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Loki’s a pretty fantastic dog (most of the time). He’s also ridiculously good looking dog (most of the time). When he’s neither of those things, he’s a dog. A dog that loves to chase squirrels. The first photo is the moment he decided to launch after the squirrel he just noticed a parking lot and side street away from where we were. If it wasn’t for be SCREAMING, “Loki, STOP!” and him actually knowing what that meant from practicing, he would have been GONE.


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  • soulmate au where a pair of soulmates will be reincarnated and with each reincarnation, only one of the soulmates will remember all the past lives while the other one doesn’t
  • Chan remembers everything
  • He remembers the first kisses you two had, one as children on the broken wooden swing horribly attached to the tree, one as adults a few days after your divorce in the middle of the freezing snow storm, one as broke college students sitting in his empty apartment he had just purchased
  • He remembers every touch, every word, every look, and yet in every life, you don’t remember anything
  • but these lives, they stick with Chan, and every day he replays each one in his head
  • because he remembers his past life, no one really asks him about his soulmate but more of the time period
  • And because of this, history is his best subject and everyone thinks it’s unfair
  • “Chan always gets the highest score because he lived in that time period!!”
  • Past life Chan being a small shit and hiding little antique stuff that cost a lot of money in the future
  • once left himself a piece of gold
  • everyone finds it unfair as fuck because by the time Chan is a teenager he’s already pretty packed with money
  • he also doesn’t pay for stuff since Jeonghan just babies him and everyone is just “CHAN IS BASICALLY A MILLIONAIRE THIS ISN’T FAIR WHY DOESNT HE PAY”
  • Chan is just a sneaky little shit that plays innocent most of the time
  • in his past lives, he had different names, so sometimes he’ll randomly answer to another name during roll call and he gets all embarrassed because he remembers his name is Chan
  • but come on, cut him some slack, he did have that name for 80 some years before
  • whenever he takes a day to himself, he follows the paths to his old neighborhoods, he visits old friends that are elderlies now, he visits places he spent with you and wishes to bring you back too
  • he checks up on his generations of kids, which is kind of awkward since he’s suddenly younger than his grandchild’s kids, so he kind of lays low but if he finds out any of them are having financial issues, he becomes a good samaritan that gives them money (he does that sketchy thing where he puts money in a box and wraps it and leaves it at the front door)
  • but as sketchy as it is, he always leaves a note about it being from a very distant family member and to not worry
  • what a sweet child
  • people will often randomly ask him about his soulmate
  • And Chan will always get this far off look because in his head, he’s trying to pick the perfect moment, he’s trying to choose what about you he loves
  • is it your smile, the way you bite your thumb when you’re nervous
  • is it your voice, or the way your off tune singing soothes him
  • is it the scar on your arm that you received when you had fallen off your bike and when the scar formed, you hated it so much but Chan had rubbed his hand on the scar, stating how much it looked like an awkward dinosaur
  • is it your laughter, how your shoulder move up and down and your hand covering your mouth because you’re insecure about your teeth since you had chipped your tooth in your past life
  • Chan reunites with you in a cafe, he’s sitting in the cafe, waiting for Seokmin to arrive when hears it
  • the familiar laughter ringing in his ears, and his heart stops
  • His palms become sweaty and he’s nervous, the feeling in his chest is the same familiar feeling from each of his past lives
  • Chan looks around the room nervously, and he sees you, sitting tucked in the corner, your hand covering your mouth and your eyes emitting smiles as your laugh slips from your mouth
  • and suddenly his heart sinks as you lean forward, the man sitting across from you leans in also, the close proximity between you two causes Chan to turn his head away
  • he knows he can’t do anything, it’s happened in the past, it’s bound to happen again
  • with your memories erased of the past, with no sign to show you are connected to a soulmate, you are left to believe you are part of the 1%, the percent that don’t have soulmates
  • but Chan knows that is false, there is no 1%, the 1% is a rumor because the 1% are halves of the reincarnation soulmates
  • Seokmin finally arrives and Chan ushered both of them out, waiting for the next time in which he will run into you, hopefully without a person next to you
  • the next time Chan sees you is in his class, all the seats become filled quickly except for the one next to Chan
  • the scrape of the chair alerts Chan and his heart stops when he sees you, a small smile on your face and his heart starts to race because it feels like eternity since he’s seen that smile
  • ‘hopefully you aren’t saving this seat, I’m Y/N’
  • ‘ah no, it’s open. I’m Chan’
  • and with a few minutes before the teacher comes in, Chan looks at your arm, the scar still nestled onto your skin
  • ‘that looks like an awkward dinosaur’
  • For a second, you look confused, as if a wave of deja vu passes through you but you laugh in the end ‘yeah it really does doesn’t it’
  • little by little, you and Chan become closer, like the same old story that plays in Chan’s head, the same conversations, the same interactions, like a videotape stuck on repeat, Chan falls for you the same way
  • You finally ask him “Don’t you have a soulmate”
  • “I do”
  • you feel defeated in the moment but you give him your best friendly laugh, “why aren’t you looking for them then, you should find them, you’re not like me who basically has to fend for themselves”
  • “I already found my soulmate”
  • and Chan can see the hurt in your eyes, as if he had just pulled your heart out but Chan only interlocks his fingers with yours “you’re my soulmate”
  • a cheeky grin is on Chan’s face and you look as if you’re going to burst into tears, you hit him not believing his statement but like those days where he visits his old places, he takes you there
  • To the weary, broken, wooden swing that is being held by only one side of the rope now, to the street where the harsh winter has frozen your lips, to the old run down building where Chan had landed an apartment
  • to the run down roads where you held hands as children, the ice cream shop that still stands after many years, to the places that Chan could finally bring you too
  • and he tells the stories, as if he’s a tour guide telling you about your life, each with details that you couldn’t have imagined
  • his words, so sincere, almost pleading, asking if you remember anything, one thing at all
  • and at the end of it all, walking side by side in the dark neighborhood with the flickering streetlight going off
  • “this is probably really weird for you and everything i’ve said just sounds crazy, and I totally understand if you don’t talk to me for a while, you’ve actually done that before but—”
  • Chan stops talking because you halted your step, you’re standing in front of Chan, his eyes curiously waiting for you to say or do something
  • under the flickering streetlight, in the cold fall air, with the stars shining in the sky and the moon overlooking, another first kiss is imprinted in Chan’s mind
  • your hands are gripping onto Chan’s jacket, the cold touch of your lips warm up against his and he sinks into the kiss, missing everything about it
  • the relationship is sweet and innocent
  • Chan tells you the many stories you have had with him in the past, his eyes excitedly become wider, and his voice is booming with excitement, he’s using his hands to tell the story but they’re more like flailing everywhere than actually telling the story
  • and whenever you and Chan go on a date, you make it a mission to do something different than the past, you want to make this life time special
  • he doesn’t have the heart to tell you that you’ve said that like a million other times but it’s endearing to hear you say it
  • Soulmate Chan loves you regardless, from childhood to old age, he loves you and only you. His past is imprinted with only you and you are all he thinks about. And Chan believes, each new life he gets to spend with you, it just gets better and better.

Who Was Will Brown?

PLACE: Omaha, Nebraska (16th & Dodge Streets)
DATE: September 28, 1919 (a Sunday)
VICTIM: Will Brown

Will Brown allegedly abducted a white woman “for 15 minutes,” on September 25, 1919, at 11:45 PM, on the Scenic Road, about one block south of Bancroft Street. The woman could not positively identify Mr. Brown as her assailant.

THE LYNCHING: Will Brown was being held at the county jail, which was located on the top floor (5th) of the Douglas County Court House. At about 2:00 PM on Sunday, September 28, a mob of approximately 50 white males, ages 14 to 20, gathered at the Bancroft School and headed for the courthouse, a mile away.

By 4:00 PM the mob, joined by many others, reached the courthouse. They began throwing bricks at the courthouse, knocking out all of the first and second floor windows. The police began shooting to disperse the crowd but were forced to retreat to the upper floors of the building. The mob, after unsuccessfully attempting to lynch the mayor of Omaha, who tried to talk sense into them, made it to the fifth floor where Will Brown was being held. The rest of the story, I’ll quote from the historical record:

“The mob then turned to the Court House and attempted to obtain Brown, the negro. This attempt succeeded and the negro was taken across the street to the corner of 18th and Harney Streets. A rope was placed around his neck, the body drawn up and riddled with bullets by the mob. The body was afterward cut down and pulled through the streets on the end of a rope to 16th and Dodge, where it was burnt. The mob then broke up in gangs of about 100 and commenced breaking into hardware stores and pawn shops.”

My Thoughts: Will Brown was ‘just another nigger’ to that mob. He didn’t matter to them. He was nameless and soon-to-be faceless, thanks to their savagery. Hundreds of thousands have seen the image of his burned, mutilated body, but probably had no idea who he was. Its easy to ignore his murder when he’s nameless and faceless. Well… now he isn’t. At least, not to you. I have thoughts about why it matters NOW, but I’ll leave it up to you decide whether or not you needed to know this. Maybe we’ll talk about that next time. Just know that, in my world, every month is black history month. Cathedral. Chuuch. Izm. 

Source: Correspondence of The Military Intelligence Division Relating to “Negro Subversion,” 1917 - 1941, Roll 6, Microfilm Publication M1440, National Archives and Records Administration, Washington, DC.

As this blog’s 2-year anniversary closes, I present to you the cast of 2015! Along with my characters, this poster also features the several followers that have been, are being, and will be assimilated used as secondary characters here. To all of Ask Bananas Wit’s family, friends, foes, favorites, and fixtures following it, thank you for developing its subject’s character and being a part of his life so far!

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