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Hey Jax I know you have a strict KILL VILLAINS right away policy and love anti-heroes but why do you love the Punisher so much? Is it just the same thing or is there something special about Frank to you?

I’ve been a colossal Punisher fan for years. 

Matter of fact ever since I saw this f*cked up documentary about this pair of child killers who would lure & knockout children walking home from school so they could take them home and torture them to death while recording their screams that they could listen to later my Moral ground is one direction so I love characters like Wolverine,

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 Wonder Woman


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 and Frank 

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and hell even Dexter Morgan up until a certain point, 

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who have no qualms about killing bad guys. 

All these other folks call em “Monsters” and say who are you to decide
But that’s the aspect I LOVE, THEY OPENLY ACKNOWLEDGE they aren’t good people multiple times. 

They will gladly be a monster like GODZILLA and TAKE OUT WORSE MONSTERS!

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 Its fun to have characters with high morals like Superman and Spider-man but on the flipside I love seeing the Punisher Let the SCUMBAG BODIES Hit the floor like no tomorrow.

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 Sure he can go too far but that’s what I love watching about it, the Lack of F*cks. For me I’m Team Anti-Hero for life tbh

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And let me say this. I respect that other people have their certain beliefs and opinions but my mind has never been swayed on this
lol I’ve had 
college professors,
family law enforcement friends,
parents and others try to show me their side 

and I accept that easily but no matter what your opinion of my thoughts on this topic is, its not gonna have any impact on the way I view people who kill their villains, it will have 0% impact , it will have no effect on how I view the subject. 

But that doesn’t mean I don’t respect other people’s thoughts on the topic again it’s a subject that we will agree to disagree on, not a big deal whatsoever lol

I hate seeing Innocent people die but I love seeing the people who cause pain to those who can’t defend themselves get whats coming to em