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Do you guys have any pets/animals? (Other than Gilbird of course) TBH this blog is the purest!

Ivan has a Siberian cat and Gilbert has an albino German Shepherd 

[ art by @ask-aph-fruk ]

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how are u two so cute??? Like ?? How??? **Also if you're willing, pls put a fedora on gilbert im wearing one today(i rock a fedora) and ive always wanted to see him in a fedora**

I: im divorcing you….

[ art by @ask-aph-fruk ]

APH × RoLw

Yes, that’s the crossover I was talking about. Record of Lodoss war :D I loved the old OVA series! It’s so beautifully animated and I love their character designs!

For this picture I got inspired by this picture of Parn and Deedlit. I loved that picture and the atmosphere and I wanted to use it on my favorite boys ;u; I tried to draw them in a similar pose with similar clothes but I made some changes because I didn’t want Gilbert to appear weak.

But in my personal headcanon I would see both of them more in the roles of Orson and Shiris. I can imagine them just like that. Gilbert in Shiris’ role, being short tempered and not hesitant when it comes to fighting, while Ivan in Orson’s role would be all calm and reluctant - until his curse strikes and he switches into berserk-mode with only Gilbert being able to bring him back to senses like in this scene.

So. Yeah. This is my contribution to RusPrus day (6/2). I’m a little too early but I have to go to bed now xD And in Japan RoPu day has already started, so…

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Wait, are you guys married?!! Ivan, how the flying FUCK did you get Gilbert to go that far??

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Okay but imagine Gilbert and Ivan in a demon and angel au, Gilbert the demon and Ivan the angel and Gilbert falls in love with Ivan but he's an angel so he tries to make him fallen but Ivan just keeps rejecting him like 'Nah comrade I'm happy being an angel'

i like the way you think. 

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Hey! I like this blog and your style is pretty nice) So can you draw Russia and Prussia first kiss?

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Ivan how well do your sisters get along with Gilbert?

Its more of a mutual disrespect…