roque alan deleon


A lot of people have been interested in the piece and honestly it is one of my favorites. As my way of giving back to everyone that supports my artwork I am GIVING IT AWAY.

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Winner will be picked randomly at 100K notes.

My "Other" Blogs

Yesterday I had enough free time to finally do something that I have been meaning to get around to.

I created a personal blog for myself (basically it’s just me re-blogging stuff that I enjoy) and I created another blog titled Schoolbook Sketches. This blog will be filled with random doodles from school notebooks that I have kept over the years. My notebooks are literally filled with 100s of these doodles and I’ve never shown them to anyone maybe except for my girlfriend so I think it should be an interesting thing to share with the world :)

I think this blog can be a really unique way for artists and just anyone for that matter to show the sketches/doodles/creations that were made while they were supposed to be studying. I insist everyone check out the blog and if you enjoy what you see please follow and submit.

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Schoolbook Sketches -