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River sighed as she made her way home from the shops. She was currently struggling to carry the three very full bags of shopping and Andromeda’s car seat. She frowned placing one of the bags down as she reached the fence to see someone waiting at her door. A spark of recognition went through her and for a moment she thought it was Rory but it couldn’t possibly be. She inwardly scolded herself before smiling. “Hello? Can I help you?”

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Aria smiled the moment she saw the familiar face and called out to him excitedly. “Granddad! Granddad! Oi, Rory Williams, hellooo?” She bounded up to him and tapped him on the shoulder. “Hey! What gives why are you ignoring…oh…wait…hang on…shoot…is this an earlier version of you? Do you know who I am?”

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She reasoned that maybe she was hallucinating again, or that the TARDIS had attempted to make her feel better after the loss of the Ponds.  Everything that had occurred in Manhattan and just like that, Rory was standing right across the street.

The Doctor ruled out the TARDIS being involved when she remembered that her old girl had been out of it since she’d landed.  The only conclusion that she could come across was that something had happened within the vortex and maybe she was in a parallel universe.  Still, part of her wished that the Rory standing there was the one she’d known.

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Favorite Rory's?

((I’ve never actually roleplayed with a Rory and that is a crime. Seeing as Eleven/Rory are possibly my favourite brotp. Either way, I may possibly follow these Rory’s religiously.

patient-centurion (The mun plays a magnificent Rory, so much so it makes me wonder if they’re actually just Rory in disguise. Seriously, go follow.)

nursebyday-rorytheroman-bynight (Another wonderful Rory who seems positively wonderful and I’d be willing to roleplay with any day of the week.)

theundeadcenturion (I may, perhaps, sometimes stalk this blog. As an avid AU lover, the Rory they’ve made is both amazing and original, which is hard to come by sometimes.)

rorranicus-pondicus (Yet another lovely Rory who just seems able to completely understand the character that I wonder if they actually are him. Seriously, stop being amazing.)

howcanibesohuman (Roman Rory. Is there really anything more that needs to be said? This badass waits for 2,000 years for the woman he loves. I mean, come on, The Last Centurion? There’s no competition here.)

Basically, if you’re a Rory, you are very much welcome here and yes, I will literally rp anything with you if you’re willing to deal with me!))