Actually, GQ Magazine – fashion icon Eddie Redmayne did indeed wear sweats in a previous, less stylish life. And he made them look damned good.

From GQ “10 Ways Eddie Redmayne Looks Dressed Up (Even When He’s Dressed Down”:

“While other Oscar winners run around town in sweatpants, we can’t remember ever seeing this actor don the cozy trouser alternative of choice. And it’s probably because there’s not another garment that’s so diametrically opposed to his modern gentleman aesthetic.”

I’m sharing the Canadian trailer for Anne the Series, as a segue into an interesting observation…

With the worldwide release of Anne on Netflix (under their title of ‘Anne with an E’) I’m sensing that the Netflix name comes with some wariness and baggage for potential viewers. These days, Netflix is a huge media giant, known for purchasing and rebooting beloved properties (Arrested Development, Full House, Gilmore Girls, etc). And some would-be viewers view the show as ‘Netflix’s version of Anne’ and worry that it must be some out-of-touch brainchild of Hollywood. Which is an understandable anxiety, especially for stories you care about.

But let’s clarify that - Netflix lists Anne as a ‘Netflix Original’. But in this case, what that means is that ‘Netflix has exclusive first run rights for a series in a territory’. In essence, they’re the worldwide distributor for regions outside of Canada.

In terms of actual origin, the Canadian channel (CBC) that produced the 1985 Megan Follows version of Anne is the same channel that funded this version. And the production and the creative team are very much rooted in Canada. Fun fact - the actress who played Josie Pye in the Megan Follows version of Anne (Miranda de Pencier) is a producer on this 2017 version of Anne.

All 7 episodes have already aired on Canadian television, to a lot of warm reaction and subsequent critical acclaim. If you search through the #AnneTheSeries hashtag on Twitter, you’ll find months worth of reactions from the airings here in Canada. You’ll find similar discussions here on Tumblr by searching for ‘Anne the Series’.

So to anyone hesitating because they’re wary of Netflix making things too slick and too Hollywood? Fear not, because this show is very much from a grass-roots Canadian pedigree. Netflix just happens to be the company that distributes it, globally.

* And on a sidenote, for folks confused about the opening theme. It’s a famous song by the Tragically Hip who are deeply loved and embedded in Canadian culture. One of many ways this series shows its Canadian pedigree :)