My entry for Creativedojos Kuler 5 thingy. Theme: Destruction
Use colors from an existing/create a kuler palette and make a 5 sec animation were the rules.

I animated the godzilla dude frame by frame as well as all explosions in photoshop. The rest of the assets were drawn in photshop too and everything put together in ae with a bunch of filters and things on top. Fun stuff.

Kuler theme I used:

[Godzilla roar]

Ever since I can remember I’ve always had these like not necessarily paranoid instances but more like an intense feeling of unease and dread consantly gnawing away until it passes. I can’t tell if Rick and Morty is helping me cope through this particular instance or just like keeping it to a dull but prolongued rorar.

It’s kind of a temporal lobe seizure. I’m never sure what triggers them. They always just kind of come out of nowhere and used to get out of control. I can’t tell if they don’t get as out of control now because I’m finding ways to deal with them or if it’s just a function of all the brain chemstiry changes that can come from transitioning from child to adult. Probably both.