roots fest


POI pre-series character playlists: root & shaw


When they mentioned Angel and the audience started clapping. Did you fucking see Amy’s face??? Like she’s so shocked that people love her and her work?? How does that happen?

I honestly don’t think a more beautiful or humble person exists.


Alright so, I’ve been thinking about this for a while and, while I had no part in organizing the previous POI smutfest, I thought we could use another. So, I’ve put together some kinks and if you’d like to take a crack at em, the event will be DECEMBER 2-8

DAY 1: Unusual locations / sensory deprivation / knife play

DAY 2: Mutual masturbation / temperature play / voyeurism

DAY 3: Bondage / Gagging / BDSM

DAY 4: Praise kink / Breath Play / Exhibitionism

Day 5: Sex machines / Sex toys / Strap-ons

Day 6: Rough sex / Erotic asphyxiation / Hair pulling

Day 7: Free for all; anything and everything!

Once again this is DECEMBER 2-8. Spread the word like wildfire!