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Think of Lardo and Bitty being stuck at Samwell over thanksgiving while everyone else had to go home and they got left behind for some inexplicable reason. What kind of things do they get into? Do they get into any fights with the LAX bros? Do they get wine drunk? Does Lardo do some modern art with Bitty's pie dough? The possibilities are endless!

I have too many ideas so I am just going to divide them.

1) LARDO BEING ANGRY AND BITTY LETTING HER BEAT UP HIS COOKIE DOUGH WITH ONE OF HIS ROLLING PINS. He records it and sends it to the group. Everyone is like ‘’guys i thought that Bitty’s rolling pins were untouchable what the fuck’’ or ‘’is lardo going to beat us up when we come back should i hide??’’

2) bitty makes TOO MUCH FOOD and Lardo starts complaining (she isn’t actually complaining she is just bored because bitty won’t let her get anywhere close to the food) and at some point she starts threatening with inviting the LAX bros to eat some food and the chat food basically explodes. 

3) also after that one of the LAX boys who is actually nice goes over for a minute and Lardo takes a picture of him eating a piece of pie and sends it to the group so everyone starts yelling. She thinks that everyone is hiding in the bathroom while their families eat and is amused as fuck.

4) there’s a point where Lardo starts falling sleep where she is supposed to be helping and bitty covers her in flour and takes a picture. he sends that to the group and when Lardo wakes up she doesn’t realize until she sees the messages and tries to kill him which he should have known, really

5) other conversations that took place that wounderful thanksgiving:

Lardo: i am trying to go partying with him but for some reason he doesn’t want to

Lardo: Shitty where did you leave the emergency booze we are going to rock this city

Jack: ha ha. Lardo, don’t kill Bittle.

Lardo: I am the manager I know what is good for this team

Lardo: getting drunk. Getting drunk is good for this team.

Shitty: i took the emergency booze with me and I am currently thinking about starting a drinking game where i drink every time that someone says something that makes me want to kill them

Lardo: i didn’t know that you had that much emergency booze

Shitty: I don’t

Lardo: okay i smell food and this is wonderful as fuck and maybe i will not make him go partying when it’s almost freezing outside

Lardo: maybe

6) THEY DO GET WINE DRUNK and they had prohibited themselves talking about missing people so they are just laughing ang giggling and Lardo is trying to get Bitty to tell her embarrasing stories and maybe go run around the Haus naked and it is awesome

7) Bitty: we don’t remenbwe whcih was my ropm and wgich was hers

Holster: oh my god you are so drunk

Bitty: actually we were fighting over the control of the phone we are not *that* drunk

Bitty: I just 

Bitty: don’t remember which way is left and which way is right

Lardo, who is currently upstairs: i am sure that the room that has a beyonce poster is yours, bro

Lardo: wait is this a stuffed bunny


8) THEY END UP FIGHTING THE LAX BROS AND FOR ONCE IT ISN’T BECAUSE THEIR MUSIC IS TOO LOUD. it is because bitty smelled their food and oh wow that is disgusting why would someone eat that??? and he is too drunk to have a filter and they hear them (lardo and him were chilling outside) and they have a fight that finishes when one of them starts crying when he tries one of bitty’s pies

9) also at some point bitty starts cooking and lardo draws something on top of it and it is lovely and they send pictures

10) ALSO imagine that Jack usually celebrates canadian thanksgiving and is currently with shitty because he had a holiday and they send a selfie together and bitty doesn’t want to take a selfie with lardo to up their game because he is covered in flour and probably a little bit of paint and booze and lardo ends up taking a selfie with his ass while he is distracted and sending it saying ‘’this is what I am grateful for idk about you guys’’ and jack sends a video of shitty crying of laughter and asking jack to let him take a selfie with his ass (he doesn’t let him)