Tonight was very nearly my undoing!
I was aware of the dyno at the 120ft mark…
No one said anything about an 8ft roof 200ft up!
Almost let the panic take hold, held position for a full 5mins scanning for a route that wouldn’t kill me.
Half way out with my arse dangling in the breeze. I lost my hand hold and because I wasn’t torquing enough I wound up on one hand with FUCK ALL EXCEPT DEATH below.
Not gonna lie, I screamed like Ned Flanders!
I’m frankly amazed I survived.
Won’t be going near that shit again without a rope, belay partner and full rack!
The buzz after catching another hold solidly and torquing my legs back on, I think I’ve torn a few muscles in my abs and shoulder, the rush surpassed the agony!
Either I’ve been having really shitty sex or that’s quite possibly the greatest feeling I’ve ever experienced.
After sending to the top I sat for a full 15mins grinning like a mental patient before powerful waves of sadness swept in.
I’ve just experienced a rush so strong I’m never going to ever top it.
It’s gone forever. I know deep down nothing will ever come close! It can’t.
Little depressing when you realise you’ve reached your emotional peak.
Not that I’m going to give up on the attempt! I just doubt I’ll ever feel anything better than cheating death with only two fingertips and a thumb!
Greatest and worst night of my life…

Me @ Most Directioners I meet
  • Me:Hey so do you ship Larry?
  • Them:You know that's not real, Right?
  • Me:Yeah, okay and you just won a free ship with no compass and a ropeless anchor! Have fun bitch! :D
  • Them:Wtf