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♠ in an AU where she and Rory are Alive.

♠ - What I would say to you if I were to die tomorrow.

“It’s not going to be easy for you, I know … it’s never easy to have your heart broken. But, to break the heart of someone else …  it’s a heavy burden. I never want to make you feel hurt, Rory, because I love you. I love you more than I can possibly fathom, myself. And your love overwhelms me with happiness. But, if I die tomorrow, I want you to know that I would want what you thought to be best. Best for you. I want what’s best for you, honey, because if I die tomorrow, I won’t be there to wipe your tears or kiss you when you’re feeling lonely… I’ll be gone, sweetheart, I will. I love you, Rory.”

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So, you've never been in love before? what was it like when you met Rory, then?

It … feels like I have a physical heart again - like I can hear and feel my heart beating when I see him. I think that’s what love feels like ; love and nerves. [giggles]

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another name for the ask meme thing: Rory

send my muse a name and they’ll answer

what they would do if that person came to them crying

Oh, my … [frowns]. I’d certainly ask him what has upset him so … and proceed to wipe his tears, not asking any more questions. I’d sit with him and hold him tight to help him see that I’ll always be there.

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*slightly tilts head to the side, ears twitching*"Well he's technically Mr. Death-knocking-at-your-door. A lot of us take comfort in his company... though I haven't actually gotten the //privilege\\ to meet him... not sure if I even want too..."*looks at with grimacing amusement*"Is that really your idea of romance? Geez kiddo, that is pretty simple. Not that I'm big on romancing and such, so I can't judge. It's.. just strange. You're very strange. Hmm."

That is something I’m not too sure about; my idea of romance. I’ve never been in love before. I think that, if I can feel protective without a second thought — oh … wait, that would be with everyone I know. Hm … now you’re making me wonder if I even know what falling in love feels like.

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