rope in the trunk


I’ve been unintentionally quiet on here lately but 8 miler/half training is still going well and yesterday I did a BEAUTIFUL 5 hour hike!!!!! There was a lot of scrambling up rocks and tree trunks and even ropes to help you scale vertical passes, and you pass three waterfalls (you actually climb up the third one) and everything is lush and green and perfect. I don’t know how that last picture of me looks so pristine because in actuality I was covered in mud.

I am so sore today but it’s a fantastic kind of sore. I’m just so grateful to have gone out yesterday and done the hike. My roommates invited their friend and she brought her friend and the two of them were kind of complaining the whole way (they were out of shape, their shoes were getting muddy, etc. etc.) but in my mind the whole time I was just appreciating the beauty around me, the breathtaking views, the tiny little frogs in the waterfalls, jumping into muddy areas, the whole shebang.

And right before we reached the top of the hike (although not the summit, we didn’t have enough time) and started heading down, we ran into this girl who was hiking solo and was lost, and so she hiked down with us and we got to talking and she was really cool and it was just a day full of great little occurrences that were so special and random.

Can’t wait to hike this one again!


Character/pairing: Dean x Reader
Random word or object: speed
Emotion: Fun
Requested by: anonymous

“Are you ready?” Sam yelled from down the street.

“You’re goin’ down, Winchester,” you muttered out of the corner of your mouth.

“Only if you want me to,” Dean said with a goading smirk.

You did your best to suppress a smile at his words and fixated your gaze ahead of you in Sam’s direction. “Perv.”

“Just for you,” he said gruffly.

“On your marks… GET SET! …GO!” Sam screamed.

You and Dean both bolted off, running wildly, your sights set on the finish line Sam had marked with a bit of rope from the trunk of the Impala. You could hear Dean’s footsteps right behind you and you laughed as you tried to pull farther ahead.


A split second later and you felt his arm snake around your waist from behind you, lifting you right off your feet. You screamed as you watched the pavement rushing past below you. Dean spun around in front of the finish line and dropped you on your feet a few yards short of it, crossing alone triumphantly with his arms in the air, making fake applause sounds.

You stared after him, shaking your head but unable to suppress a grin as he and Sam high-fived. “Cheating!” you yelled, running the last bit of asphalt to cross the finish line. “Ref?!” you looked at Sam. “He should be disqualified for interfering with his opponent!”

Sam placed a hand heavily on your shoulder. “I’m sorry. The rules clearly state that if any one competitor can successfully catch and pick up any other in order to secure a lead that the play is legal. Better luck next time.”

Dean grinned at you and draped an arm around your shoulders. “Now about what I want for my First Place Prize…”

You gave him a sassy look and punched him playfully in the ribs. “In your dreams, Dean!” you teased.

“Every night,” he joked back. “Every damn night…”