rope swing

Near the Bridger Mountains Range outside of Bozeman, Montana

Submitted by Rachel Dunlap / @rachelvdunlap

We kidnapped our good friend, blindfolded her before arriving and held her hostage for a night at this lovely treehouse in the woods to celebrate her birthday. I’m fairly certain that our host was convinced that we were going to murder our unwitting captor. AirBnB gem and memorable stay!

​There’s a mythical place in Georgia called The Hostel in the Forest–lots of people have heard of it but you rarely meet anyone who has been there. Welp, we got to photograph along the hostel’s beautiful boardwalks winding through the forest and in this amazing spring-fed pool for Atlanta Magazine’s summer cover story we worked on and it is such a cool spot where you are greeted with hugs instead of handshakes | Brinson+Banks