2nd Set of AWA Day 2

More photos of amazing Tokyo Ghoul cosplayers.

staciastarburst as Tsukiyama Shuu

dreamingicedancer as battle suit Kaneki Ken

littlefishstick as Kaneki Ken

samletbird as Waiter Kaneki

zedasaysdudealot as Tsukiyama Shuu

polarisopposites as Hooded Kaneki

faire-le-pont as Touka Kirishima

pnamz13 as Ayato Kirishima

hypnolizard as Suzuya Juuzou

Photo & Edit by me. Let me know if you want me to tag/credit anyone else. :)


DAY 2 of AWA! 

Got some photos with other amazing Tokyo Ghoul cosplayers. I’m glad I took my chance to fly long distance to attend the convention. : ) 

staciastarburst as Tsukiyama Shuu

dreamingicedancer as Kaneki Battle Suit ver.

faire-le-pont as Touka Kirishima

hypnolizard as Suzuya Juuzou


If you are the cosplayer in one of the post, please let me know if you want to be tagged : D

Photo & Edit by Me 

Some of the photos are taken by my friend.


Cos & Effect - Day2 - SNK: Mikasa Ackerman

It was first time wearing Attank on Titan cosplay. It was a lot of fun to make and took a long time to put on. We had to have another person to help put on our gears.

The boxes on the sides are made out of presentation foam board. Compared to acrylic plastic sword, gears around our waist was lighter. And the jacket is made out of pleather so it was really warm but we managed to survived the heat of the summer.

Photographer: Sukhraj Bhattal Photography

Mikasa Ackerman: Me

Eren Jaeger: Kana Kat