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The point isn’t that John is thrown a rope despite being chained to the bottom of the well. The point isn’t that they managed to leap to safety from an exploding flat. The point isn’t that Mycroft, previously referred to as the ice man, is terrified and repulsed to the point of vomitting. The point isn’t that we never saw the contents of John’s letter. The point isn’t that the timeline for Eurus meeting Moriarty doesn’t actually make sense within the previously established narrative. The point isn’t that a kid went missing and no adult authority thought to check in the nearby well. The point isn’t that John’s hair grew seemingly overnight. The point isn’t Sherlock failing to notice missing glass. The point isn’t that John strong moral principle Watson could have an affair and beat his best friend to a pulp. The point isn’t that we never found out who the “mutual friend” was. The point isn’t that there was a dog bowl. The point isn’t that paper somehow survived the flat going up in flames.

The point is that all these things happened together. There isn’t just one singular thing to look at and go “that’s why series 4 sucked”, it’s all of these inconsistencies put together. I just keep seeing people say things like “omg obviously we didn’t need to see John getting unchained to know that it happened” and “would people get over the fucking letter, it wasn’t important what it said its just about the drama” and I’m like that’s totally valid if we were just looking at any one (or even a couple) of these things happening throughout this series. But we’re not. All of these things happened. Yes people are making a big deal out of little things, but it’s because when you actually add up the amount of little things…well turns out that list isn’t actually that little.

This series displayed some truly lazy writing, and not on a small scale.

BTS reaction to you having a chain/rope kink (being tied up)

Anon said:  Ayee, could you do Bts reacting to you having a chain/rope kink? (Ex. Being chained or tied up)

Jungkook: *gif*

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Jimin: “You are really into that?” *gif*

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Taehyung: “Hm…” *gif*

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J-Hope: *worried a bit but up for it* *gif*

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Rap Monster: “Let me tie you up babygirl” *smirks*

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Suga: *gif*

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Jin: “Sounds very fun” 

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Monsta X Reaction to: You Being Really Dominant in Bed

Anon: Monsta X and WJSN reaction to you being really dominant in bed, please and thank you :^)

wjsn version: here 

Shownu: He doesn’t really mind whether he’s dom or sub (but ultimately is dom imo), as long as you’re enjoying yourself. He gets off to your pleasure. So he’ll let you dominate but not without a fight.

“You want to tie me up? You’ll have to try harder than that if you really want to.”

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Wonho: The King of Submissive’s. Ropes, chains, orders, choking, spanking; do whatever you want, he just loves being used by you. Although you might think you’re in charge, it’s really him. He knows how to make you do what he wants and then gets to bask in the loving glow of aftercare.

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Minhyuk: He’s the ultimate submissive. He’s a warm guy who loves to give love and will shower you with affection. In return, you fulfill all his deepest, darkest fantasies. He’s okay with any kind of domination, soft or hardcore, just so long as it’s pleasurable for you both in the end. And that you take care of him afterwards. Aftercare is important and doms should never forget it!

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Kihyun: Sorta awkward about it at first. He’s not sure what to expect when you bring the subject up but he finds that he’s into it. He’s so used to being a “mother,” to looking out for others, that giving that control up and being the one looked after for once, was weird initially but he rather likes it. It’s a nice change.

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Hyungwon: Acts so cute and shy when you dominate him but is actually a freak so don’t stop, f*ck him up, push him to his limits. He’ll surprise you by being the most into it, even into more extreme domination. As long as you give him aftercare, help clean him up and give compliments and make sure he re-hydrates, then you can dominate him all you want.

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Jooheon: He’s a soft, sweet submissive … or so you think. He knows how to push your buttons and use your dominant nature to his advantage. Will use aegyo to get his way, both in and outside of the bedroom.

“Baby, will you do that thing that I like tonight?”

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I.M: He didn’t think he would be submissive until he met you and now he knows he f*cking loves it. Will be a brat sometimes to bring your dominance out, esp. in public as he knows you can’t do anything about it. He will tease and rile you up, shooting you knowing looks since he can see you’re fuming.

“Am I getting punished later?”

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