seen people theorize that Logan and Tristan are very similar and that if Rory met Tristan at Yale instead of at Chilton she would have dated him. What do you think? I get that they're both rich and kinda cocky, but I think that Logan's a better person than Tristan.

…they’re blond and rich and get girls? that’s the comparison, i guess? yeah, no i don’t see it, neither in their attitude, nor in their relationship to rory

Tristin harassed Rory. He bullied her. He acted out because he seemed to have a difficult relationship with his father, in the same way that Logan does, but that’s like…..most teens and their parents?? Especially on GG. Tristin, to me, was more Robert-like than Logan…I never saw Tristin written as particularly good, just…a little lovesick over Rory….He had no regard for Paris’s feelings and was completely happy to hurt her. If anything, I think Tristin served to be a comparison to Dean, to reinforce the fact that Dean is a good guy/boyfriend to Rory, and that rich kids are often dicks. Most importantly, Rory never shows any romantic feelings towards him. In fact, I’d say she kinda feels…pity for him?

In contrast, there is never an indication on the show that Logan isn’t polite and respectful to the max. Nothing he ever does has a malicious undercurrent. He is, at his core, good, even if misguided at times. He likes fun and adventure, not hurting others. He asks for consent and clarity from Rory multiple times throughout their relationship, to ensure that they’re both on the same page, suggesting that this is how he generally treats people…He is incredibly smart and confident, so there is no inferiority complex that we see in Tristin. So, Logan’s motivation for his behaviour is completely different from Tristin. Most importantly, Logan’s relationship with Rory is completely different. Rory is intrigued and attracted to Logan fairly quickly…and actively seeks him out and pursues him. If Tristin served to show that Dean is superior to him, then Logan showed the exact opposite, at least when it comes to his compatibility with Rory. 

I mean….Tristin called Rory “Mary,” to get under her skin. To bother her, to make her feel bad in some way. It was meant as an insult, even if underneath that there was attraction. Logan called Rory “Ace,” because he immediately picked up on something she was good at, and it was a term of endearment and confidence in Rory’s overall “goodness” or “excellence.” It was always meant to make her feel good and encourage her. And I think that serves as a pretty clear contrast between the two characters and their relationship to Rory, so…..

a close reading of sonnet 116

for outoftheredwoods, who requested paris/rory

Paris had kissed her again, on that beach–her mouth warm and her hand at Rory’s waist. It was a languid kiss, alcohol-slow and nice, unexpected, unexpecting.

You’re my best friend, you know, Paris had said when she pulled away. She had been very serious and Rory couldn’t help laughing, because it seemed funny–Paris there, with the whole ocean reflected in her eyes and saying things like you’re my best friend. 

Paris had looked hurt, until Rory fell back against the sand, still giggling, and said, I know, Paris. I know. You’re my friend too.

They didn’t talk about it, and Rory never told anyone. She was still shaking sand from her hair, a week later.


(Remember when we hated each other? they say sometimes, like those were other people, in another country. Characters from the yellowed diaries of distant relatives–Paris, brittle and belligerent, all armor and teeth; Rory, uncertain and reserved, so careful not to transgress. Strangers, wearing their faces.

Other times, Rory has to remind herself that she had a whole life before Chilton, a full cast of characters and rich plot, and absolutely no Paris-shaped hole in her story. She hadn’t been some princess asleep in a glass coffin, waiting for a short blonde knight to ride up and shout at her until she woke up, and took the reins of her own life.

Because Rory just forgets, sometimes, a little.)

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