roots of revolution

Chanukah Themed Starters

“Why did you light all of the candles on the first night? That’s not how this works!”

“This is the fifth time in a row you beat me at the dreidel. Either you’re cheating or I should really take you to Vegas with me.”

“It’s ironic that the holiday with roots in a revolution against assimilation has become the Jewish equivalent of Christmas.”

“I know you’re excited about Chanukah, but I think twenty menorahs would be a fire hazard.”

“How could you mess up making a dreidel so badly? It doesn’t even spin!”

“I know non-Jewish people don’t know that many Chanukah songs, but playing the dreidel song on loop for three hours isn’t a good way to try to celebrate the holiday.”

“These latkes look like hockey pucks! How long did you fry them for?”

“No, we’re not going to use money as a prize for the dreidel game. I know it’s a gambling game, but it’s not in the holiday spirit to lose your life savings in a game that could be played by children.”

“Wait, you eat latkes with barbecue sauce? I can understand sour cream or applesauce, maybe even ketchup, but your choice of sauce is just plain weird.”

Little details to love about Mad Max:

The way the wives speak.

ex 1. Angharad, is that just the wind, or a furious vexation?

ex 2. I’d say it was your manifest destiny.

In the beginning of the movie, when Joe first enters the cell where the wives have been held there is one thing that sets these rooms apart from any other: books. Piles and piles of books surrounding the antechamber, lining the bedroom.
The wives, cut off from any social interaction save their own, surrounded by mountains of books to while away the time, speak like so many introverted, super intelligent, library-bound preteen girls, with brains full of vocab words they are determined to crowbar into every opportunity. They know the words work, they just haven’t had enough experience to know that they don’t really fit.
You hear Capable use the words ‘manifest destiny’ and you feel shot straight back into seventh grade and can almost picture the wives sitting around in a close circle, taking turns reading while the others listen raptly, argue, ask questions.
It’s a subtle and thoughtful touch to a group of characters that, without screaming about it, clues the audience in to exactly how long some of the girls have been kept prisoner and what their private world has been like.

The Establishment is Terrified of Bernie Sanders

Consider this:

Bernie is now polling ahead of Hillary by 9 percent ( 41% - 32% ) in New Hampshire, and he’s closing the gap in Iowa. In July, he was down 10 percent in that same poll. This is incredible on its own… BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!

  • 96% of Bernie’s supporters plan on voting for him because of his platform, according to the poll. This is substantial, because this portion of the poll is meant to determine whether or not a candidates’ supporters are choosing them as “the lesser of two evils.” In other words, whether their main reason for voting for him is because they don’t support Hillary. This is the beautiful thing about Bernie’s campaign, for once people in America can feel unapologetic with their support for a presidential candidate. How many times in the past have you heard someone you know say their reasoning for supporting a presidential candidate was because “Eh… he’s better than that other guy I guess.” THAT IS NOT AT ALL WHAT I’VE HEARD FROM BERNIE SUPPORTERS. These people passionately, and outspokenly support Bernie, not just because they agree with his platform, but because they are sick and tired of politicians paying lip service to get elected. They believe strongly that any candidate running for president, should be discussing ( in no particular order): worker’s rights, income inequality, corporate fraud, trade agreements, the environment,  women’s rights, LGBT+ rights, healthcare reform, criminal justice reform, systemic racism, childhood povery in the US, making college affordable, campaign finance reform, climate change and more. They want a candidate who will make these issues a central topic of discussion, because THEY ARE IMPORTANT. This poll showing 96% supporting Bernie on his attributes as a possible leader, is a sign that the repeated notion of a grass roots, political revolution is actually happening.
  • Hillary spent $2.2 million on campaign ads in New Hampshire and Iowa when these polls were taken. Bernie closed a 10% gap, while being outspent by miles… AND… The media isn’t covering Bernie. Bernie has so much stacked against him, yet he is steadily rising in popularity. The American people are experiencing what I believe is our first viral presidential candidate. Bernie is the only candidate I can think of, who has garnered this much excitement and support, without the acknowledgment of the mainstream media (he is excluded almost entirely). Meanwhile, he’s blowing up on the Internet, and word of mouth is strong (look at the massive turnouts to his political rallies).  

Bernie could be the first president elected by the Internet. If you think that’s not possible, remember that nobody thought radio or television would change politics.

The establishment is scared of Bernie Sanders.

  They should be.