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What do you want to see in the next generation(s) of librarians?

Honestly I want to see Librarians be who they are now.  A good librarian doesn’t change what they do through the generations, they just change how they do it, to accommodate new technologies and advancements.

I want librarians to be the research gurus, the ones that help that student with their project by showing them that book, resource, piece of information that will make the student cry with joy for finding it.

I want Librarians to be educators and help enroll young and old into the library classes whether it’s computer classes, civics classes, learning a new language, or one seminar on the history of the city.

I want Libraries to be a safe place.  Where any one can walk in, pick up a book, sit and read and not get harassed or made to feel unwanted.

I want Librarians to be defenders of expression and knowledge.  To protect the books from those who want ban them, and protect those who want to read said banned books.

I want Librarians to be Librarians.  

The only difference between my generation and the next.  Quicker access to materials, availability of more books and resources, and the ability to have ten books on a thumb drive instead of breaking ones back carrying them in a backpack!

What I don’t want to see the loss of where we come from.  I don’t want to see the next generations not have the joy of browsing the stacks, it’s bad enough no one remembers card catalogs!!  I don’t want physical books disregarded as irrelevant, just because it’s digital.  

I was getting my degree when digital was starting and most of my collection that I had at my job was 85% physical and 15% digital.  Now it’s 95% digital and 5% physical.  But you know … the museums still ask for that 5%.

Most Librarians become Librarians because they love books, I don’t seeing that changing to much in the future.

- The Archivist

Since IDW has announced that Star Trek/Aliens crossover, wouldn’t it be fair to request one with Transformers (since IDW holds rights to both Trek and TF comics)?

I mean c'mon I wanna see a deep philosophical debate between Optimus Prime and Captain Picard, is that too much to ask? Make it happen, IDW.

((Also Ratchet, Wheeljack and Perceptor fawning over Data, the Borg teaming up with Decepticons and Swindle making shady deals with the Ferengi))