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Earth Mama’s Delightful Bedtime Soak

This soak not only helps you calm down and drift to sleep, but exfoliates and softens your skin, and increases psychic ability for dream magic.


  • 2 cups of epsom salts
  • 2 cups of fine sea salt
  • 1 tablespoon of lavender oil(or 3tblsp lavender buds)
  • 1 tablespoon of chamomile oil(or 3tblsp of chamomile flowers)
  • 2 cups of coarse dead sea salt
  • Rose petals (optional)

Pour everything but roses into a container
stir 3 times clockwise
seal and shake, filling it with your intent
let it rest in moonlight for 36-48 hours

Use 1 - 2 cups before bed, sprinkle rose petals if desired, and soak for at least 20 minutes

yields 6 cups
shelf-life of 1 year
(( this is a soak I found in Sticks, Stones, Roots and Bones, by Stephanie Bird and reworked a little bit))

Substituting with “anything” (a quartz and rosemary-inspired rant)

Apparently this is the month of me sticking my foot in places I’ll likely regret. But I feel like this really damages the learning process for a lot of witches and needs addressing. So today I’d like to talk about this thing being told to new witches way too often: that they can use “anything” as a substitution if they don’t have X ingredient for, say, a spell jar or whatever.

Can I just say, as someone whose practice focuses heavily on herbal work, how crazy that makes me?

I am not saying spells are set in stone and substitutions can’t be made. They totally can be.

I am not saying that this here fancy spell with all these fancy, expensive ingredients can’t have a more accessible re-working done with more common ingredients. It probably can.

I am all about making spells work for less money, less time, and less privileged people. You tell me what you’ve got in your kitchen and yard, and I will help you find a way to make that into any-damn-thing you please.

I am not all about the elite-extra-special “old way” or some dead guy’s mandates on how to witch.

But when I see, “just use quartz/rosemary instead” as the generic advice for EVERYTHING, no matter what the missing component in question is, it makes me crazy.

What’s the purpose of using ingredient-based spells? No, not just for the aesthetic™. It’s to reduce the energy load on you by replacing it with stuff that ALREADY HAS a given energy, or focus.

So if you remove it and just stick a generic energy booster in there, what’s going to happen?

One of two things:

1. The spell doesn’t work as intended, because you took off a wheel and put a rocket where it used to be.

2. The spell does work as intended, but I’m willing to bet you feel the exact same drain you would have felt if you’d just done energy work… because that’s probably what you did (and a lot of people don’t realize that isn’t supposed to happen).

So while I’m not saying that you’re wrong and your spell didn’t work regardless of whatever generic substitutions you made, I am going to say that if that’s true, I wonder if you’re wasting a lot of materials in your practice.

The purpose of spell ingredients is to use the properties of the ingredient in order to add a specific energy to the spell, which reduces the burden on you to supply that specific energy, and to have highly consistent focus while doing so. If your spell calls for valerian, then there is something about valerian itself that is aiding the spell. You can’t simply swap it with cayenne and expect to get the same results. There are definitely things you COULD swap it with because they have similar properties, but not absolutely anything.

If you can swap the valerian with literally anything and get the same results, that likely means you are not actually using the valerian to help you cast the spell. You’re simply using your own energy and the herbs are set dressing.

And there’s most certainly nothing wrong with being adept at pure energy work. That’s a great skill to have as a witch. But it sure is a waste of herbs if you’re not actually using them, eh? I mean, a lot of these herbs we use aren’t cheap or readily available.

Why not just get rid of the set dressing and save yourself time and money and just do energy work? Or if you like your set dressing, use tools meant to amplify energy work, like a wand or a staff or something?

Also, I think there’s a certain level of damage being done when we tell witches who are trying to learn herbal work that anything is just the same as anything else and none of it matters.

The magical uses of herbs are often tied to their mundane uses. Let’s remember: cunning craft was the mother of medicine. To this very day, the magical uses of many herbs are tied to their physical affects. Even when they aren’t, they’re often a sort of hypersigil, and they’ve gained those associations through dozens or even hundreds of years of thousands or millions of people all imbuing them with the same purpose and energy. Most correspondences have a biological reasoning behind them, or have been basically sigilized by being used the same way thousands of times.

Exceptions and personal correspondences are a thing; I have a few myself. But these tend to be herbs that have been highly significant in my own life over a long period of time, and have consequently become a sort of personal sigil, as opposed to the cultural sigil of most broader correspondences. My personal correspondences tend to be things I have history with (even if it’s mundane), not just literally anything. Basically, I’ve overridden the cultural sigilization, by writing over it with my own over time. But that’s an exception.

It makes it impossible to learn herbal work – which is a totally different skill from energy work – if you’re proposing that none of it actually matters and it all works the same anyway. And furthermore, it’s pretty discouraging if a witch tries that, and then their spell fails, which I see with some regularity.

Witches read that they can replace “anything” with quartz or rosemary, and then they come back and say their spell is doing all kinds of weird stuff it shouldn’t be doing.

Well, I’m not surprised. The original ingredient was there to give the spell a specific property, and then someone told them to replace it with a neutral energy booster and not do anything to replace the loss of that specific property, or control all the unprogrammed energy.

So, the result is going to be a high-powered bouncy ball of a spell that just pings around doing random shit and putting holes in the wall. Because they didn’t give it anything except energy with no focus. Because you can’t just replace “anything” with quartz or rosemary.

That tripped me up for a while, as someone who relies a lot on tools. I’m an empath, and like a lot of drain-prone people, I find using ingredients helps reduce how drained I get by casting spells. Becoming adept at herbal work was really important for me to be able to cast at all with any consistency. I can DO energy work, but I don’t always wanna wind up spending the next day in bed, and that’s where tools help me.

It’s not very helpful to just say “replace it with anything.” That’s not how herb magic works.

Substitution can be done in most cases. But if you’re gonna remove a wheel, you need to add a different one that’s compatible with the car, not just strap a rocket to the axle.

So, long story short: I really wish people would stop saying you can substitute with “anything.” While I get that the intention is to try to make the craft more accessible, it just impedes people from learning how to do it with stuff that’s ACTUALLY accessible. I mean, what’s inaccessible about the stuff most people have in their kitchen? You can substitute for a lot with that!

While it is completely true that you don’t need ingredients to do a spell, it is also true that if you’re going to use ingredients, they matter. If they didn’t matter there’d be no point to using them.

If you find that you can substitute with “anything” and get the same results no matter what, then I think I can save you some time and money: just get an energy working tool instead!


 Ya girl really needed a pick-me-up.

 So she created a Pick-Me-Up Spell for herself.


🌹 Main goal was just to promote stronger confidence, beauty, happiness, healing from depression, higher vibrations, inspiration and energy. Pink for beauty and self esteem, the yellow and orange were for confidence, inspiration, energy, happiness and to get rid of depression.

🌹 I used rosebuds, marigold, catnip, basil, thyme, rosemary, coffee, sugar, honey, orange peels and blue glitter was used.  

🌹 High John the Conqueror, Todo A Mi Favor (Everything in my Favor), and Corta Envidia (Cut Envy) Oils were used to dress each candle. 

🌹 I used Corta Envidia because I have been having a lot of issues with stupid motherfuckers trying me and throwing their negative bullshit my way (and I’m very receptive to it/it hits me hard). 

  ✨ I’ve been in a bad depressive slump so this will be followed with a cleansing/smudging of my bedroom and a beauty/confidence bath.✨

Also doing a Road Opener for my girlfriend with the 7 African Powers seven day candle in the back. Not sure how I like the way the candle is burning so I may or may not be repeating this for her after the 7 days/burning the whole thing. I’ll probably do a reading in regards to this and see what’s happening here.

How to Practice Ancestral Traditions in the Diaspora.

Pray, ask, listen. 

You aren’t just like your ancestors anymore. 

You become changed by the new lands, by the new places your feet have walked on, the different dirt beneath your toes. 

So will the magic change. 

If you don’t have access to houses and temples and reputable priestesses and priests in the diaspora, listen to your bones and find what is being expressed. 

Your spirits are right here, in your breathe, in your body, in your spirit. 

You gotta listen, see what YOU can pull up. 

Don’t try to make it into what they are doing, what that white Houngan is doing, that white Taoist priest is doing, the white folks are doing.

Make it your own. Let it come from within you and your specific ancestries and the land you are living on. 

See what you and your spirits express. Maybe some of us in the Diaspora can’t find the right houses and temples and priesthoods right now, because we gotta add something new, some new spices and flavors to our collective ancestral traditions.

The rivers are still here, they aren’t going anywhere. Go pray there. Pray to the mountains. To the winds. 

You don’t stop being yellow or black or brown because you aren’t doing things exactly the way they did in the past. 

everydecemburrr  asked:

Would you happen to have any suggestions on books about witchcraft written by a black author?

Yes I do! Here are a few that I own and/or have read and loved. What makes me love all of them is that they all start with a preface/mention throughout the book that they know everyone will consume these books and try to practice these spells, but the knowledge is still and always will be BLACK AF, rooted deeply in Blackness, and will NEVER be divorced from Blackness:

  • Rootwork: Using the Folk Magick of Black America for Love, Money, and Success by Tayanna Lee McQuillar: This one is good for quick and dirty spells, which are my fave. I love rituals, too, but I never have time for that lol.
  • The Village of the Water Spirits: The Dreams of African Americans by Michael Ortiz Hill with Mandaza Augustine Kandemwa: This book is a perfect example of how spirituality is a major theme of Black lives and how “witchcraft” as a term does such a poor job of describing or defining what we do. Like this book is not directly about witchcraft, but it is tho. Very well done, sourced, and researched.
  • Sticks, Stones, Roots, & Bones: Hoodoo, Mojo, & Conjuring with Herbs by Stephanie Rose Bird: This one is a really good hoodoo source. The spells in here are a little more advanced and she really knows her stuff. 

I hope this helps! 

"Black magic"

Iono like are there any conversations amongst Black spiritualists on the renaming of work dedicated to cursing/harm? In my practice i never refer to this as Black magic simply because i refuse to reaffirm the connection of Blackness to evil and/or harm. My hoodoo is not at all separate from my political orientation. In fact, its an important extension of it. And i dont see why i would passively reproduce this antiBlackness in my spiritual work (which, for me personally, is critical to my honoring and rememory of my ancestors, my elders, my community, myself, and our future which all intermingle at once).

Where da critique at?

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Reflections on Beyonce’s Grammy Performance:

“It’s important to me to show images to my children that reflect their beauty so they can grow up in a world where they look in the mirror — first through their own families, as well as the news, the Super Bowl, the Olympics, the White House and the Grammys — and see themselves,” she said (Beyonce Grammys 2017).

Beyonce’s Grammy performance speaks to gennerational traumas, to womanhood, to mothers and those who give birth to us and who are then punished for the act of pushing us out of their wombs. Her performance speaks to the Divinity within Black bodies, coloured bodies, marginalized bodies that have been taught that God cannot exist within us.

I see those who say her speech was too long, her words self indulgent, her image overated? I ask then, have you really listened and received what she is saying?

Why is it so contreversial for God to exist in the body of a Black Woman? Why is it so contrversial for Black and Brown and Coloured bodies, on who’s very shoulders our societies have long stood on to be built but is overdue in recounciliation and recognition, to embody the Divinity of Motherhood? To speak to that Divinity? And that glorious celebration of that Divinity?

Beyonce, with all her privileges and under privileges is using this platform to tell her story, and through her story to speak to generational healing of those who have been abused and brutalized by the toxicity of colonial masculinity.

It was perfect to me, Divine, and speaks to the reality of Divinity within bodies that embody God within our blood, our sweat, our tears, our triumphs, our healing, the revolutionary reality of our very existence, in a society that would make us invisible. When we become invisible no more.

I see you. I see you. I see you. 🔥🍯💋❤🔥

#Beyonce #Crying #AllTheFeels

~*Academic Spell*~

I’ve been experimenting with different spell formats to find what works for me. Right now, I really like doing affirmations, followed by what I want to do and then what I want to have happen. If you use this, you can and should tweak the spell to fit your needs.

Wait until the moon is waxing. On a Wednesday:

  • Carve a sigil or grade that you want into a yellow candle
  • Rub the candle with almond oil
  • Dress with lavender, marigold, basil, bay leaf, dill, rosemary, & sage
  • Chant the following until you really feel it, then do it 3 times more after that.
  • Either let the candle burn down, or snuff it out and save it for later.
  • You can use the same herbs to make a spell bottle. Just seal the bottle with the wax.

I see all of the intricacies of the law

I understand how to use them to my advantage

People believe what I want them to

I am persuasive and clear in my writing

I am a great legal mind

I am successful

My mind is open

The answers I see

I write them down

They come easily

When they read my work

They’ll surely agree

And grant me an “A”

So mote it be.


🌺 ⭐Love Yaself Spiritual Bath: for Self Love, a bit of Confidence, & Beauty ⭐ 🌺 

 Dealing with a lot of negative and bitter people in your life who continuously try to pull you down? Dealing with assholes who continuously lie on your name or try and manipulate others against you? Find yourself being the subject of a lot of misplaced envy and jealousy? Sick of other’s negativity actively ruining your self esteem and beating down your confidence? I feel you, dude. I feel you.

 Those sort of things have been effecting my self esteem and confidence a lot, so I’ve been slowly doing ritual baths and candlework to rid myself of the negativity being thrown my way and restore myself back to being my usual confident bad bitch self lmao

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 This is part of a 3 day ritual where I also did some candlework to supplement. 


🌹 hibiscus: love, beauty

🌹 rosemary: dispels jealousy, cleansing, protection against evil

🌹 cinnamon: love, happiness, healing, luck

🌹 lemongrass: very strong herb for cleansing, opening conditions

🌹 calendula: remove negative energy; respect & admiration; good luck 

🌹 orange peels: happiness, glamour, friendship, cleansing, confidence, bright energy

🌹 rose buds: love, beauty

🌹  Corta Envidia Oil: (optional) a lot of the negativity I was receiving was a lot of jealous envy, so I used some of this.

🌹  High John the Conqueror Oil: for strength and confidence

🌹 Florida Water: cleansing, protection, really good at removing heavy vibrations 


This spiritual bath is taken over the course of 3 days.

💛 Literally just put all the herbs in a pot together, let it boil for a little while so that it is concentrated (i usually do about 10-15 minutes).

💛 After you’re done, strain the liquid into a heat-safe bowl. Add a few drops of High John Oil and whichever other oil you find suitable for the working. I also add a lil coconut oil and let it melt in there just so my skin feels nice after lol.

💛 Proceed to read the appropriate Psalms (Psalm 75) over the bath as it cooled down (I also read Psalms 14 and 37 as they were appropriate to my current situation).

💛 After that, add a good amount of Florida Water to the mixture. It will smell amazing!! 

💛 This mixture is concentrated, and I will usually diluate the mixture with warm water so that I have enough for 3 days.

💛 After physically washing your body with soap and water after a nice shower or bath, either pour the mixture over your body before you get out or use the liquid in a soak bath. When you are done, do not towel dry! Let the bath air dry on your skin!

💛 Rub yourself down after with some Florida Water for extra protection and to smell super yummy, and proceed with your usual self care routine! Repeat for another 2 days and you’re all set! 

Take care of yourselves. 💋

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Road opener oil lamp!

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🙅🏾You don't have to go home but you can't stay here 🙅🏾

How to make unwanted guest leave

If someone is going to stop by your place and you don’t want them to stay, place your broomstick behind a door (try and make it a door close to an exit) with the broom part in the air. 

This is something my neighbor thought me as a child and it’s always worked.  

If anyone else knows of this trick and knows the magic behind it, please share with me I would love to know why. 

unfriendlyblackwitch’s Abundance Charm/Spell

I made this simple charm for people who are seeking financial independence. I know a lot of us could rly use that right now.


  • a green candle for prosperity*
  • a plate
  • money(I used coins)
  • a wallet or piggy bank(somewhere you keep money)
  • basil
  • 2 rose quartz crystals for self help and love*
  • 1 citrine cluster for wealth and abundance*
  • super moon anointing oil(not pictured)*

Anoint your candle and arrange your crystals around it on a plate
Pour your coins in a circle around the candle
and set the items you wish to charm next to it, making sure it touches the plate
Light your candle and sprinkle some basil on the flame
Add 3 shakes/pinches of basil to each item you’re enchanting and say:

“Bring me abundance,
Bring me wealth,
Bring me the things I need
to do for myself.”

Place the coins in your piggy bank and one in your wallet

Either recharge the items with your candle or crystals. I suggest using a wallet and piggy bank like I did, so you can bring one charm with and leave one to bring abundance to your home.

((*Optional, feel free to either not use crystals or substitute them with others, same with candles and anointing oil))

Money Pots and Prosperity Boxes.

Developing meaningful relationship with money.

*Put this together on a Thursday, during the Waxing to Full moon. Alterntively, Thursday sun rise to high noon works too, when the clockhand is going upwards on the clock (Thanks Mama Starr for this trick).*

Things you will need:

1. A suitable container (see below), something earth and made of more organic materials preferably like wood or clay.

2. A Lodestone, Master Root, Alraune etc. Properly gathered and prepared.

3. Money Drawing Powder and oil (see below for a simple recipe)

4. Change and bills from your wallet. 

5. Rum/Whiskey.

6. Holy Water/Agua Florida etc. 

7. Paper and pen.

8. Prayer and white tea lights (cleansed and blessed/prayed over).

9. Cigar/sage bundle/cigarello/smoke blend and pipe etc.

To bless a cash box, or a money pot in more rootwork terms, with a lodestone or Master Root or some other spirit filled curio that corresponds to wealth and power. 

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A candle spell for financial independence. Things are kinda rough at home and people in my household seem to think financial support justifies emotional abuse. So I’m working towards a steady income and prosperity so I can get out of this house and have the freedom and peace of mind I deserve.

I took a store bought green 7 day candle, cleansed it with florida water, wrote my requests in sharpie, dressed it with oil and herbs (cinnamon, cloves, rosemary, and thyme), spoke my intentions, and now I’m letting this thing burn.

I’d let it burn continuously over the next few days but I won’t for fire safety and religious household reasons. I will try to keep it lit whenever I’m alone however. I think I’m gonna do some tarot spreads for some more financial and spiritual guidance.

Candle Colors & Correspondences

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This guide was created to help a bit with candle magick and those of you who might still be a bit confused as to what color candle to use for what. Happy witching!

☆ BLACK  ☆

Protect and/or to ward off negativity. Banishing evil or negativity. Uncrossing/Unhexing. Dissolves all negative energies. Grounding, wisdom, protection, reversing, uncrossing, repelling, banishing, releasing. Binding. Rebirth.

☆ WHITE  ☆

Protect. Purify. Healing. Truth. Unity. Cleansing. Balance. Peace. Innocence. White can be used to replace any color candle in a ritual. Spiritual enlightenment. Safety. Elevate spirit. Use white candles on your ancestral altar for devotion, remembering and communicating with the dearly departed. 


The Seven African Powers refer to the seven Orishas we call upon in our time of need, open with depictions of Jesus on the Cross and the Saints synchronized with the Orishas (Elegua, Yemaya, Oshun, Chango, Obatala, Oya and Ogun), although there are far more Orishas than just 7. This candle is used for all manner of things; this candle is excellent for road opening spells, it is used for removing obstacles and bringing good fortune. These candles are used to invoke the power of the Orishas to help you with your situation. 

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