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Au: All the seasons are people.

1) Winter is that fifty-something woman whose hair is silvering and sometimes she colors it and sometimes she just lets the signs of her age show at the root. She wears sweaters and suits with equal frequency. She’s a bit brash, a bit bitter at the cards life has dealt her, and she ruthlessly lashes out at people sometimes with icy ferocity. Under that though, she has a warm heart and is always ready with a fire to sit by and a cup of cocoa or tea or a glass of whiskey and a listening ear. Her house feels like home to anyone she lets into it and it always smells a bit like cinnamon and vanilla. She’s fiercely protective of anyone she deems family and that is not defined by blood. She’s stubborn and tenacious and won’t give up easily.

2) Autumn is that literature professor that you had a crush on at some point. He wears vests and long sleeves that are rolled up a bit and always walks into class with a scarf on. The way he talks about the written word makes you fall in love a little bit more everyday, whether it’s with him or the words, you’re not sure. He always has a steaming travel mug with him and you can never decide if he’s drinking tea or coffee. (You suspect that it depends on the day though.) He smells of wood and musk and apples. He breezes through your life in the blink of an eye and lets go of people too easily but when you know him, the world is bright and beautiful even though it’s obvious it’ll be over soon.

3) Summer is the life of the party. He’s brilliant and informed and attractive and almost too much to handle. He’s the life of the party, drinking and laughing with everyone and making a fool of himself, but if you get him on his own he’s sweet and interested in what you have to say and surprisingly insightful. He’s young, a college student drinking up everything life has to offer. He’s got those cheap plastic sunglasses and expensive boat shoes and a devil-may-care attitude that lead to many writing him off before realizing all the things he has to offer. Because while he’s overwhelming and obnoxious at times, he’s also the first to offer comfort to someone and find an adventure or activity that suits everyone.

4) Spring is bright and has a smile like the first ray of light in the morning. They like floaty skirts and button down shirts with ties that are always too loose. Their hair is always a little messy but their eyes are bright. They always hope that the world will be a better place the next day and work to try and make that a reality. They speak out against the injustices they see and their voice may shake but their will is strong. They are fragile and soft spoken and like to have flowers in their hair, but their spine is made of steel and their optimism is their superpower.

5) Winter is always a bit lonely so she makes sure that she goes out of her way to make sure others don’t feel the same way. Autumn is terrified that life will never live up to what he finds in his books and that nothing will fill that void in his chest that he can never describe so he never strives for longevity in anything except his love of romanticism. Summer lives in the moment because he’s convinced that’s all there is and that if he stops running, the doubts and insecurities will sneak up on him in the middle of the night and undo him completely. Spring doesn’t always feel optimistic. Sometimes they want to sink into the cold lethargy that constantly threatens but they force a smile until it feels real, until people believe that it’s real.


**  The Luxe Tux  **

This is my spin on the ever so fantastic Canadian Tuxedo aka jean on jean. I wanted to showcase the classic Roots World Famous Crew and make it something that you could wear out for a night out on the town.

I paired it with a pencil jean skirt and tucked the sweater in at the band only (to avoid too much bulging) and topped it with a jean vest instead of your typical jean jacket, creating difference and a not so typical look. Then for the toppers to complete the look, I decided I needed some fun textures - so I added a chunky toque and a statement necklace! BAM! That simple!

Sweater: Roots World Famous Crew -,default,pd.html?cgid=womensSweatshirtsAndHoodies&selectedColor=003 

Skirt: Zara

Vest: Topshop

Toque: Joe Fresh

Necklace: Heels & Bowties - 

Bracelets: Ardene black beads X Roots Help Haiti (old)

Rings: YSL X Alexander McQueen

Watch: Cartier

Would you wear a sweatshirt for your next night out? Join the conversation #sweatstyle




Les Best.

some poi hsau doodles based on @poi-au‘s post (this blog is a blessing oh my god) because high school aus are my all time weakness. 

the garage sale au

a collab with @gravelyhumerus

  • the shaws are having a yard sale to clear out a bunch of old junk
  • some of their clientele include: 
  • a lady in a weed leaf-patterned dress. doesn’t speak english. buys all of papa shaw’s old CDs
  • a tiny old white lady who buys an old bong and calls it a vase. shaw doesn’t correct her
  • five different women in big hats who pat shaw on the back, calling her a good salesperson. they don’t notice her physical discomfort, nor do they buy anything
  • a man drops and shatters three tea cups, then walks away like he didn’t do anythingthere are people in their cars waiting for shaw to set up at 7am. shaw doesn’t know why the hell they’re up so early by /choice/
  • some lady asks shaw if the giant old lady bras (her late grandmother’s) are lingerie for her boyfriend
  • john very solemnly tells her yes, they are
  • root lives across the street and has a Big Gay Crush on a certain shaw comma sameen
  • shaw and john are close friends, and root doesn’t talk to anyone at school so she doesnt know that he’s really fucking gay so she thinks he’s flirting with shaw
  • he’s there helping out with the yard sale and root shows up to give him a run for his money
  • she’s too busy tripping over herself and buying all of shaw’s stuff to notice john’s bf harold is there, literally holding his hand
  • she doesn’t even look at what she’s buying, just scoops up an armful of trinkets and drops them on the table in front of shaw
  • “you’re really interested in all this crap?” shaw scoffs
  • “i am………..a hoarder”
  • she had a really smooth pickup line she’d spent hours working on (i see one thing im interested in) but it’s much easier to deliver the line to her shampoo bottle in the shower than it is to sameen shaw’s actual face so she panics and here we are
  • shaw shrugs. it’s hardly the strangest thing root’s ever told her
  • root ends up having to have her own yard sale a week later to get rid of all the stuff she bought from shaw
  • shaw stops by and she’s like wAIT a second
  • “hang on, you’re you making money off my garbage? i had this priced at fifty cents" 
  • "y’know, you really should have a better sense of market values. it’s going for $14.99 on ebay”
  • “it’s an old dog toy”
  • “an old dog toy that’s going for $14.99 on ebay”
  • a couple days later they bump into each other aGAIN and this time root is wearing shaw’s sweater and shaw is like oh shit she looks good in my shit what the hell red alert 
  • only it’s like a really tacky ugly sweater shaw hated bc it made her look shapeless, but on root’s lanky-ass frame it’s very cute and artsy
  • the asshole
  • back to the shaws’ yard sale though! fusco shows up to buy a rusty lamp with no bulb or shade. it belonged to shaw’s great grandmother. when questioned about his intentions for said partial lamp, fusco just shrugs
  • “ya never know. ‘s good to be prepared”
  • harper’s the one who shows up wanting to know the background of each item and shaw’s like "we found it in a drawer who cares”
  • (harper’s really just there to find cool stories and flirt with carter and shaw and root and dani)
  • zoe is the one that pulls up in her car just to give her pal shaw the thumbs up
  • shaw’s like “if you really cared you’d buy something” and zoe just laughs and yells back “if i wanted garbage i’d get it at the dump for free” and drives away
  • carter buys a necklace to support shaw
  • she sells it for a buck and carter looks at it online, sells it for a hundred
  • root wasn’t lying, it’s all about the market
  • john already bought shaw’s old video games, which he cherishes for the childhood nostalgia factor
  • their entire friendship was initially based on crash bandicoot
  • finch and john catch leon pocketing some shit. it’s literally worthless but shaw still punches him just on principle
  • she lets him keep it after that though
  • dani’s the one who spends the whole time playing with bear and doesn’t buy anything or talk to anyone
  • martine shows up with lambert and shaw/john/finch are immediately like “we’re closed”
  • “seriously, shaw? i can see all your stuff–”
  • “say, finch, what time do we close?”
  • “i believe we just did, sameen”
  • martine crosses her arms. “it’s only 9am”
  • “all sold out” john saya
  • jeremy gestures to the rest of the driveway, filled with people and clearly not sold out merchandise. “i can see the tables”
  • shaw finch and john just stare them down
  • literally the second they turn around to leave john calls his baseball teammate michael cole over to check some stuff out
  • shaw’s selling a absurd amount of knives because she needs to clear out space for MORE KNIVES
  • she makes sure to loudly say so as laskey, carter’s lab partner in a&p, walks by with his older brother simmons
  • they’re both Notorious Pricks
  • after a few hours shaw’s mom brings everyone lemonade and iced tea and gives shaw a one-armed hug
  • shaw’s like “mamaaaaaann c'mon, my friends are here”
  • and john’s like “yEA we are can i have a hug???”
  • they all get hugs, and harold gets a kiss on the head
  • sweet boy
  • mama shaw brings out some treats for bear too so dani can feed them to him
  • shaw takes a quick pat on the shoulder because her mom respects her limitations
  • root sees mama shaw as she’s leaving and gets a wave and veritably beams
  • mama shaw only knows root as (affectionately) “that odd girl from across the street”
The Twelve Days Of...

Cross your fingers and hope you have a true love in your life that will give you one of these ugly (read: AMAZING) Christmas band sweaters…

We’ve had a dig around the internet and pulled together a selection of 12 of the best/worst… Collect the set and have one to rock everyday of Christmas!

We don’t know about you guys but the Wu-Tang one definitely ain’t nuttin’ to f**k wit and has gone straight to the top of our Christmas wish list.














Beaver whisperer for takanobaka~ Palette 12 (You have no idea how long I’ve been wanting to draw Canada with a beaver and make a pun out of it.)

For the Colour Meme! :)