I don’t wanna feel

And forget the pain 

Is real

Put my head 

In the clouds

Oh, start to run 

And then I fall


I can’t get it all

Without my feet 

On the ground

There’s always a seed

Before there’s a rose

The more that it rains 

The more I will grow

I gotta have 

Roots before branches

To know who I am

Before I know 

Who I wanna be

And faith 

To take chances

To live like I see

A place in this world 

For me

Room For Two- Roots Before Branches

One Song Per Day

on heavy repeat, yes. 


I made a playlist for Chloé’s redemption- hopefully it happens soon. (youtube link)(8tracks link)

1. Gasoline by Halsey | Chloé’s teetering on the edge of a breakdown but heavily in denial. All she needs is a catalyst.
2. Chandelier by Sia | The breakdown itself, likely involving plenty of self-destructive behaviors. If this wasn’t a kids show, I bet there’d be an alcoholism storyline.
3. Stand in the Rain by Superchick | Chloé’s still hurting and confused and realizing how much she’s hurt other people and herself. Now, she’s actually trying to deal with her own issues.
4. Gravel to Tempo by Hayley Kiyoko | Now, Chloé’s on the path to finding herself, realizing she needs some time to figure out who she is and what she wants in life. Also, girls are cute and she isn’t entirely sure what to do with that information.
5. Roots Before Branches by Room For Two | Now, we get Pollen in the mix, and Chloé turns her down. She buries the box and miraculous in the back of her closet and pretends that day never happened.
6. Perfect Misfit by Liz Phair | Chloé’s a social pariah now, and she knows it. She spends more time alone, making her seem standoffish. Even when she does try to do the right thing, no one believes her and thinks it’s a trick because of who she used to be.
7. No One by Aly & AJ | Tired and emotionally drained, Chloé finally figures out who she is and who she wants to be. She finally opens the miraculous box again and decides to give Pollen a chance.
8. Fight Song by Rachel Platten | Queen Bee isn’t on the scene yet, but Chloé’s becoming more confident in herself and her new identity. She’s making some new friends and winning Sabrina and Adrien’s affections back, and even though a lot of people don’t really trust her completely yet, she believes in herself.
9. Wham Bam by Clooney | We finally get Queen Bee, out helping Ladybug and Chat Noir save the day, proud and confident.


Just in case you want to absolutely cry your fureaking eyes out, Tumblr. This is bringing me back to the Heath Ledger feels, and it’s all just horrible.