roran and katrina

*Christopher Paolini says he will write another Eragon Book*

*Where he will reveal the backstory of Angela*

*Jokes about Angela being a Time Lord*

*He will also explain what the Menoa tree took from Eragon*

*Talks about the possibility of a comic book for Eragon*

*There will probably be a new cycle*

Inheritance characters sorted into Hogwarts /Ilvermory

My headcanon for if they were sorted into Hogwarts/Ilvermory. Sorry if I spell things wrong, it’s been a while since I’ve read/seen the harry potter books/movies. Let me know what you think!



I was originally going to put him into Gryffindor, since he’s brave and one of his main characteristics, but I thought that he would fit better into Hufflepuff, since alot of things he does is for his friends and family. 


Gryffindor/Horned serpent. 

Saphira may be a warrior, but she is also very wise, especially for her age. I sorted her into Horned Serpent because of it.



Roran is incredibly smart, thinking u strategies and stuff, rather quickly becoming a commander, sure, hes very brave and like Eragon, I wanted to put him into Gryffindor, but thought better of it.



Katrina was kind of hard, since I do not know as much about her as the others. I put her in Pukwudgie because she very much seems like a healer, comforting the boys agt several times. But she got balls. I will fight anyone if they think she isn’t brave. 



Murtagh is unbelievably cunning, and know very well how to handle himself in situations, being able to move his way arounf Galby to get to Nasuada. I also have a feeling that he is the adventurous type as well, thus putting him in the Thunderbird house.



I don’t know a lot of Thorn either, but he always seemed to me like he was a very sweet dragon, longing to be free. Thus I put him in Hufflepuff.


Slytherin/Horned Serpent

Arya is very cunning and rebellious, she is also smart and skilled as hell, need I say more?



Fírnen is very smart, and also long for adventure. I don’t know much else about him, so I just went with my instinct.



Very smart, warrior at heart, Shes a born leader, wich takes smarts, but a lot of guts.



Cunning, smart, tricky, but also a healer, forced to feel their pain but willing to help them if she so desires. 


Hufflepuff/Horned serpent

Sweet guy, but the smartest you will ever meet. I was going for Ravenclaw, but decided against it, I found it too obvious, Of course, he was the wisest, but also very sweet.



He’s an old dragon, of course I went with Ravenclaw, but he’s a warrior as well, I have more than one reason to belive he is.


Slytherin/Horned serpent

Smart af, brave af, good in almost everything. mysterious, cunning…

Sorry for the long post, here is my drawing of Thorn with a flower crown again


“Whatever you have seen or done, you will always have me.”

“That is all I will ever need.”

So I don't understand...

Ok so big massive SPOILER ALERT un this post.

So the Eragon Fandom. It is tiny! Miniscule! I just don’t get it! These books are fucking fantastic! I mean you see all over tumblr people claiming they want a book with action, adventure with no love triangles! It is right there! It’s called the Inheritance Cycle! People on here say you want a badass female character who likes girly things! Look at Katrina, I mean she only starts appearing in the second but she is badass! What about love conquers all moral? Fucking Roran and Katrina I mean they rock! I mean he brushes on mental disorders, not exactly our version, but one that works in the books! This series’ is literally plot twist galore! It’s fantastic!


And yes he kills the evil king but in such a badass fucking way! He doesn’t burst in hacking and slashing and casting spells! He goes in, is on the verge on defeat then he cast a spell that would make the king understand all the evil he’s done and feel all the pain he’s ever made people feel during his 100 year tyranny. I mean fuck yes!

❧ Songs for the Inheritance Cycle | vol.IV: Brisingr. [listen]

• A mix of epic instrumental pieces, inspired by the storyline of Brisingr.

“The purpose of life is not to do what we want but what needs to be done. This is what fate demands of us.” ~Oromis.

1. Eragon & Roran attack Helgrind and rescue Katrina & Sloan: Amon Hen (Howard Shore) | 2. To Walk the Land Alone (Eragon wanders alone after sending Sloan to Du Weldenvarden): Heart Of A Hero (Chance Thomas) | 3. The Trial of the Long Knives:  Love In The Eyes (Ramin Djawadi) | 4. The Varden & the Surdans: Lost but Won (Hans Zimmer)| 5. Eragon’s Elven Guard: Mirkwood (Chance Thomas) | 6. Arya finds Eragon in Eastcroft: The Legend Begins (Marc Streitenfeld) | 7. Shadows of the Past (Arya’s confessions to Eragon): Her Destiny Was Written (David Buckley) | 8. Fire in the Sky (Eragon vs Murtagh): Sin & Restitution (Future World Music) | 9.  Man & Wife (Roran & Katrina): Can You See Jane? (Patrick Doyle) | 10. The march of the Elves against the Empire: The Courage Within (Future World Music) | 11. The Dwarves of the Beor Mountains: Pride Of The Dwarves (Jamie Christopherson) | 12. Orik’s theme:Dwarf Prince (Derek Fiechter) | 13. Roran’s theme:Never Surrender (Brand X Music) | 14. Battle of Deldarad: Siege (Marc Streitenfeld) | 15. Eragon & Saphira return to Du Weldenvarden: Farewell to Lorien (Howard Shore) | 16. Inheritance (Brom’s last message to Eragon): The Real North (Ramin Djawadi) | 17. The Tree of Life (the Menoa Tree): Prologue (James Newton Howard) | 18. A Rider in Full - “Sword, I name thee Brisingr!”: Sword Of Omens (Audiomachine) | 19. Leave-taking (Oromis & Eragon bid each other farewell and depart from Du Weldenvarden): Beyond the Forest (Howard Shore) | 20. Battle of Gil'ead: Protectors Of The Earth (Two Steps From Hell) | 21. Oromis vs Murtagh - Galbatorix takes control and defeats Oromis: Guardians At The Gate (Audiomachine) | 22. Glaedr’s theme: Infinite White (Steve Jablonksy) | 23. Siege of Feinster - Eragon & Arya defeat Varaug: Knights March (Hans Zimmer) | 24. Sunrise - “We can do this”: Flow Like Water (James Newton Howard).