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it’s been pouring down rain with no breaks for the past 12 hours straight and there’s three dudes in board shorts and tank tops out on the street outside my window with a boogie board attempting to surf down the street on two feet of rushing water which may as well be a jurisdictional river at this point and that’s really all you need to know about Californians when it comes to rain tbh

The Chronological Superman 1961:

The Boy of Steel meets Mon-El in Superboy vol.1 No.89. This story was a re-used plot from an earlier Superman story, but it takes root in the readerships’ collective imagination this time. From here, Mon-El a.k.a.Lar Gand enjoys a fairly robust career both in the Legion of Super-Heroes and as a supporting character in the Superman Family.

Shrews Zine: Call for submissions!

We are calling for submissions for issue two of the official Shrews Zine! The theme of the issue is a long standing topic of radical feminist discourse: The Body. The female body has a significant social history and function in patriarchal society, and continues to cast a contentious shadow. 

We are searching for articles, essays and artwork relating to the sexualisation of women and girls through popular culture, prostitution and pornography; eating disorders and diet culture; motherhood, reproductive capacity and rights; experiences and portrayals of black/Indigenous female bodies; rape and sexual assault; and women’s personal relationships with their own physical forms. 

If you have other ideas about the female body, let us know! We are also welcoming short submissions detailing radical feminist news. If you have an upcoming event, a news project, or story of a recent radfem happening, we want to hear about it. The Shrews are a grass roots collective, and all content not able to be used in issue two will be wait listed to appear in future issues. That’s a promise! If you have the content the Shrews are looking for, submit here

The closing date for submissions is the 22 April, 2017.

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person of interest au: TESSELLATE

in which shaw gets assigned to an underground nightly cage fighting ring for a cover-op & root obviously has to check up on her for her safety & not at all because she finds it totally hot.

( inspired by ari’s post because honestly how was i supposed to resist)



Collaboration with Benchmark Furniture
Designer: Max Lamb (mentor for the Lexus Design Award 2016)

The roots of this collection lie in traditional English country furniture like carpenter’s workbenches and box stools.  They were characterized by practical storage spaces that provided easy access to tools while preventing clutter. A unique feature of the Planks table is a hidden box built into the underside of the surface, effectively turning a typically unused area into a storage space.

fluff headcanon

headcanon: Shaw is the big spoon because even though Root is taller, and suuuper dangerous and scary, there is a part of Shaw that sees Root as vulnerable and needing protection… she likes to wrap her arms around her. Root’s not as tactile at night, likes to sleep in her own spot, but she ends up sometimes sort of enjoying the feeling of Shaw scrunched up against her back, sometimes with her lil hand on Root’s stomach, all safe and protective.

Shaw does pancakes. Root always sneaks in extra chocolate chips. Because love is about improving your person’s life in the little ways as well as the big one.

Root has a ludicrous collection of coffee devices. Shaw prefers old fashioned drip brew. They compromise with a French press.

Shaw knows that Root and The Machine take creeper photos of her while she’s on missions and stuff. Root shows her the hot ones. The Machine is very interested in Shaw’s butt. “You had a perfectly good opportunity to snap a sweet cleavage shot and you passed it up” Root chastises. “MY PRIORITIES ARE NOT THE SAME AS YOURS. BUY YOUR OWN CAMERA.” Root sulks and unplugs the cameras in the living room as punishment. The Machine finally apologizes by sending both of them some high quality shots of Shaw’s upper half. Shaw whistles, “Damn, I’m hot.” “and modest, too.”

The hot tub isn’t necessary, not even a little bit. But Root likes bubble baths and Shaw likes water jets. Shaw lets Root pile thick foamy bubbles on top of her head. Because then Root lets her play the sexy submarine game. compromise good. chasing each other through the snow afterwards, even better.

Root wants to get an easel for their house because Shaw had one in her loft. “It was there when I moved in.” Mystery over.

“ANOTHER joke gift? Honestly, Root… Where did you find adult size footie pajamas?”
“Who said they were adult sized?”

“We’re a dog rescue, Root, not a sheep rescue.”
“She’s not a sheep, she’s a poodle.”
“Noooo, that is a lamb.”
… the poodle bleats.
“Well then, she’ll save us time on cutting the grass.”
“And then we can eat her.”

“You only wanted a place with a barn so you could act out your farmer’s daughter and the stable boy fantasy again.”
“Don’t be cheeky, Shaw, this property also came with a woodshed.”
“You. Are. Incorrigible.”
“I know.”

Don’t ask to see their motorcycles. Things will devolve into bikeside make-outs veeeeeeery quickly.
“you look so hot when you’re about to break the speed limit.”


go w/the flow kinda girl; ..I’m the captain of my own little world.” –Mickey Taelor should be on the radio! She is magnetic & her voice is smooooth. So smooth. She has awesome stage presence & is always very down-to-earth. She always takes off her shoes to perform. I like that. -Anyway. This song is catchy as all hell. She killed it!

Ray & Mickey Taelor -Blown Tonight [OFFICIAL VIDEO] (by TheMick3Yt)