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Gray/Rogue - watching Frosch

AN: Ooh, fluff! It’s been awhile since I’ve written. This might be my first Gray/Rogue fic, so please go easy on me.

Gray watched curiously as the small pet galloped around, it’s pink clothed tail swinging carelessing in the wind. Much like the frog outfit it wore, Frosch would bounce off their paws in chase of the butterfly which glided around. Almost like a game of cat and mouse, the exceed would follow the insect with glee.

In watching Frosches activity, Gray found himself entranced. It was difficult to connect such a childish animal to a shadowed man like Rogue. The two were polar opposites, Frosch being a being that at furst glance of the dragon slayer should quiver in fear. No such thing has ever happened though.

The moment Rogue stepped into view, Frosch would clibg to him with a wide smile. Rogue was Frosch protector. He was not someone the exceed would run from because Frosch could never trust anyone more than Rogue.

That was a trust Gray believed fully in. Not for the bond a dragon slayer and exceed shared alone but because of the trust Rogue put in Gray himself. Under the care of Gray, Frosch was in care.

And maybe, just maybe, Gray cared for the exceeds partner more than he was willing to accept. Yet, as Gray notice Frosches eyes trail away from the butterfly and watch as another figure cane into view, Grays heart stuttered. He knew if he looked up he would see the tender eyes of night, eyes that would loosen the tightness in his chest.


i thought i had more pics to post but i may be forgetting or am unable to post some.. anyway heres concept for lil rpg maker game im making, just area ideas. its about old oc named roray idk if any of u remember her shes in chromatica

Intergalactic gas and ripples in the cosmic web

The most barren regions known are the far-flung corners of intergalactic space. In these vast expanses between the galaxies there is just one solitary atom per cubic meter – a diffuse haze of hydrogen gas left over from the Big Bang. On the largest scales, this material is arranged in a vast network of filamentary structures known as the “cosmic web,” its tangled strands spanning billions of light years and accounting for the majority of atoms in the universe.

Now, a team of astronomers, including UC Santa Barbara physicist Joseph Hennawi, have made the first measurements of small-scale ripples in this primeval hydrogen gas using rare double quasars. Although the regions of cosmic web they studied lie nearly 11 billion light years away, they were able to measure variations in its structure on scales 100,000 times smaller, comparable to the size of a single galaxy. The results appear in the journal Science.

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Task Schedule 2017

so here is my task schedule so far for Fanfics I want to work on during 2017:

-) Man of Shadows (Stingue)

-) modern time dragons (Stingue | Gajevy | NaLi | Chendy)

-) doragon no keikaku (NaLu | Gajevy | Jerza | Stingue | Miraxus | Gruvia)

-) la coeur de la mer - heart of the ocean (Rovia | Stingue)

-) cybernetic dragon wars (Stingue)

-) Frost Bite (Roray | StingxFuture Rogue)

-) translation of Yami ni Kokoro (Stingue)

-) Comatose: breathe your life into me (Stingue)

-) never surrender (Stingue)

-) ain’t afraid to die (Stingue | Stingsu)

-) jealous -reverse- (Stingue | RoRay | Gratsu | Stingsu)

-) LOVE IS DEAD (Stingue)