rory is sassy

headcanon that Mick Rory uses gallons of chapstick because he might love fire but he does not love the feeling of breaking his own lips open when he’s not even in the middle of a fight

headcanon that Mick Rory likes to use flavored chapstick when he’s in the mood for it just ‘cause he likes it

headcanon that Leonard Snart is that person who loses every single tube of chapstick he gets no matter how many times they’re shoved at him because he may be Very Intelligent and a Leader but ffs chapstick is not as important as the actual inventory okay an AK-47 does not just disappear—no, Lisa, it’s not the same as his losing fucking chapstick, that’s not even funny, THERE IS A GUN MISSING CAN WE FOCUS

(The Rogues were hiding the gun the same place he last put his 2038538th tube of chapstick)