The trees that end up as driftwood along the banks of the Mackenzie have had a long journey. There are no living trees this big in Tulit’a - that’s for sure. Lots of people from town stake out the best logs along the banks to use for firewood every spring after breakup. Tulit’a, Northwest Territories, Canada.


I found cute little streams and a pond yesterday ✌🏼️ I was in such a bad mood and so angry and the only thing I could think to do was to go wander through the woods! It helped melt away all the negative emotions and replaced them with positive thoughts about how beautiful the world around me can actually be!

Tayjha Deleveaux, 16, sparked a movement called #supportthepuff after getting chastised at school for natural hair.

Tayjha Deleveaux is a student at the CR Walker Senior High School in the Bahamas. Earlier this month, she went to school with an “Afro puff” that made administrators threaten punishment if she did not “clean” up her “untidy” hairstyle.

According to principal T. Nicola McKay, she was trying to clamp down on students wearing their hair in a way that

 “looks like it would not have been combed for days.”

The controversy has inspired the hashtag #supportthepuff, as other naturalistas embrace their beauty and show off their hair in solidarity. 

“Black women through the course of history have been told that their hair is unworthy and were made to chemically straighten, hot comb or cover their kinky crowns. In order to be seen as beautiful, many women of African descent were told unapologetically that their hair was not beautiful in any other form.” -  An online petition to #supportthepuff

I support the puff, because it is what naturally grows out our heads. The Eurocentric concept of beauty is destroying the world: Asians cutting their eyes; black women risking fibroids through relaxers to achieve this standard of beauty. Stop the madness and love what your creator gave you. #Love it!

The Khasis are a tribe in India that grow their own bridges. For generations they have passed down the art of tree-root manipulation, forming centuries-old ‘living bridges’ out of the powerful roots  of the Ficus elastica trees. Source Source 2 Source 3

Photo:  anselmrogers-wiki cc /  amusingplanet

Photo: amusingplanet / anselmrogers-wiki cc

Photo: amusingplanet

Top Shot: Root of the Frozen Matter

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Tree roots found on the frozen riverbanks of an Alaskan river. Photograph by Samantha Primera