What to do with Sanji?

SPOILER FOR RECENT CHAPTER and talk of different possibilities of what the strawhats can do regarding Sanji’s situation.

Some predictions and speculations.

Chapter 815 brought us quite a lot of things to digest and now I just can’t help but think that Oda has made it very difficult for the strawhats. There are a few scenarios that could unfold, but none of the options are really any good. I just wanted to share my own thoughts on the whole going after Sanji deal.

Basically here I discuss the options…

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centhus asked:

6,7,8,9,13 and 14 for zoro ? If it's too much don't bother you can remove the numbers of your choice haha 😊

Don’t worry, but I’ve already answered 9.

6 - Hugging headcanon

AWKWARD. He’s more likely to be hugged than to hug someone. He’d just stand there with his arms crossed and a grumpy face, secretly melting inside. 

7 - Kissing headcanon

Has never kissed anyone. After giving his first kiss to his s/o would act like it’s nothing special for him but no one his going to believe him seeing his red blushing face.

8 - Sex headcanon

He’s rough and doesn’t like foreplays. He moans a lot and sometimes calls his s/o’s name while having an orgasm. Loves falling asleep together after that. 

13 - Nickname headcanon

After all this time he’s got used being called “marimo head”, but only by that shitty cook.

14 - Dancing headcanon

He can’t dance. Not that he likes it, anyway.