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“Climo’s crisp, ever-adorable cartoons show the two teeter-tottering, playing dress-up, and sharing a bubble bath. It’s a cheerfully absurd portrait of unconditional love.” -Publishers Weekly

“…an appealing read-aloud. Children just developing a sense of humor will appreciate the innocent silliness of the tale.” -Kirkus 

“Climo’s sweet digital illustrations brim with vibrant colors, and young listeners will enjoy noting the many witty visual details: a clamshell bathroom sink, Dad’s Kiss the Cook apron, and Rory’s shark pajamas. A perfect lap-sit title or story hour choice.” -Booklist

Favorites in The Gilmore Girls revival in no particular order.

  • Lorelai’s pretzel story about Richard that ripped my fucking heart out.
  • Lorelai telling luke she wants to get married and luke saying I need you to her it was so angsty and perf.
  • Emily using the word bullshit and her complete 180 was everything.
  • Believe it or not, I highly enjoyed the scene with Rory and Dean, that is what you call closure.
  • The scene where Lorelai is reacting to the god awful musical is me.
  • Rory kissing Richards portrait and sitting in his chair to write her book.
  • All Paris scenes.
  • The Luke and Jess hug.
  • Rory calling Christopher out on his shitty parenting.
  • The scenes between Luke, Kurt, and Jess. “We could have been naked.” 
  • Luke and Lorelai finally getting married then dancing to the song they danced to at Liz and TJ’s wedding.
  • ‘Ooooober.’
  • Luke and Emily’s relationship.
  • The fact that Luke thinks of Rory as his own.
  • Michel being his sassy self.
  • Just about everything else except Logan and that god awful musical. :~)

You know what Logan gives Rory that no one else does? Autonomy. Logan has always always always respected Rory’s choices. Rory drops out of Yale? Logan doesn’t like it but knows Rory is an adult who can make her own decisions. Rory decides to take an internship with his dad? Warns Rory what Mitchum is like but doesn’t stop her. Before having sex with Rory? Asks for verbal consent- twice. When Rory wants to date him? Tells her upfront that he’s not a boyfriend guy so she has the chance to back off. Logan is literally the only person in Rory’s life that respects Rory can make decisions on her own, regardless of whether he thinks she’s right or wrong.

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What's your take on rory and jess?

I’m just going to lay it all out because honestly, I’ve wanted to say this for a while. I think in the show  they made it clear that Logan and Rory would never work. What made things really clear is when Rory had dinner with Logan and his dad came and she just felt uncomfortable. some of the Logan world doesn’t fit with her; as soon as I saw that I knew it was going to go down hill. Just little signs that that wasn’t her lifestyle even though she loves Logan. She needs balance of being in the two worlds and not being in Logans world all the time. I think that with Jess he didn’t pine for her for 9 years; he lived his life and grew up. when he came back and saw her and spent time with her, he realized that he might have feelings for her. He thought they would probably be important to each other no matter what. And eventually I think with Jess being in her life, probably helping with her book, that he’d be that person that won’t leave her even if they fight or he gets frustrated with Rory. he wants what’s best for her and knows what really makes her happy even if she in doesn’t. I think people are missing the point, though, that if Jess is filling her Luke role  he’s not a copy of Luke Danes, but he’s a good guy and he’s the man that fits Rory best. They bring the best out of each other. They aren’t going to give up on each other. For Rory’s pregnancy, I think  they did that for Rory to realize that the life that she was living is not right, she’s going to grow up and slowly become the Rory we all know and love and where she needs to be. Everything is going to work the way its suppose to go. You just need to look between the lines. Even though I know the show was frustrating at times, that’s why I’m not too upset. That’s how I really look at it.

Unpopular Opinion: Luke and Lorelai were really disappointing in the revival

So I’ll start off with some of the things I loved because I actually had to pause to revel in them. I loved seeing Lorelai and Luke have routines together, her helping at the diner, and how normal it was for them to catch up with Liz and TJ and their whole movie watching things. I also really loved seeing Luke really embrace his role in Rory’s life and just be extra cheesy with his dad mode. 


1. Lorelai and Luke explain that they spent nine years together not talking about kids, even though it felt like it got like three or four mentions in the original series.

2. Luke steamrolls over Lorelai’s interest in following up with the surrogacy stuff, and Lorelai just lets it go.

3. Lorelai is in the middle of telling Luke how she understands where Michel is coming from and how it was affecting her, and Luke again steamrolls over her concerns and tells her how to feel about it, and also indicates that change is completely unnecessary, which is an unhealthy attitude for anyone to take much less when you are in a relationship.

4. Lorelai lies to Luke, Luke doesn’t address and decides to lie to Lorelai too.

5. Luke insists on keeping April separate even though it seems like Lorelai is trying to be involved, and it seems like they forgot this same conflict ended their previous engagement.

6. Lorelai decides she’s struggling with something and after a pretty big fight, her solution is to spend some time on the other side of the country, leaving Luke totally hanging on the status of their relationship.

7. When Lorelai comes back, Luke decides that he doesn’t care that Lorelai has been the one to set up their lives anymore, and is suddenly willing to do all of these things he didn’t want to just for Lorelai, rather than continue to stand for his place in their relationship.

And marriage doesn’t really fix any of these things. The marriage certificate doesn’t guarantee that they will actually share everything. It doesn’t prevent Luke from feeling concerned if Lorelai decides to take another few weeks to herself. It doesn’t fix the fact that Lorelai still wants a kid and Luke doesn’t want to talk about it. It doesn’t prevent Lorelai from walking all over Luke if she really wants to. 

I would have rather seen a happily married couple than a wedding. I would have rather seen them go through those same troubles, but actually find a way to talk it out instead of just putting a ring on it and calling it a day. I didn’t think we needed a big conflict in their relationship for their stories to be interesting. Especially since they were dead set on not devoting enough time to their serious conflicts in favor of town events and montages.


Rory’s farewell letter to his Dad in an un-filmed scene from “The Angels Take Manhattan” featuring Arthur Darvill’s V/O.

I need to share the pain with somebody.

How Rory Probably Told Sirius, James, Lily and Remus that She was Pregnant
  • Sirius: Hi, sweetheart. *kiss on forehead* Finally decided to give your old man a visit?
  • Rory: Daddy, I was here just yesterday.
  • Remus: Hello, love. :)
  • Rory: Hi, Dad. *kiss cheek* :) Hi, Uncle James, Aunt Lil.
  • James: You said that you wanted to say something important?
  • Lily: Yeah, Harry was being smug about it, too. He visited us yesterday. Said it would be better to hear it from you.
  • Sirius: Did you kill your husband?
  • Remus: Sirius, no.
  • Sirius: If you want us to hide a dead body...
  • James: I'm not saying that we will. All I'm saying is that we could.
  • Lily: Sometimes I wonder why I married the three of you.
  • Rory: The three of them, Aunt Lil?
  • Lily: Sweetheart, these three come in a package. You get one, you get three.
  • Sirius: The day she married James was the day she became Mrs. Potter-Lupin-Black-Pettigrew. (If you read my first post about her, I stated that he betrayed no one.)
  • Rory: I guess that fits.
  • Sirius: What was that about a dead body?
  • Rory: I never said anything about a dead body.
  • James: You can make it look like a suicide.
  • Rory: What?
  • Lily: I'm not encouraging it, but that seems like a really good way to get away with murder.
  • Remus: She's not wrong.
  • Rory: Why are we talking about dead bodies? I killed no one.
  • Sirius: That's a shame.
  • Lily: What did you want to say to us again, sweetheart? You said that it was important.
  • Rory: Well...
  • James: ...
  • Sirius: ...
  • Remus: ...
  • Lily: ...
  • Rory: I'm pregnant.
  • Lily: ...
  • Remus: ...
  • James: ...
  • Sirius: ...
  • Remus: ...
  • Sirius: How?
  • Rory: What do you mean "how"?
  • Sirius: Did you just wake up pregnant or something?
  • James: Maybe there's a new spell?
  • Remus: Potions have advanced within the year. Maybe she drank something that would result in her pregnancy.
  • Lily: What?
  • Rory: What?
  • Sirius: So I heard, Remus. Potions, really, who knew how advanced they would get. What potion did you use, love?
  • Rory: What?
  • Remus: Did you make the potion yourself?
  • James: What were the ingredients?
  • Lily: Oh, Lord.
  • Rory: Dad, Daddy, Uncle... I got pregnant by... um... *looks nervously at Lily* natural means.
  • Remus: What
  • James: What
  • Sirius: What
  • Lily: They've been married for 6 years. It's bound to happen.
  • Sirius: I SAID 65!
  • Rory: Daddy, really...
  • James: I ALLOWED 65!
  • Rory: Uncle James, you never said that.
  • Remus: HE SAID 65!
  • Rory: I thought you were on my side!
  • Remus: That was before you became preggers!
  • Rory: DAD WHY
  • Remus: You're grounded.
  • Rory: What?
  • Sirius: You heard your father.
  • Lily: Guys, please...
  • James: You heard Remus.
  • Remus: Go to your room and think about what you've done.
  • Rory: I'm 27! I don't live here anymore! You can't ground me!
  • Remus: Yes, I can. Your father specifically said '65.'
  • Sirius: What happened to "I'll always be your little girl?"
  • Rory: Oh my Merlin.
  • James: *stands and goes to a room*
  • Lily: James, don't.
  • James: *comes back* Sign here, here and here.
  • Sirius: What is that?
  • Rory: Uncle James, why are you giving me divorce papers?
  • James: Aurora, sweetheart, I'm sure you'll get full custody of the child.
  • Rory: What?
  • Sirius: Good thinking, James.
  • Rory: I love my husband.
  • Remus: We'll just forge his signature, it'll be fine.
  • Lily: *rolls eyes at the boys* Have you taken any vitamins?
  • Rory: Well, I took some potions. Just some strengthening potion. He's already giving his Mummy a hard time.
  • Lily: It's a boy?
  • Remus: A boy?
  • Sirius: How'd you know?
  • James: Really?
  • Rory: It's a bit early to tell. It's just my Mum instinct, I guess. I've been thinking of names, actually.
  • Lily: Oh, and?
  • Rory: Well... Um... We agreed that we'd call him Lyall Regulus, if that's okay.
  • Sirius: ...
  • Remus: ...
  • Rory: I have to get going, Dad, Daddy. He's waiting outside.
  • Sirius: Can we touch him? *gestures to stomach*
  • Rory: *smiles* Okay, Daddy.
  • Sirius: *kneels down and touches daughter's abdomen* Welcome to our family, Lyall Regulus. I'm your grandpapa. *Gestures to Remus* That's your granddad. *Gestures to James* That's your grandfather. *Gestures to Lily* That's your grandmother. *tries not to cry**cries*
  • Rory: If I can be half the parent that all of you were to me, I know I'd a good job. I promise to do my best, Daddy.
  • Hi guys! I hope you liked this xx This is just something random I thought of, really. I really do hope you enjoyed this! Thanks so much! Please do check out my other posts about her! Thanks a lot xx c:

everytime they go ‘jess wrote a book’ i think

dean finished highschool and was accepted to collage, he works since he was 15, he was responsible and probably still is.

logan worked hard in his dad company and did important things, went to yale ( and don’t go all ‘he got in bc of this name’ cause rory did the same then), left his dad and got his own job in San Francisco’

yeah guys. it’s great that he wrote a book but his not the only character that did something

(btw i love jess’s character)

The problem I keep running into with Christopher on Gilmore Girls is mostly structural, I think, and it’s this: Christopher is Rory’s dad, but that’s not his primary function in the show. His primary function is to be Lorelai’s love interest. And so almost all of Christopher’s most significant scenes with Rory are really about his relationship with Lorelai. 

When he tries to buy Rory the OED but his credit card is declined, the focus on the scene is not on how Rory feels about her father’s unreliability, but on the fact that Christopher is keeping it from Lorelai. When he escorts Rory to her cotillion, the focus of the episode is not on how Rory feels having her father present at this big public coming-of-age event when he was absent for most of her childhood, but on how Lorelai is thinking of maybe getting back together with him. When he runs to Rory’s hospital bed after her car accident with Jess, Rory isn’t even awake; the meat of the scene is Christopher’s conversation with Lorelai and how their bond is becoming more attractive to her after her fight with Luke.

Because the show doesn’t particularly care about Christopher as a father, and it does care a lot about Christopher as a love interest, as a viewer I end up with the creeping, slimy sensation that Christopher the character sees his fatherhood as secondary to his romantic relationships, that he views his relationship with Rory as valuable mostly because it gives him a path to Lorelai. After all, that’s how the show itself treats their relationship. And ironically, it makes him much less palatable to me as a love interest.

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