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Prompt if you're taking them: Mike finds out that during a boozey weekend in Vegas Ginny gets his number tattooed and now I he really needs to see it.

oh that’s too good!! too too good!!! I tweaked this just slightly for the ~slow burn~ but oh god i love the idea of Mike being a total shit trying to wheedle info from a slightly surly Ginny.

got you deep in the heart of me | ao3

Before exiting her dressing room, Ginny poked her head out the door and looked both ways, feeling like a little kid again, waiting to cross the street. Only, the danger here wasn’t some inattentive driver about to mow her down. In fact, she would welcome some negligent, self-centered behavior right now. It sure as hell beat what was actually happening.

Sighing in relief at the empty hallway, Ginny ducked back into her room, snagged her tablet and headphones, and snuck out the door.

That’s what she’d been reduced to. Peeking around corners and creeping through the clubhouse like some kind of criminal. If this kept up, Ginny was pretty sure she was well on her way to be the youngest, healthiest woman to die of a heart attack. She’d become a paranoid mess, constantly looking over her shoulder, waiting for the inevitable moment when—

“Just a hint, Baker.”


Ginny managed not to jump out of her skin this time, but she did whirl on the source of her constantly suspicious state. 

“Christ, Lawson. Wear a bell or something,” she complained, pushing past six feet of solid major league catcher. She strode down the hall, ignoring her bearded shadow in favor of nodding to her other teammates. He was pretty hard to ignore, especially considering the way their teammates didn’t. They’d flick him curious looks, which, at first, Ginny thought meant they were in the dark, wanting to know why the hell he’d been hounding her lately. 

She kept thinking that right up until Stubbs asked him, “You find out what it is yet?”

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Here are some random headcanons for kallura positivity day !!

  • Since Allura isn’t really allowed to leave the castle often (due to her being, like, the most vital person to the team), Keith tries to collect her little trinkets from every planet. Usually (since most planets have already been completely plundered by the galra empire) it’s just a little shiny stone he finds on the ground. Needless to say she loves them and keeps them in her bedside drawer.
  • One time, after saving a particular planet, Keith wanders off to the market to find Allura a gift. Literally every alien is just … staring in awe at him because “ohmygod that’s one of the paladins of voltron who saved our lives.” 
  • Keith walks up to one little stand (which, the alien who runs it is completely starstruck) and looks through the items. He stumbles upon a hairpin, that’s a little dented but it still has a good shine to it. At this point, the alien is already rambling about how Keith can have everything he owns for free and all that. Keith smiles, declines the generous offer, and pays for the hairpin.
  • (Allura loves it of course and she wears it all the time.)
  • Keith would be the one to say “I love you” and Allura would be the one to smirk and reply “I know”
  • They like to challenge one another to video games on Pidge’s console. Allura always wins. (Does Keith let her win? The world will never know)
  • Either way, whenever they play video games they sit super close and sort of casually play footsie with one another. 
  • Back when Allura was growing up, she’d frequently attend balls in the castle. She wasn’t the most graceful dancer, and her dancing partner never really took getting his toes stepped on too well. Even though she was a bit stubborn about attending them, she misses them dearly.
  • Coran–who was the best dancer on Altea–becomes her dancing instructor. Keith enlists as her partner. (Which, is encouraging to her, since Keith is just as terrible as she is.)
  • They learn the Altean dances together–Allura revisiting them, Keith learning them for the first time. (Also they rope the entire team into learning to dance. Allura feels she hadn’t laughed and smiled like that in a long time.)
  • Keith and Allura casually dance throughout the day, without even realizing it. Allura passing by Keith to get to her station? He holds out his arms above her, and she takes his hand, doing a little twirl under it.
  • Keith really loves Allura’s hands. Sometimes they are a little rough–after a battle, she sometimes gets blisters from her staff–but he doesn’t mind. He loves to plant kisses on them, and rub the pad of his thumb across her fingers. 
  • Allura likes to wrap her arms around Keith, and just collapse on the nearest sofa or bed. Keith is always like, “Aren’t I like … crushing you?” and Allura just shakes her head and continues to squeeze him. Eventually he always rolls to her side, and she snuggles up to him.
  • They aren’t really touchy at all around the other paladins, though. The most they’ll do is a pat on the back, and occasionally Keith’s hand will rest at the small of her back. Sometimes they’ll flirt by sneaking little touches.
  • Keith always accompanies Allura when she makes diplomatic visits. He loves to watch her talk, because she’s so charismatic and kind.
  • Sometimes Keith can be a bit distant, because he gets discouraged and feels as though he doesn’t deserve Allura. (He did go from being a lonely dropout to being the lover of a princess) But he always gets over it, because he sees Allura’s bright smile and realizes that he doesn’t care if he doesn’t deserve her, he’s going to make sure she is the happiest girl in the universe

AND I’M BACK!!!!! i’m officially on summer vacation yay. tbh i’m a bit rusty so this is just a thing i pulled outta my ass lmao send in more prompts WOO

Among the many things that Jean Moreau did not embody, it was the hatred for being single.

He supposed he wasn’t missing out on anything, given the fact that being a new addition to the USC Trojans didn’t mean he should be big on putting himself out there. The Ravens — moments and memories, people and places — were what he wanted behind him, and this, if anything, was a chance at a fresh start. He wanted to do all of this right.

He knows he can. Jeremy thinks so.

In fact, if anything, Jean thought he should completely erase the possibility of being taken. Being a new backliner meant he had to focus on learning the ropes - the team’s dynamic, how he factored into the hierarchy, who he shouldn’t cross, who he should befriend.

Getting a boyfriend was, for all the reasons there should and would be, far from his list of priorities.

Jean supposed it was something else tugging at his heart then, when at an Exy college teams mixer, Jeremy looked just about ready to charm his way into the pants of some goalkeeper.

Well, no. That was probably an exaggeration. Jeremy was, after all, only flashing said goalkeeper one of his signature glinting smiles.

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Oh let the light guide your way

Hold every memory as you go

And every road you take will always lead you home

It’s been a long day without you, my friend

And I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again

We’ve come a long way from where we began

And I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again

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The problem with rope bard is that he needs two standard actions to fire the bow and cast the spell, and he can't yet do it in one turn. Someday he will, but not today. Still, it can be used on any rope-like object, and with an easily hidden ribbon whip and a very long ponytail, you can imagine some possibilities... at this point I'm just waiting for a jailbreak moment.

Okay, so your Rope Bard needs to team up with my Immovable Rod Acrobat, and together we can pull wacky heists.  Who’s up for a Carmen Sandiego/Oceans 11 style heist campaign?