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Kevin Gary is kind of like the Scientology of stalkers, in that if you question his actions in a way that makes him look bad in the eyes of the public, he will use the legal system to make your life a living hell. … It started with Gary driving past Williams’ place of employment on an almost daily basis. She noted that he was in a different car each time, like some kind of budget-minded Jay Leno using his fleet of $15,000-$17,000 mid-sized sedans to pull off the shittiest Jaywalking skit of all time. He also called her dozens of times a day, as every stalker training manual since the dawn of the telephone era has instructed. Gary started to set himself apart from the average lovesick psychopath when he approached a maintenance man at Williams’ apartment complex with an offer that was just too good to refuse: $500 in exchange for a key to her place. This led to Williams realizing that not only had Gary been in her apartment, but that he licked the bathroom mirror while he was there. Gary was eventually arrested and charged with stalking. He went to prison for his crime, and in a perfect world, that would be the end of the story. It’s not even close.

Upon being released, Gary promptly filed a $100 million lawsuit against Harvette Williams and a production company that featured her story on a true crime series, claiming both had slandered his good name with their baseless stalking allegations. Never mind that this was a crime he’d already pleaded guilty to, because he had a perfectly sound explanation for that:

“If you ever watch the movie Roots, R-O-O-T-S, by Alex Haley, the same way Kunta Kinte proclaimed his innocence, it’s the same way I proclaim my innocence. They forced Kunta Kinte to say ‘Toby.’ They forced me to say 'Toby’ to take a plea.”

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I just came across this photo of sirjohnnydanger & I playing on TV for the first time (& live for third time.In general.) We played ‘Everything Is Embarrassing’ with questlovesfood & the Roots on Jimmy Fallon. We ran through it twice & that was that. I also ran into a door before right before I went on & got a bloody nose….& hid underneath a table for 45 minutes after we played. ANYWAAAYS! We were extremely lucky to have played with some of the best musicians EVER. https://instagram.com/p/4i08MoHDFy/