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Root & Shaw love scene with no background music. You hear everything. Thank me later. (Quality isn’t the greatest but…)


“I can’t believe this is really happening. We have been working on this ride for three years. We have a Tonight Show ride! This is really happening,” Jimmy said at the ribbon cutting ceremony. “The Tonight Show is all about fun and positivity and laughter and putting a smile on your face, and that is what this ride is all about. I’m so proud of it. As a kid from upstate New York, I never imagined I would be a talk show host, let alone have my own ride. It goes to show that if you keep dreaming big, anything is possible.”


Meet 21 year old college student Kareem Dobson toophuckincool attending Norfolk State University majoring in Journalism & English. Follow him on IG & Twitter: @Reemrozay

Outfit one
Shirt; H&M
Pants: American Eagle
Shoes: Vans

Outfit #2
Shirt: H&M
Pants: American Eagle
Shoes: Nike
Backpack: Herschel and Supply

Outfit #3
Shirt: H&M
Shorts: Thrifted Levis
Shoes: Vans

Outfit #4:
Dashiki: Roots
Pants: Levis
Shoes: Birkenstocks

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I really love your Shaw and Root nerd series. Have you ever thought about making a metaphor with Newton'slaws of motion?




an anon after my own heart.

YES. bless you. i love math and science metaphors. thank you for this! and, no, i had never considered it before in the context of root/shaw’s relationship, but this is… yes good. beautiful. thank you for introducing this idea to me.

if my computer hadn’t died a little while ago, i would’ve been tempted to make illustrative gifs of why this is beautiful, but sadly my computer is still dead and so now i’m basically going to just write an entire dissertation instead. sorry

so as a brief refresher (also because i’m the worst engineering student in the world who had to go look them up ha ha ha… ha), newton’s three laws of motion (paraphrased. perhaps a tad profanely):

  1. if something is doing anything at a constant rate (moving, staying still), it’ll just keep doing that forever until something else decides to fuck with it
  2. force = acceleration x mass, with acceleration and force going in the same direction
  3. for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction

and thinking about root and shaw in this context? this is going to be wonderful.

1. if something is doing anything at a constant rate (moving, staying still), it’ll just keep doing that forever until something else decides to fuck with it

well, i mean, the obvious metaphor here is that shaw has had an established dating pattern + preferences. those are two separate things

when it comes to her dating patterns: we’d never actually gotten to see who she invited over for adult sleepovers in canon, but we got her telling reese in no uncertain terms that 1) relationships are for amateurs, 2) she’s not a cuddler, 3) three nights max and then she’s outie

when it comes to the people who get her gears going: they’ve all been 1) attractive, 2) good at what they do, and 3) ok what they do can tend to be located just slightly over on the wrong side of the law (which sippycupcarmilla actually pointed out to me earlier today). kelli lin, the very flexible gymnast/thief. i want to say eric shepard (that prosecutor guy, the one they weren’t sure killed his high school gf or not). tomas

BUT, these three examples we have in canon, we never actually saw her doing anything about it. shaw hovered around them, leering and smirking and occasionally getting shy and awkwardly brushing her bangs away from her face, but she never actually did anything about it (i’m choosing to believe she didn’t have enough time, nor the inclination, to do the do with tomas). 

maybe because they were criminals? maaaaybe. once she found out eric shepard was innocent she was like “haha, ok have a nice life buddy” and moved on to the next number. shaw has a huge appetite for destruction and chaos, but… when it comes down to it, shaw’s actually got a healthy respect for the law. maybe not in the conventional sense, since she did spend her days kneecapping people left and right, but she did what she did out of a sense of moral obligation. ever since she found out about the existence of the machine, and then decided to support its continued operations.

anyway i’m getting sidetracked (this is what happens when asks land in my inbox when i am not confined to trying to respond via my phone. this is going to be a grossly long post, i can already tell) but basically my point here is: shaw was constant. she had her rules. before root, she was moseying along, doing her thing, and probably intending on doing that thing forever and ever

but then you have root. 

root, who zigzags back and forth across what’s considered morally acceptable, who fits the bill for someone shaw would find attractive and wouldn’t actually get down and dirty with, who would 100% try to break all of shaw’s dating rules–

in comes root, barrelling along with her very loud feelings and aggressive heart eyes and unsubtle “hi, sweetie”s. root hurtles along into shaw’s path, and she brings poignant moments where shaw realizes that root knows where her comfort zones actually end, and shaw realizes that root’s okay with all of that, and shaw realizes that even though root wants to break all of her rules, root wouldn’t actually. not unless shaw wanted her to. 

and then she realizes that root does end up disrupting the way she’d been approaching her lovelife before, so…

shaw used to be all set in her own little path of motion at a nice and constant rate, but then there was root, who came in and (“oh, for god’s sake”) really fucked it all up.

2. force = acceleration x mass, with acceleration and force going in the same direction

heheeee! i’m going to write this one out, because equations were never meant to be typed out. if any of my TAs are reading this i hope you know that a part of me dies every time i have to submit a lab report, especially if my group members made me try to wrangle with the equation formats on google docs.

so. here is a visual representation of how newton’s second law of motion applies to root and shaw (i’m sorry)

3. for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction

and finally, we have basically the definition ™ of their flirtationship. this is them. 

in good times:

  • from root flirting her pants off at shaw and shaw being like “oh my god. no. put your pants back on, go away” 
  • to shaw trying to flirt at root to get info out of her and root going “no. no no. this won’t wor– okay. fine. BUT I’M NOT PLEASED. also i’m going to drug you and knock you out so no it didn’t work at all”

and bad times also still good times because we as a fandom coo over the most worrying things:

  • with root being like “haha, okay, well, i might never ever see you all again byeeeee don’t worry about me” and shaw being like “what? root’s? in? danger? where is she”
  • or shaw putting a bullet in root’s shoulder at the end of a long quest for vengeance and root being like “i know what would be the best idea. i should flirt with you”

because every time either root or shaw decides to say “well friends! this has been swell, i will run into certain death now, please carry on without me,” the other will inevitably mount on a literal torpedo-laden warpath (or a bike in the middle of a blackout in new york) to search high and low for their counterpart because “carry on without you? fuck no”

that’s it, the end. anon i think i am safe to squarely place all the blame on you for all of this but also we should probably be best friends because nerdiness and root and shaw yaaass

fic: the lines we cast will bring us home, chapter three.

rated e for future chapters. this chapter is a light m. ~5.7k. carmilla/laura. carmilla/ell. lafontaine/perry. danny/kirsch. read on ao3.

yikes @ the six month wait between chapters. i don’t really have an excuse give besides time. and i don’t know when i’ll be able to update again because writing comes in between school work and my friends. please know that i’m not giving up on this story, or any of my other stories. with that said, enjoy chapter three!

prologue. chapter one. chapter two.

your eyes look like coming home.

Everything she owns smells like Carmilla.

Her pillows, her couch, her sheets. Everything.

Ell’s alone in her apartment, nursing a cup of coffee while she looks over Anatomy notes. Her mind is hardly with the paper body in front of her though. It’s with Carmilla (and really, when is it not).

She knows something’s off. She’s known her long enough to tell. The subtle changes in her mood, the way she doesn’t look at her but rather looks through her. She also knows better than to ask. Asking doesn’t ever seem to get her anywhere.

Carmilla had kicked her out of the loft nearly two hours ago and Ell still feels off. She wishes Carmilla would talk to her. She wishes that she didn’t have to wish that.

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short greaser au + sock hop?

[start at the beginning]

i’m gonna skip ahead a little in the greaser au timeline so here we go!

content warning: implied racism/homophobia/transphobia

  • so this is it
  • this is
  • The Dance
  • i mean it’s not even senior prom, shaw is still a junior, but it’s the first sock hop they’ve had since root rolled into town so this is now officially (to shaw) The Fucking Dance
  • she and root have been out a few times before, but she’s never asked her to go steady, so she’s pretty nervous to ask her to be her date
  • and how does it even work when neither of them is a cis dude? who asks who? shaw doesn’t like to think about it
  • she assumes responsibility because when has root ever been straight forward about anything in her young gay life
  • literally never
  • so shaw’s once again trying out different poses to achieve the Maximum Cool Effect while she waits for root by her locker
  • she decides to go with the “leaning against the wall with one leg against the wall while dramatically looking in the other direction to pretend im not waiting for root, this is just a total coincidence i have no idea what you’re talking about” look
  • a classic
  • this, of course, is completely ruined by root sneaking up on shaw and whispering “how’s it going, stud?” directly into her ear
  • shaw jumps eight feet in the air and nearly falls on her face
  • “you’re gonna be the death of me” shaw grumbles, straightening her leather jacket
  • “that’s what i’m aiming for, sugar. now what’s got you so rattled, hmm?”
  • shit this is it
  • this is The Moment
  • play it cool shaw, play it cool
  • shaw jams her hands in her pockets and glares at the floor. “i was wonderin’ if you wanted to go to the dance”
  • “well i’m not normally much for dancing, sameen. two left feet and all, you know how it is”, root replies playfully
  • why does root make everything so difficult
  • “i was WONDERING if you wanted to go to the dance /with me/, ya happy?”
  • “took you long enough baby” root smirks. and then she just turns and walks away
  • “don’t call me baby!” shaw shouts after her
  • “i’ll stop calling you baby when you stop blushing when i say it, /baby/” root calls back
  • shaw pouts a little and kicks a locker
  • she’s not blushing. she’s never blushed in her entire life. not ever.
  • she pauses after a moment
  • “wait” she mutters, and then yells “ROOT. WAS THAT A YES. ROOT?”
  • at the end of the hallway, root pauses and turns around
  • “““winks”““ at shaw
  • and keeps on walking
  • when will shaw not be suffering? answer: never
  • see: the night of the dance
  • shaw’s really trying, okay?
  • she wants to put in the extra mile if she’s gonna show up with root on her arm
  • root’s classy, she has style and shaw wants them to look good together
  • so instead of shaw’s usual badass greaser in leather style, she goes for a more preppy approach
  • we’re talking a nice polo, cuffed, tapered chinos and a skinny belt. even converse instead of the usual combat boots. her hair’s in a goddamn ponytail
  • her parents are confused by the transformation but shaw’s totally rocking it and they make sure to tell her so
  • she nearly skips out to her car on the way to pick up root she’s so hecking excited
  • she ever so carefully steers her car down the streets to root’s place, parks, and hops out of the car to ring the door bell
  • in typical 1950′s fashion, root’s dad answers the door with a frown
  • “um. i’m here for root.”
  • he raises an unimpressed eyebrow.
  • “i’m here for root…sir?”
  • “there’s no one here by that name, kid. now scram.”
  • shaw’s 115% sure that’s some grade a bullshit, and as he tries to close the door on her face, she sticks her foot out
  • the pain’s totally gonna be worth it, shaw thinks, blinking back tears
  • “sir, please! i’m just here to take your daughter to the dance tonight! we’ll be back by ten! i’ll drive 15 under the speed limit the entire time!”
  • that last one is a total lie, but she has to try
  • he flings the door open once more and looks her up and down
  • “i don’t want someone like /you/ anywhere near my daughter. and if i see your face around here one more time, you can bet i’ll call the proper authorities.”
  • shaw pales and backs up a few steps. she’s a badass, but even a badass has limits
  • root’s father smirks and slams the door shut
  • shaw did NOT come all this way for nothing. and she didn’t dress like some brain, like HAROLD, for nothing. she bought the damn corsage and you can bet your sweet ass she’s taking root to the stupid dance
  • not even the threat of jail, even the asylum, is gonna keep her away
  • she’s just gonna need to think smarter
  • she sneaks around to root’s bedroom window and starts tossing pebbles
  • “rooooot. root. root root root.”
  • “oh my gosh she’s the next window over!”
  • oops
  • she tosses a few more pebbles (at the correct window this time) and finally root’s head appears
  • “what the hell, root? what was that at the front door?”
  • “sorry sammy! i was supposed to get to the door first, but i got a little distracted finishing my outfit. i’d like to think it was worth it though.” she calls, with a winning smile
  • “it’s just a stupid dress”, shaw hisses, “how long could it…possibly…”
  • shaw’s struck dumb
  • she was already mentally prepared to see root all dolled up in a nice department store dress. she was ready for her extra shiny hair and lipstick
  • but she was absolutely not ready for root in tight leather pants and high heels and a tight red off the shoulder top
  • root adjusts shaw’s shirt collar and coos “aww sameen! you didnt have to dress up all nice for little ol’ me.”
  • “…you know we don’t have to go to the dance. we could just go somewhere and park. that would be fine.”
  • “mmm, but what kinda girl would that make me, sam?”
  • shaw reaches into her back pocket and pulls out a slightly flattened, but beautiful corsage made of orchids
  • she grabs root’s hand and strokes it softly “mine. if you wanted.”
  • “cute,” root mutters, looking away, “but if you think that some pretty flowers are getting you some backseat bingo…”
  • shaw frowns. “hey, look at me. look at how i’m dressed right now. i don’t dress like finch for just anyone, okay? i care about you. and this doesn’t come with strings, root. you know i’m no shuck.”
  • root grins a little. “i was really looking forward to showing you off to all those mouth breathers.”
  • “we still can if you want. or we can just drive around and park.”
  • “and not talk?” root bites back.
  • shaw holds both her hands up in defense. “you said it, not me. we don’t have to talk but we don’t have to do anything else either.”
  • “plus”, shaw adds softly, “i don’t think you want anyone telling your dad we were…”
  • “yeah” root sighs, just a softly.
  • root grabs the corsage and slips it on. she grabs shaw’s hand and leads her back to the car
  • “you still wanna go?” shaw asks nervously
  • “i just want to spend time with you, sameen.”
  • shaw starts the car “i know a place. it’s still pretty early so no one will be looking for us.”
  • they end up at the park by the water
  • “we can have our own dance right here.”
  • “there’s no music.”
  • shaw shrugs
  • “…at least i can show you off to these ducks.”
  • “there’s that smile! now come on, the first one who dances into a duck buys the other milkshakes.”
  • this, of course, leads to some aggressive dancing and throwing each other around in a very obvious attempt at sabotage
  • the great duck war ends with shaw’s nice new pants being sacrificed to the mud, and with shaw buying root’s milkshakes for the rest of the school year
the hanna lives au: sting rays

content warning: child neglect

  • okay so this is an au where that child abducting piece of garbage got hit by a car when root was like four or something and so nothing bad happened to hanna
  • hanna is fine
  • Hanna Is Alive
  • so root and hanna have been besties since the third grade when hanna did her book report on bees
  • root doesnt even like bees or the outdoors, but hanna’s so excited about it that root can’t help but be excited too
  • root goes up to her at recess and tells her she likes stingrays more but that she guesses bees are okay too
  • hanna’s not sure if they can be friends because bees are the greatest thing since fruit snacks
  • but root wins her over when she draws hanna a detailed diagram of like. a beehive. color coded and labeled and everything, with bee facts on the sides
  • root took the bus to the next town over because they have a better library and she traced it out of the big encyclopedia that takes up the entire desk
  • she worked on the colors for two whole days and root /hates/ coloring
  • it’s totally worth her cramping hands when hanna beams and hugs her really tight and shares her orange slices with her at lunch
  • root gets lunch for free through the school’s program but it’s always gross
  • hanna’s not big on citrus but she tells her parents she is so that root can always have some
  • they’re inseparable
  • all the teachers love them, and are pretty damn relieved
  • root was a notorious Problem Child To Watch Out For
  • nothing /too/ serious, according to the faculty: a lighter here, some unwashed clothes there, parent signatures rare to nonexistent
  • and root never really had friends before this, never socialized well
  • “well if anyone could befriend that little groves girl, it /would/ be hanna frey. she’s never met a single person she couldn’t charm with that smile. and she’s so sweet too!”
  • “i wonder how long she’ll stick around though”, the librarian mutters
  • the teachers aren’t sure if the librarian is referring to root or hanna
  • but they shrug an move on. there’s a faculty meeting in ten minutes
  • root has her first sleepover when she’s in the fourth grade for hanna’s birthday party
  • it’s root, hanna, and three other popular girls in school
  • hanna’s not necessarily a “popular girl”, but she’s the girl who’s so damn nice that she ends up being friends with everyone
  • it’s a pretty decent party, all things considered
  • hanna tames the popular girls so they aren’t little shits to root
  • root and the other girls mostly ignore each other, much to root’s relief
  • she still hasn’t quite managed to handle talking and interacting with large groups of people
  • she’s content to sit back and observe though
  • take mental notes
  • she makes lists in her head
  • girls talk about: hair boys school parents makeup
  • girls don’t talk about: computers stingrays encyclopedias
  • after they all watch an animated movie that root doesn’t understand the entertainment value of (“why was simba sad when his parents died?”) they all make a fort in hanna’s room and get ready for bed
  • hanna and the other girls have nice nightgowns to change into. root has an oversized t shirt
  • they tilt their heads at each other but hanna diffuses the tension by flicking the lights off
  • one of the girls brings out a flash light
  • “we should play truth or dare!” “spin the bottle” “don’t be dumb there’s no boys here”
  • tons of giggling and then a sleepy root
  • she pulls her blanket up to her chin “hanna can i go to sleep?”
  • this gets a few sighs out of the other girls, but hanna smiles gently and says “sure thing root”
  • “mkay. happy birthday hanna”
  • she falls asleep to muffled laughs and “so who’s your crush” “isn’t mrs pratt just /the worst/” “and i wanted to go to corpus, but my mom said–”
  • root wakes up in the morning to hanna gently shaking her awake
  • “c'mon dork, my dad made pancakes!”
  • “not a dork” root grumbles, burrowing deeper into the blankets and hanna’s side
  • “you drooled all over my hair”
  • “sorry?”
  • “no you’re not”
  • root shrugs a little. she’s not
  • she follows hanna downstairs and eats a shitton of pancakes and bacon
  • one by one the girls get picked up by their moms until it’s just root left
  • it gets so late that she and hanna eat lunch together too
  • (hanna sneaks them both some leftover birthday cake)
  • “do you need us to take you home, sweetheart?”
  • “no. i’ll walk if you need me to go now. i know i’ve been here a while”
  • “bless your heart honey, it’s honestly no trouble at all!”
  • “momma says nothing that comes after ‘bless your heart is true or nice’”
  • hanna’s parents blink a little and side eye each other
  • they aren’t super fond of root but shes the only one of hanna’s friends that doesn’t screech and giggle
  • plus hanna never shuts up about her
  • “i can walk her home, mom!”
  • “NO” root and hanna’s parents interject simultaneously
  • root doesn’t really live in the nicest area
  • and root’s not even sure if she’s gonna crash in her own place tonight
  • the library storage room is warmer
  • hanna sighs reluctantly and walks root to the door
  • she hugs root super tight and maybe holds her a little longer than socially appropriate
  • even root notices
  • “i think you’re supposed to let go now. i counted the seconds. it’s been 10.”
  • “shut up and hug me back smarty pants.”
  • so root does
  • it’s nice, she thinks. shes not really used to people hugging her
  • she wonders if she’s actually warmer that night in the library or if she just imagined the whole thing
the middle school au
  • imagine root: green hair. tripp pants
  • garbage can shaw is trying really hard to be punk
  • but mostly just forgets to shower and tries to put her hair into a mohawk
  • in middle school it’s just long but she tries to give herself a mohawk with like.
  • super glue
  • shes a garbage can
  • shes trying her best
  • ripped jeans held together with safety pins she stole off the teachers desk
  • shes so hardcore
  • root tells her she likes her shoes one day
  • they’re converse that are held together by duct tape
  • and dreams
  • shaw’s written shitty poetry all over them
  • she compares peoples eyes to ice and cigarettes exclusively
  • and mcr lyrics
  • shaw says she likes roots hair
  • root dyed her hair with koolaide and a bit of manic panic
  • it’s love at first sight
  • “you’re the only one who Gets It”
  • “i love the way you stick it to the man and don’t care what anyone else thinks”
  • “i love your hair it looks better than that one poser from paramore”
  • “ugh i know shes such prep”
  • okay so root has like this quasi gothic/emo thing going on
  • swoopy bangs
  • she has her hair dyed like three different colors
  • but it looks like shit because shes too young to buy/use bleach
  • so she uses extensions too
  • the striped ones
  • even like. the zebra print ones.
  • she teases it too. of course
  • it’s terrible.
  • she wears either tripp pants or like a floofy black/neon color skirt over jeans/fishnets
  • tons of candy bracelets
  • a choker
  • she has glow in the dark braces
  • fishnet gloves with no fingers
  • she brings her cd player to school every day and listens to it between classes and at lunch
  • she has like 2 evanescence cds and 3 cds she made herself
  • blasts it all full volume all the time
  • “amy lee is so real. she really understands me.”
  • root writes shitty song lyrics in a notebook that she colored black with a sharpie
  • she writes exclusively in black and red
  • for the Aesthetic
  • she starts the black nail polish in middle school, only it’s also sharpie.
  • just black sharpie fingernails constantly
  • and then she starts to use white out too
  • alternates each nail
  • or colors them black and tries to make little hearts and skulls in white out
  • and then you have shaw
  • the resident garbage can
  • showers like three days a week, constantly looks likes she rolled out of a dumpster
  • tries to make her hair into a mohawk every damn day
  • wakes up an hour early to try every morning
  • buys like 30 dollars in product a week
  • eventually her parents cut her off and she switches over to super glue
  • her poor parents. they’re so tired all the time
  • ripped dirty jeans that are probably her older cousins at some point
  • she doodles art all over her jeans during class
  • its like. skulls whit hearts for eyes
  • shes not half bad but its sharpie on jeans
  • and it fades when she washes them so she always hides them in her room to preserve the art
  • shes practically a biohazard
  • she wears band shirts from hot topic
  • but she cuts the sleeves off
  • she gives herself little tattoos too and tells people they’re real
  • and again, doesn’t shower to preserve the art
  • you cant have those sweet tatts fading
  • root and shaw meet in english class in sixth grade
  • shaw’s sitting in the back looking very dramatic and angry while listening to mcr
  • aggressively tapping her feet and mouthing the lyrics and doing a little touch up on her wrist tattoo
  • its says “i’m not okay”
  • shaw perks her head up when root enters the root because roots goddamn trip pants are jangling that fucking loud
  • she added more chains
  • shaw gives her The Head Nod and roots knees go a little weak
  • root decides to make the first move
  • and sits next to shaw
  • it was destiny
  • they have the i like you hair/shoes convo
  • its clearly meant to be
  • root starts writing root shaw on her nails in white out
  • shaw draws shitty anime for root
  • it’s true love
  • after a few weeks of exchanging weird middle school gifts and sitting next to each other at lunch shaw’s like
  • “do you wanna hang out after school. we could like. go to the mall.”
  • and they go to the mall and to hot topic and browse for three hours and flirt terribly and don’t buy anything because their parents aren’t here and they don’t have money
  • shaw tries to fight a prep the know from school for making fun of root’s hair and they get kicked out
  • remember those weird rubber bracelets that all had different meanings? they totally exchanged those. gauged their relationship in colored rubber bands
  • then they walk to the 7/11 and get slurpees and candy
  • shaw buys to let root know shes serious
  • shaw’s mom picks them up a little bit later and they go back to shaw’s house and hang out more
  • “ugh i’m sorry about my mom shes so /embarrassing/”
  • “i know sam, parents are the worst.”
  • “she doesn’t understand me. not like you do”
  • roots gonna cry shes so gay
  • root holds shaw’s hand and they listen to mcr and good charlotte and blink 182 and talk about how they’re gonna run away together and roots going to be a famous singer and shaw going to play guitar and they’re gonna be in a super badass band
  • root’s been writing songs and shaw’s gonna do the cover art it’ll be great
  • shaw plays “black parade” on her shitty acoustic guitar for root and that’s its they’re middle school married
  • they’re the It couple
  • they hold hands in the hallway and everything
  • okay so its the day of the dance thougj
  • “are you gonna like go the dance?”
  • “ugh no way. dances are for preps. plus the music would suck.”
  • “oh cool. do you wanna hang out at my place instead?”
  • root grins because shes got like 5 cds in her backpack that she wants to show shaw
  • so they get back to shaw’s place, eat their afternoon snack, do their homework at the dinner table
  • root helps shaw with math, shaw helps root with history
  • shaw’s like, i wanna play a song for you
  • she fucking plays ohio is for lovers by hawthorne heights
  • complete with growls and screams
  • shaw’s finishes the song, panting a little bit because being a rock star is hard work
  • roots speechless
  • this is just like in her fanfics
  • “so. um. did you like it?”
  • and root carefully takes the guitar out of shaw’s hands and sets it on the stand
  • and tackles shaw’s face with her own face
  • nearly breaks her nose
  • eventually they run out of air
  • and pull back
  • it’s gay and then they hug and just don’t let go of each other for a while and its very pure and gay

Out of all the people in my life,
I had to get stuck on you.

I wake up every morning
thinking about what you eat for breakfast
(toast? a bagel?
or do you prefer something fresh and sweet,
like fruit? or maybe eggs?
I don’t ask),
how you hold your fork,
and how your wrist turns
when you open the door.

At school, I study your face
like I should have studied my vocabulary words,
But I was too busy memorizing the bump on your nose,
the exact tones of your cat bell sounds
(there are lots of keys,
but I know yours by the tones
and twinkles in your gait),
and how you twirl your pencil between
your middle and index finger.

At night, I close my eyes
and see the color of your faded roots,
and how your pants fit,
and how many times I have to sigh
for you to look at me.

I’m not in love with you.
I’m not.
I don’t get to fall in love.
I just get stuck.
I got stuck on you like I get stuck
on the number 10,
or the the last word of a sentence that
just keeps refreshing in my brain’s hard drive,
or the image of a man grabbing me
that invades my head
when you’re not running through it.

I’m still stuck on you,
and that frustrates me,
because the version of you that I see when I close my eyes
(the one that cares, loves, and thinks about me),
is not the same as the one I see with them open

—  you frustrate and ignore me, but I’m still stuck on you
Root and Shaw go to a spa

Not for a number, oh no
Harold bought them a spa weekend.
As, you know, a wee thank you for saving the world and all.

Shaw loooves it, is super comfortable getting naked and soaking in mud and having a massage and stuff.
Oh yeahhh, it all feels good and the robes are super cozy.
She intends to steal one (ok two because Root needs one too).

Root, on the other hand….
Poor Root. She tries so hard to be comfortable in her own skin
and she projects brazen confidence like nobody’s business.
But all this naked times with all these spa employees
it stresses her out.
And the Machine is offline so she can’t even comfort Root as she tries to cover up the still fairly raw jumbles of scar tissue on her body that she’s certain everyone is staring it.

Shaw notices, about halfway through her float in the saltwater tub.
Root is very tense and striving to look relaxed.
Like someone drowning and trying to be chill about it.

Shaw reaches over to where Root’s fingers are gripping the edge of her tub.
“Root… baby,” she says, “you don’t have to do this if you don’t want.”
“But Harold…”
“it’s not like he’s gonna know.”

Root wraps up in her robe and Shaw finds her at the end of the spa day, snuggled up in a hammock with half a freshly squeezed grapefruit juice on a little table next to her. Shaw can’t remember the last time Root looked so relaxed.

Shaw sneaks off to the spa gift shop before Root wakes up.

That night after their fancy champagne dinner (because come on, they have to replace some of the toxins that spa day leached out of their bodies), Shaw leads them to their room.

She dumps a ton of fancy ass spa shit in the giant bubble air jet bathtub. Waves Root over.

Root is astounded. There are so many bubbles and it smells so good.

Shaw hands her an eye mask.

“Come on,” she says, “get your spa on.”

Root wants to ask if Shaw will join her but she isn’t sure– oh Shaw is already taking off her pants. ok.

Root decides right then and there that there’s going to be some very very creative sex in Shaw’s immediate future.

Shaw decides right then and there that she and Root need to invest in a boss bathtub like this for their apartment.


“I’d like that,” you smiled up at him, and you could feel Lucas’ Genesis going back to where it came from. And the person you were now, the Avengers’ Genesis, coming back to where she should be.


Lesson 8: How to comfort a team mate.

“I won’t ever let anything happen to you, lyublu.”

You were having that dream again. Your heart beat wildly in your chest, your breath was coming out in gasps, and no matter how hard you tried, your powers weren’t working. Looking back behind you, terrified, you could see the muted forms of the things chasing you in the fog. Their roars and the scratching of their claws on cold earth was the only thing keeping you going.

You weaved between the trees of the dark, foggy, and dreary forest of your dreams, trying to avoid tripping over rocks and gnarled roots. Panting, you ducked behind a tree, and listened closely, shutting your eyes. The roars and scratching faded into the distance, and you let out a small sigh of relief.

Opening your eyes, your breath was caught in your throat. A lioness stood in front of you, licking its muzzle, and gazing at you with glowing green eyes. Backing up in terror, you let out a scream as you tumbled down a hill. You landed next to a puddled, and whimpered. Blood oozed down your knee, and you could feel a knot forming on the back of your head. But none of that mattered as you saw the lioness stalking up to you.

In any other situation, you would have found it beautiful. The way its fur shone golden in the moonlight, its fluid movements, and intelligent eyes. It let out a low growl as it stalked up you, and you squeezed your eyes shut as its hot breath washed against your face. “You have to fight it, Genesis,” it seemed to murmur in your ear. “Only then can I, we, be free.”

But you ignored its voice, dismissing its as just a hallucination. “Fine,” it growled, swishing its tail. “We’ll just have to do this again.”

You woke up, screaming, and clutching your neck, as if you could still feel the lioness’ claws ripping it open. Gasping for breath, you tried to get untangled from the sheets on your bed. As you rolled onto the ground, you could see your breath in the air. Fire flickered in your hair, water dripped from your finger tips, and the ground rolled beneath you. Your hands shook as your door burst open.

Holding your hands up in a defensive position, one of your rarely used (and hardly seen) telekinetic shields flared into existence. The intruder bounced off it with a curse, and you squeezed your eyes shut in fear.

Lyblu?” Pietro called. The blue eyed man was terrified as he saw the scene before him. He was woke up to hear you screaming at the top of your lungs from across the hall, and he ran as fast as he had ever had into your room. But what he wasn’t expecting was to see you entangled in your blankets, a shimmering purple shield in front of you, and your powers out of control. The earth moved so much that Pietro had a hard time standing up. Red hot lava sizzled as dropped from your hair onto ground, that was covered in an inch of water streaming from your finger tips. His breath was visible in the freezing air, and his hands started to feel numb.

You blinked slowly, gazing at him through the purple shimmering of your shield. “P-p-p-ietro?” your teeth chattered as your breath fogged in the air. You felt like your brain was moving in honey, and you were under a thick coat of ice.

The speedster tried to stick hand through your shield, then hissed and jerked it back. You just blinked again, not comprehending what was happening. You were still in that dream fog, and it was terrifying him. “(Y/N), you got to put it down,” he spoke slowly, and put his hands in front of him.

“Wh-h-hat d-d-down?” you stuttered, tripping over your own tongue. Your lips started to turn blue in the cold, but you didn’t notice. Nor did you notice the tremors getting slightly larger, or the puddle of water expanding, or even the fire dripping off of your hair.

Pietro started to back away from you as water slowly creeped towards you, with fire sizzling behind it. Seeing you, tangled in sheets and incoherent, brought out a side in him that was only there when he say Wanda. He couldn’t stand being able to do nothing for you, but he remained calm- for you. “(Y/N)?” his voice caught your attention, and you blinked slowly at him.

In your mind, you were still in the state between sleeping and being awake. Mist billowed out of your mouth as the temperature plummeted again. The floor started to roll more violently, the fire turned a molten gold, and the water dripping from your fingertips increased. Pietro could feel your shield grow stronger, the diameter of it growing larger. Your powers were trying to protect you from an enemy that wasn’t there. The terrifying nightmare wasn’t letting you go, and your powers were trying to protect you in anyway they could.  “W-w-w-hat?” your teeth were chattering so much that Pietro was afraid you’d bite your tongue.

“(Y/N), you remember when we first met, no?” he coaxed, and your eyes showed a little bit of life in them. 

“Y-y-y-es,” the lava seemed to fall slower from your hair, as your mind went to somewhere other than the horrible nightmare. “Y-ou were-e-e so fas-s-s-t.”

Pietro grinned at you, and you slowly returned it. The ground started to roll less frequently, and the temperature seemed to raise a few degrees. “Not as powerful as you lyublu,” his words were the things that seemed to break you.

You gasped, as if suddenly coming up from underwater, and your purple shield came crumbling down around you. The tremors stopped, the chilliness in the air slowly warming up, the fire ceasing, and the water slowing to a trickle. “Pietro,” you sobbed, your wide eyes meeting his blue eyes. 

In a second, you were in his laps, his strong arms locked around you. “Shh,” he gently stroked your hair as your body shook with sobs. “I won’t ever let anything hurt you, lyublu.” In his head, he called out for the one person he knew would help. Wanda, he pleaded silently in his head, we need you.

You looked up at him, your pupils looking so big that your eyes looked black. “But she’ll find me again,” you gripped his shirt, and Pietro’s eyes widened at the fear in your voice. “The lioness said we would have to do it again.” your voice was almost hysteric and it broke his heart as you started to sob uncontrollably.

He held you closer to him, and he heard a little gasp behind him. Wanda was holding a hand over her mouth as she surveyed the scene in front of her. The floor had scorch marks on it, and water was trickling into holes that weren’t there before. Frost covered the walls, and floor boards were up in the air. And the most concerning thing to the brunette was the fear streaming from you. She pushed gently into your mind, and could see the rerun of your nightmare playing repeatedly in your head. “Oh, lyublu,” she whispered, kneeling down next to you and her brother. “You poor, sweet, Genesis.”

You looked up meekly at her, and Pietro locked eyes with his sister. “Can you give make sure I have dreams, Wanda?” you asked quietly, and the brunette nodded. “Please do.” you shut your eyes, and buried your head into Pietro’s chest. The speedster looked down at you protectively, and nodded at his sister

Wanda could hear the exhaustion in your voice, and laid a hand on your head. Red light streamed from her fingers, and you sighed peacefully as your slowly drifted off to sleep. 

The two siblings exchanged a glance, and then slowly moved you back to your bed. Pietro tucked you in, while Wanda made sure that you had a long and dreamless sleep. They both sat down next to you, and their eyes started slowly close. Soon, all three of you were sleeping soundly, and weren’t awoken until the rest of the team found you.