peridotredemption  asked:

bloody pasta

holy fuck itsrio been a while

who? romania and italy from hetalia

shops for groceries italy. he is the only one who really knows how to cook so he knows all the best ingredients

kills the spiders romania. but most of the time he just lets them out instead of killing them

comes home drunk at 3am romania. when you put him around vodka there is no stopping him

makes breakfast romania because italy can never get up on his own

remembers to feed the fish italy. he loves pets to death so he always makes sure they are well fed

decorates the apartment italy. romania’s taste in furniture is not the best because it is usually just black and red and “medieval” looking things.

initiates duets romania. they would just be sitting quietly alone with each other until

“just a small town girl…”

falls asleep first italy. he is like a little kid. he sleeps early and sleeps until lunchtime.

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