roots jackets


Happy Blackout!!! The top photo is in honor of the  50th anniversary of the founding of the Black Panther Party of Self Defense. The last picture was taken at the opening of the African American of History and Culture’s opening where Public Enemy, Living Colour, and The Roots performed. (Jacket by Reformed School). (Photo creds in order : @jamesjuly@36chambersof-oldirtybae, Paul Holston) (also I wear the jacket more for historical relevance than for gender)

So things we discover about Shaw:

- Shaw likes nice things and has excellent taste in furniture.

- Classy Nina Simone music for sex.

- Likes red on Root.

- Red on the bed sheets.

- Imagines Root to have a really great apartment.

- Expects breakfast in bed after a night of sex.

- Expects Bear to greet her, and so imagines Bear into the scenarios, probably to the confusion of Samaritan (what is this four legged creature doing here?) because Bear disappears right after.

- Expects get well whiskey from John.

- Watched the Simpsons, and required to come up an NPC to interact with, her mind creates MIllhouse in human form.

- Hates Atari and Casio for some reason and wants Root to turn Samaritan into a useless Casio. 90′s kid through and through.

- Really likes it when Root acts like a gallant biker dude together with Root giving her leather jacket to Shaw when she’s cold. 

- When Shaw is threatened, she likes to meet the problem head on. No shirking, just cut off the head. This is why she’d go around the merry go round even if it made her sick, because she doesn’t like being sick and threatened by a stupid merry go round.

“Hey Sameen… What are you doing for dinner tonight?” Root asks when she steps out the bathroom clad in black skinny jeans and a white tank, running a towel through her damp hair.

“There’s this new place on 7th I wanna try. I’m hungry, and you’re coming,” Shaw says, tossing Root her jacket and shrugging on her own.

Root watches Shaw for a second. The way she casually pockets her weapons, puts her hair up in a pony tail and redoes one of the laces on her boots.

Root then puts the towel on the kitchen counter, resting her hip against it, running her fingers through her hair.

“Are you coming?”

“Do you realise what day it is?” Root asks with a tiny smirk and pulls on her boots, slipping in a knife. Her eyes glimmer when Shaw cocks her head.

“Yeah. February 14th. Let’s go.”

Shaw holds the door to the apartment open and watches how Root tosses her hair back over her shoulders and sticks her gun in the back of her jeans before walking out in front of Shaw, only now putting on her leather jacket.

“It’s Valentine’s Day, Sam,” Root says over her shoulder with that wicked for-you-only grin and Shaw’s eyes flash open for a split second. Root winks, “and I think you just asked me out on a date.”

Shaw purses her lips and rolls her eyes. She gently shoves Root towards the stairs and shakes her head, a little smile playing on her lips. “Keep walking, Root.”

5 seconds into meeting Shaw and Root is already done...

This was their first meeting and it only took for Shaw to take off her jacket. You can literally see Root’s chest rising. she stopped breathing for a second. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH

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