rory lalonde

This event has been really fun to do and I wished it lasted longer but you know, all the other stuff got in the way. So, here is the complete Host club during this event!

Kyoya - Karkat (askacarcinogeneticist)
Tamaki - Dave and John - Hikaru (ask-egderp-and-coolkid)
Haruhi - Jade (ask-garden-jade)
Honey- Rory (askrorlal)
Mori - Damara (FOR THIS EVEN NICKNAMED DAMORI PFT || askdamaramegido)

Complete list of ppl that joined
It has been so damn fun jeez i want to draw them again ;w;

Yoooo, guess who’s pumped for Ohayocon?

FRIDAY: Mikuo Hatsune, with cat ears and my glasses most likely.

SATURDAY: I may do something else in the morning, but for now I plan on doing a very lazy and poorly thrown together Mikaela Hyakuya with a “HAVE YOU SEEN THIS ANGEL?” shirt. Every Yuichiro I see gets a star.

SUNDAY: Rory Lalonde as in a male!Roxy Lalonde. I wish I had pink contacts. :(

Hope to see some people there!