rory and christopher

History repeats itself.

Lorelai & Christopher… and Luke.
Rory & Logan… and Jess.

In my opinion the best part of Doctor Who isn’t the different creatures, worlds, or mysteries on Earth. It’s the different Doctor’s and their companions, more importantly, how they each have their own themes. The themes are beautiful, and you can truly hear each doctor and each companion in their theme, their traits, their characteristics, their wit, humour or sadness. To me, that’s really what you want from a show like this.

Luke: *blows up balloons and bakes a coffee cake for Rory’s birthday and comes to her party to bring ice but stays.

Christopher: * Has probably never seen Rory on any of her birthdays (16 years!).

I think we all know who has the best relationship with Rory…

Alexander Hamilton
Hamilton Broadway Cast
Alexander Hamilton

Javier Muñoz (Alexander Hamilton), Brandon Victor Dixon (Aaron Burr), Lexi Lawson (Eliza Hamilton), Mandy Gonzalez (Angelica Schuyler), Alysha Deslorieux (Peggy Schuyler/Maria Reynolds), Nicholas Christopher (George Washington), Jordan Fisher (John Laurens/Phillip Hamilton), Rory O’Malley (King George), Seth Stewart (Marquis de Lafayette/Thomas Jefferson), Jevon McFarren (u/s Hercules Mulligan/James Madison), Thayne Jasperson (Samuel Seabury)

I don’t think that Logan is Rory’s “Christopher”.

I think that was meant to be Dean, always. Even in the beginning, Lorelai points out how alike they are with the motorcycles, being the “first love”, etc. As we go on, we see that Christopher and Dean choose to pursue a relationship with their respective Gilmore girl before they break up with the woman they otherwise attached to (in Dean’s case it was slightly a bit worse since he was married, but Chris was living with Sherry at this point) on the basis of “It’s over, though not officially”.

Christopher humiliated Lorelai at the diner by screaming at her and causing a scene Emily and Richard’s vow renewal. Dean berated Rory in front of Paris and then again at the dance marathon. Christopher was petty towards Luke, Dean was an ass to Jess. 

Dean was verbally abusive and possessive towards Rory, yet Lorelai pushed them together. Christopher was an ass to Lorelai and Emily kept insisting they were made for each other. 

I don’t really see a lot of Christopher in Logan, but I see a lot of him in Dean…