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For some time, it was believed that the kea was a polygynous species, with a single male mating with multiple females.  That same study, however, noted that there were far more females than males in that particular area.  In reality, the kea is monogamous, with couples forming lifelong bonds.  These parrots nest in burrows beneath rocks or the roots of trees, digging tunnels up to six metres long leading down to the nest chamber.  The female is solely responsible for incubating the eggs and caring for the young chicks, while the male will bring food back for her.  The chicks become independent at around four months of age.

Swan Queen and the Kaballah Stuff ;D

So i saw ppl talking about Kaballah and i Will do a lil explanation in the most easily way how the stuff works and how that’s apply to Swan Queen… sorry for my mistakes English is not my 1rst language ;D

In accord with kabbalah do exist 10 dimensions, that is 10 sephirot (that balls on tree of life:D )Thought them past the “light” of infinity worlds thats given life to all whole universe. Basically all this sephirots are stage of how the light is “sieved” until arrive here, from the most high stage that is the first ball _Kether_  to the lowest that is _Malkuth_ who represent our universe, and that’s know how the paths of wisdom. In magick terms all the ideas, creation, magick , start first in Kether go all the stages down until became the form in Malkuth , the “real” world. So the idea is not reach kether, reach it is impossible, but brings kether until malkuth. That is basically bringing the magick from the top of tree until the trunk.But for each point there is its counterpart; we have light and darkness too, so if we have sephirot and we have qlipholot too. If u has the top of tree, there have to be roots to keep the tree attached to the ground, and the roots lead you until tunnels of wisdom and degeneration, and this is the tree of death.

Now let’s recap

Tree of Life –  Tree of Death

Sephirot –  Qlipholot

Paths of wisdom – tunnels of wisdom and degeneration

U can see this as separate things but again we have concept of duality

They are not separate things; they are the same things in different degrees

Twigs and tree’s root always connected by trunk

The different sides of the same coin…

Swan Queen ! ;)