Morning HIIT after cheat day 😅 gotta burn off those ice cream sandwiches some way haha. I love HIIT cardio, especially to Rocky OST it gets you much faster results in fat loss, boost natural growth hormone levels and elevates the metabolism through the entire day. Not only does it increase your endurance but your raw speed and explosiveness as well. A lot of my friends focus on doing the same pace for long periods of time and that works but I’m telling you the results you see from HIIT are outstanding💪😅#fitlife #me #fit #fitness #training #fatloss #HIIT #jumprope #exercise #workout #athlete

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"Why? Why are you doing this? What made you do this?" She cried out. The ropes around her wrists were cutting in to them and every movement she made caused them to scrape against her wrists and make them to bleed. "You did of course sweetheart. Your birth is what helped spur this on. I wanted to create a world that would be safe for you to grow up in. A world where you would be happy and have everything you wanted. I created H.I.V.E so that you would have everything I didn't." Felicity just -

stared in horror at the man she used to call “daddy,” the man that used to give her piggy back rides across parking lots. The man that was named Jeremy Smoak, but was actually Damien Darhk. “You’re a monster.” She told him. “No sweetheart,” He smoothed back some of the stray of Felicity’s hair, just like he used to when she was younger and she flinched at his touch. “The monsters are over there.” He turned on a switch and showed an unconscious Oliver and Diggle, hanging chained from the ceiling.

Is it possible to go GAH!!! and GIMME!!! all at the same time?  Cuz that’s me and this little nugget of awesomeness.  

I can only assume you know how much I want all this for season 4. ;)  BLESS YOU and thank you for bringing it to my blog! 

A picture of the school goalposts accompanied with, “I want to tie you up and leave you here for everyone to see you,” had Levi splashing cold water on his face in the bathroom. One day Eren left a scrap of rope in Levi’s desk, knotted beautifully, and Levi was forced to teach class from his desk until the tightness in his pants subsided. After that Levi imposed the rule that no foreplay was allowed during school hours.
—  wouldn’t you like to know. ;D

So. Girl Genius neurodivergency parallels.

  • Jaegers developing special interests
  • Hats as jaeger comfort items
  • Heterodyning as stimming
  • Also Agatha’s tendency to make little clanks = stimming
  • Sparks hyperfocusing on their work
  • Sparks hyperfocusing on their work to the point that they forget to focus on everything else
  • Sparks being obtuse about social cues and emotions like “fear” and “protesting against human experimentation”
  • “I got distracted and added three extra features into this tea kettle, including a death ray, but I don’t remember why”
  • “The Madness Place” essentially being a dangerous mindset surrounding the all encompassing special interest, I.E. science
  • Sparks in the madness place roping other sparks into the madness place
  • Locketed Agatha is essentially suffering from massive executive dysfunction
  • Extremely chaotic thought process that only makes sense to other sparks but which will, upon presentation of notes, become clear and obvious to non-sparks as well
  • Forget and misplace things easily, like tools and human-eating constructs

And the best part is that these are all canon

Klaroline + “I like that dress. You’re enticing.  Like a zebra” (which is my new go-to pickup line) for cupcakemolotov.

It had been done on a dare.

               Well, okay, Kol had been dared to do it by Rebekah, and somehow Klaus had gotten roped into playing a part as well, and now he sat at the bar, scowling at anyone that got too close, and feeling far far too exposed for comfort.

               “Nik, you need to quit pouting.  You’re doing this for a good cause.”

               “And exactly how does my dressing in drag assist your cause, Bekah?” Klaus replied, tapping his glass on the counter for another drink, and wondering how many more it would take to wipe this night out of his memory.

               “Well, it’s all for the theme.  All these girls didn’t come to gawk at my legs” – as she spoke, a brunette walked by, and Klaus raised his brows at his sister, because those certainly weren’t his legs the girl was interested in, and Bekah shrugged – “most of these girls didn’t come to gawk at my legs.”

               Klaus considered everything he could say, most of it rather acerbic and sure to send Bekah into one of her moods, where she was impossible to live with for days to follow.  He had nearly decided it would be worth it, just to get the last laugh, when a loud burst of laughter came from the corner, drawing both of their attention.

               It was Kol, of course, tossing his head and the long brunette wig he wore there and flirting with the girls and boys that surrounded him alike.  The sight made Klaus roll his eyes and look to Bekah.

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Tracy Jordan from Heels and Rope. I have always liked the stripped down to their panties girls, tied to the pole. This girl is very cute.

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Off, off topic question. Who has more swagger Simon Cowell or Irving Azoff? And are they cage match fighting rn or working together for that bottom line?

You mean like power in the business? I would say Irving Azoff because he was a player in the biz back when Simon Cowell was learning the ropes from sleazy characters like Richard Griffiths. And Azoff has prestige clients: Grammy winners, Rock & Roll Hall of Famers. He can also make it rain. So Azoff is more respected in the industry as far as I can tell.

So while successful businessmen like them might wanna get into a proverbial dick measuring contest with each other, I think it would be smart of Cowell to work amicably with Azoff. He’s already kicked Modest to the curb and that meant kicking his mentor Griffiths to the curb too. So I think Simon Cowell is pretty ruthless and is also no dummy. It would be smart of him to be team Azoff.    

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How is small sandwich dealing with the trip? (OH NO WE FORGOT TO PACK SMALL SANDWICH! Cut to small sandwich doing the Macauley Culkin Home Alone face)

Mr. Sandwich switched seats with me so he could entertain her and I could read porn on my phone, because I got four hours of sleep last night (THANKS ANXIETY) and was nearing the end of my rope. But we have an iPad loaded with Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood for the long flight, which is in…like, half an hour, yikes. Cross your fingers for me.

Wired up
Till thought exempts us
From the clips
Of light and life
Raging on
Inside my head
And within the tomb
The message
Where we wore space
Like a cloak
And a clone of my face turning away
Keeping hours that outline
Your cheeks
Keeping a journal of
The ropes we tightened
The knots becoming strong
In my stomach
And around my wrists
Make the fire go out
With the ice water
Surrounding these swells
Make a grave
Out of each wave
These smirks
And demonic murmurs
Stand no chance
But start facing
The weather
And the words, in this letter

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O///O (Cutie Keyaan!)

Send O///O to put a collar and leash around my muses neck.

“Mei?! What are you doing? What is this rope?”, he exclaimed, tugging at the collar around his neck. Golden hues followed the leash attached to it, right into her hands. 

A Writer’s Profile: chele20035

i finally got to it! lol…

Favorite characters outside of HG and why?

How much room do I have?

It would have to be Dougless Montgomery from Jude Deveraux’s Knight in Shining Armor. She falls in love twice with the same man, but at different times in his life. It’s one of the first time travel novels I read, and I still love this book. I love it so much, that I almost everlarked it. (Twisted happened instead, so blame it on the ropes…). And she learns that she is worth fighting for, no matter what…

An interesting fact about myself…

I was going to put up pictures of some of my pups who I groom, but it’s been a crazy week, and I didn’t get any good pics of anyone. So… I have traveled all over the world. I have been to panama Central America (not Florida) twice. I’ve been in the Darien jungle four times. And yes, I have held naked jungle babies. I was offered a total of four babies to bring back to America with me. (They want their children to live here.) I have been to New Zealand twice. I would move in a heartbeat if the kiwi’s would let me. To move to New Zealand, you have to have a damn good reason. I could always teach grooming? I went to New York City within a year of 9-11 happening. I saw ground zero when they were still recovering everyone they could. It was a life changing experience.

Highlight one of my fics?

I guess out of all of them so far, Katniss and Peeta on top of Cold Mountain in “The One Who Almost Got Away”, is probably my favorite. One of the reasons is I know Charles Frazier. Yes, the one who wrote “Cold Mountain”. I worked with his cousins, and went to school with his nieces and nephews. And yes, I share my opinion of the book with Katniss.

And you can see Cold Mountain from my back porch.

 Chapter 15

“Please tell me why we have to be up so early?” he asks as he is driving down the four lane.

“It’s only six o’clock in the morning,” she says with much amusement in her voice. “Besides, you are the baker. I remember you telling me one time that this was your normal time to wake up.”

With a groan he says, “I was much younger,” she starts laughing at him but he continues anyway, “and Mother made me.”

“You are only 26. I think you can handle getting up at six a.m. besides, wasn’t this your idea?”

“No, this was your idea.”

“No, it’s yours,” she says. You wanted to watch that stupid movie–”

“Cold Mountain.”

“Yes, Cold Mountain. I mean he left the Confederate army, in the middle of the war, to go home. He was a deserter for heaven’s sake,” She huffs.

“But Ada was hungry…” he protests.

“Ada and Ruby were doing just fine! They learned to run the farm and even hunt. It was Inman who needed them more than they needed him.”

“And what is wrong with Inman needing Ada more than she needed him?”

“Nothing is wrong with that. I just think he should have finished what he started. He wanted to join the army, well he should have stayed—“

Squeezing her leg that is pressed up against his, he says teasingly, “But he loved her and just wanted to see her.”

She elbows him in the ribs, which he answers with a grunt, while she says, “Anyways, I still can’t believe that they filmed the movie in Romania instead of here. Romania of all places! As much as you like the movie, you need to see the real cold mountain. Besides, the best waterfall is up there. We aren’t even going all the way to the summit.”

“And how long are we hiking?” he asks.

“It’s what, three hours?” he looks at her with concern, when she continues, “its flat for the first hour and a half. And then it’s only a slight hill until we get to the waterfall. Trust me. You will love it. I’m surprised Jack didn’t come with us. He loves the waterfall up here. But I bet I know why he didn’t come.”

He loves the feel of her pressed up against him when they drive in his truck. With his arm snaking down her body to reach the gear stick like they are 19 again. “Why didn’t he?”

“It’s April. It’s too cold to go swimming. Last summer Gale, Madge and I brought the boys up here. So see, if they can hike it, then I know you can.”

“Ha ha, very funny. I make my living in an office. You are the one climbing mountains. Just in case I forget to tell you, I had fun today.”

She nudges his shoulder in response.