rope by rope

  • Hank Green: On the back of the packaging, it said, "A thoughtful portion is one half a rope." And I was like, "Well, thank you for letting me know, Nerd Rope. I have come to you for thoughtful portioning. That's why I bought this thing that's made of only sugar."
  • John Green: I mean, my reaction to that would just be like "You know what I didn't ask. I didn't ask what @#$%^&* thoughtful portion would be. Alright? So don't go interjecting your @#$%^&* thoughts about what constitutes a thoughtful portion of Nerd Rope. You know when I'm gonna stop eating this Nerd Rope? When my stomach hurts."
  • Hank: It's like when Netflix is like, "Are you still watching Jane the Virgin" And I'm like, "Yes. Yes, I am still watching Jane the Virgin, Netflix. Why are you trying to shame me?"

anonymous asked:

Do you have a type or brand of long-line you recommend? My dog is about 70lbs (we're working on pulling and recall) and we just go hiking in the woods/fields. I like retractable (because retractable) but I hate holding the handle and feel unsafe. Love love love your pups by the way!

Biothane! It’s leather-like in feel and comfortable to grip, but synthetic and easier to clean. It’s lightweight, doesn’t soak up water and mud, and you can just hose it off when it gets dirty. (The only downside: it does get slick when wet, but tying strategic knots in it helps.)

I have a couple different Signature K9 ones, 33 feet and 15 feet long.