roots n blues n bbq


Buddy Guy in 1969 with Jack Bruce and Buddy Miles.

See a living legend at Roots N Blues N BBQ 2015!


Roots'n'Blues'n'BBQ 2014 Promo

I ran my second half. my first four miles were amazing. my best yet…and for the first time EVER, I ran 6 miles in less than an hour. but after that my pace started to slow, and I had to take walking breaks. but that being said, with a distance of 13.47, my time was 2:23:14…ten minutes off of my 2:33:35…so a PR for me, and i made my goal of an average pace between 10:30-10:45! i’m so excited and proud of myself. today is my 26th birthday, and i wanted to start this year off right, and i would say i did! i went to a show last night, and got told happy birthday by more cute boys than i know in my real life. got to bed at 1am(ish) and woke up at 4:10 for a 2 hour drive and a race that started at 7am. it’s been a good day. i had cheesecake factory for lunch with my parents. and then a nap. now, i’m just waiting for time to pass, and i will go out to the bars and go dancing. happy birthday me! 26 is gonna be great!


The Avett Brothers -

“I and Love and You” Official Music Video

Live at Roots N Blues 2014