Actually, GQ Magazine – fashion icon Eddie Redmayne did indeed wear sweats in a previous, less stylish life. And he made them look damned good.

From GQ “10 Ways Eddie Redmayne Looks Dressed Up (Even When He’s Dressed Down”:

“While other Oscar winners run around town in sweatpants, we can’t remember ever seeing this actor don the cozy trouser alternative of choice. And it’s probably because there’s not another garment that’s so diametrically opposed to his modern gentleman aesthetic.”

I’m sharing the Canadian trailer for Anne the Series, as a segue into an interesting observation…

With the worldwide release of Anne on Netflix (under their title of ‘Anne with an E’) I’m sensing that the Netflix name comes with some wariness and baggage for potential viewers. These days, Netflix is a huge media giant, known for purchasing and rebooting beloved properties (Arrested Development, Full House, Gilmore Girls, etc). And some would-be viewers view the show as ‘Netflix’s version of Anne’ and worry that it must be some out-of-touch brainchild of Hollywood. Which is an understandable anxiety, especially for stories you care about.

But let’s clarify that - Netflix lists Anne as a ‘Netflix Original’. But in this case, what that means is that ‘Netflix has exclusive first run rights for a series in a territory’. In essence, they’re the worldwide distributor for regions outside of Canada.

In terms of actual origin, the Canadian channel (CBC) that produced the 1985 Megan Follows version of Anne is the same channel that funded this version. And the production and the creative team are very much rooted in Canada. Fun fact - the actress who played Josie Pye in the Megan Follows version of Anne (Miranda de Pencier) is a producer on this 2017 version of Anne.

All 7 episodes have already aired on Canadian television, to a lot of warm reaction and subsequent critical acclaim. If you search through the #AnneTheSeries hashtag on Twitter, you’ll find months worth of reactions from the airings here in Canada. You’ll find similar discussions here on Tumblr by searching for ‘Anne the Series’.

So to anyone hesitating because they’re wary of Netflix making things too slick and too Hollywood? Fear not, because this show is very much from a grass-roots Canadian pedigree. Netflix just happens to be the company that distributes it, globally.

* And on a sidenote, for folks confused about the opening theme. It’s a famous song by the Tragically Hip who are deeply loved and embedded in Canadian culture. One of many ways this series shows its Canadian pedigree :)

“hey don’t you usually root for team canada?”

well, yes. especially for the men’s teams, more of my favorite players play for canada. the way hockey canada runs their organization generally leaves less of a sour taste in my mouth. i just wind up rooting for team canada as much or more than team usa a lot of the time.

tonight, though? i am so proud of these women on team usa. they took a stand for what they felt and knew was right, for what they felt and knew was important. they managed to force usa hockey to reach an agreement with them despite usa hockey doing everything in their power to avoid it. and they managed to defend their title to top it all off.

if the usa women hadn’t won gold (even though silver is still a remarkable feat by itself as well), i have no doubt that there’d be headlines about how they were so focused on the money (even though it was never purely about the money, but about equality and the future of the sport) that they forgot how to play hockey.

but they won. they defended their title and they get to feel excited and happy and proud about that as well as proud about everything that happened as a result of their boycott.

and i’m so damn proud of them.

What does 'I Am Indigenous' mean to you?

As the country readies to celebrate Canada 150, Canadians from coast to coast to coast are gearing up for a massive party.

But the roots and culture of Canada extend well beyond 150 years. And for the Indigenous community, the historic occasion also offers an opportunity for reflection. It’s a time to remember the past — and to use it to look toward a better future.

In the weeks leading up to National Aboriginal Day, CBC asked 18 people from across Canada what being Indigenous means to them.

Like Jay Odjick, the writer and illustrator behind First Nations superhero, Kagagi, who is helping to keep the Algonquin language alive.

And Autumn Peltier, a 12-year-old water protector who, despite her young age, has already spoken directly to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The “I Am Indigenous” project aims to tell more positive stories of Indigenous people in Canada.

The 18 people profiled are changemakers, trailblazers, leaders and stewards for their communities. They come from all corners of the country: from Vancouver and Saskatoon, to Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, and Happy Valley-Goose Bay, N.L.

As they address some of the difficult issues affecting their communities — suicide, unsafe drinking water and missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls — a common thread emerges: They are deeply proud to be Indigenous.

So before the country blows out its birthday candles, they invite Canadians to hear their stories and learn about the beauty of Indigenous culture.

“I Am Indigenous” doesn’t stop with this interactive. Tag your photos and videos with #IAmIndigenous to tell CBC being Indigenous means to you.

Last year, CBC Thunder Bay undertook a similar project for National Aboriginal Day, featuring seven Indigenous voices from Ontario.

Toronto Maple Messes & Me: A Love Story

So…the Leafs did a thing. You know, the thing that we were too scared to even say because, yes I love my team, and I believe in them, but they’re the Leafs. I have trust issues, okay? But because they did the thing, I can finally say, THEY ARE GOING TO FUCKING PLAYOFFS BABY!!!

I am a newly minted hockey fan. I knew giants played on frozen water, with knives tied to their shoes but I knew next to nothing about the sport itself. Then one day, for whatever reason, my youtube decides I should watch a video from one Steve Dangle. This was about a week before the World Cup of Hockey started, and Steve was talking about why he couldn’t root for Canada as they were the Goliath of Hockey, compared to (my forever and ever team, amen) Team North America, and the slightly insane person in me recognized a fellow lost cause, I guess. So I looked up the schedules and read a little bit about what Team North America was (Canada exists? And so does USA? But Team North America ALSO exists? Why? Who? What?). Fast forward to the first WCH Team NA game against Finland, and these little shits come out with guns blazing. And their goal song….the gimmick team, the one that was going to get schooled by all the Vets…these fuckers decided to play “Opposite of Adults” as their goal song, and I fucking fell, and fell hard. For the team, for the players, but most of all, for the game. The speed, the skill, the strategy, the beauty of every pass, every goal, the cellys, the heart palpitations and the emotional outbursts. I experienced every range of emotions while I watched the game, and I was hooked.

And to a girl who didn’t have any friends or family who were into any sports, let alone hockey, watching a guy on the screen scream back at me every single thought I had while I watched the game, was strangely enthralling. For a while back then, it was the only way to “share” the joy that this game was giving me, and that translated into me being tricked into rooting for Toronto Maple Leafs (Thanks, Steve!).

And my god, what a trip this has been! From the 4 goals by Auston Matthews in his first NHL game, to Mitch’s stunning first goal at the ACC, to Nylander’s dirty fucking snipes, to Hyman’s short handed goals, to Downtown Connor Brown’s amazing amazing season, to Zaits saving the team and my ass every single night, to Sosh’s chippy, fighty plays, to Kappy’s fashionably late, yet absolutely timely fucking first NHL goal. An absolutely ridiculous rookie crop! They broke so many records that the entirety of hockey media had a hard time keeping up with them. When else will you be able to experience such a team again? And I got to do it in the first fucking hockey season of my life. Talk about good fucking timing!

And the Vets were no less, of course. Naz, JVR, Bozie all having career years. Marty, Boyle and Leo, pitching in when needed and keeping the team afloat. Mo (Captain My Captain) jumping in like superman and making those saves. Gards, for all my threats to beat him with fishes, had some brilliant OT winners without which we wouldn’t be where we are. Connor fight me Carrick, with just relentless defense, tiring the other teams out. Hunlak, for as much shit as they catch, had some amazing moments towards the latter half of the season as well. And of course, Marchenko with that goal against his old team proving that it’s not just ex-Leafs that get that chance. Marincin, filling the defensive gap when needed. Leivo, taking every measly chance he was given to help this team out, and prove why he belongs on the team. And Fehr, of course, giving us a fehr chance against CBJ, maybe winning us that game, even.

And last but by no means least, Andersen and McElhinney. By his own team’s admittance, Freddie has been the heart and soul of the team, and I have no doubt that they wouldn’t be where they are today if it weren’t for how absolutely amazing Freddie had been this season. Goaltending, so many times, is such a thankless job. You don’t get the recognition you deserve sometimes when your team keeps winning, but as soon as the tide turns, the entire focus is on you, but Freddie faced that challenge and fucking stared it down, and in the process won all our hearts. And Mac, put in so many challenging situations, called to relieve Freddie twice, during make or break games, asked to start in games that could have sunk us, and coming through for the team.

This was a team that wasn’t even in the conversation for playoffs when the season started. They defied expectations, they fought tooth and nail to get where they are, and I for one, am so so proud to be a fan of this team. And I cannot ever express how wonderful and lucky I feel to be a part of this amazing season that this team has had. This, I firmly believe, is once in a lifetime experience, and I am terribly glad I got to experience it first hand. No matter what happens in the playoffs, I am proud to calling this mess of a team mine.

PS: Callout to all the Leafs GC gang and the friends on tumblr for giving me someone to scream with, and making the experience that much more amazing and memorable!