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“숙녀분들을 발에 물 안묻히고 육지로 대려다 줘야한다는 상디 말에 할수없이 우솝 조로 단합. (선장은 그냥감) 상디가 조로 매너팔하라고 상디 윗옷을 팔에 감겨줌.”
One Piece mysteries

Wtf are the Florian Triangle monsters ?

Who are Luffy’s mom, Zoro’s parents

The devil fruits, where do they come from etc ?

Dragon’s, Kuma’s and Crocodiles and so many others’ past

The ancient kingdom and  ancient weapons, why are they hidden by the Gouvernement ? What happened durind the void century ?

What’s up with Kaido ? What’s his secret behind his invincibility ?

Vegapunk, he has been mentionned for so long and we know so little about him

What will be CP0′s role in the plot ?

What did Law do and what is the Rocky Port incident ?

Who is Makino’s baby’s father ? Is it Shanks ?

Who was the man drinking with Crocus ?

Please Oda, can we have a little more infos about the will of D ? ? And the voice of all things ?

Is there a meaning behind Dragon’s tattoo / scar ?

Also…  What’s the One Piece ?!  When will we get to see Raftel ?