our toddler's obsession with blond hair
  • Her:I want yellow hair.
  • Me:Why?
  • Dad:You're so lucky you don't have yellow hair. Yours is beautiful.
  • Her:I don't like mine. I want yellow hair.
  • Me:It's called blond.
  • Her:I want blond hair.
  • Me:Mine isn't blond... Don't you like my hair?
  • Her:No. It's black. I don't like it.
  • Me:Really?! That kind of hurts my feelings.
  • Her:Awww.... (getting up on her chair and reaching over to mine. Holding my face...) Your eyes are my favorite... Your face is my favorite. I will kiss it... But not your hair.

This makes me happy. Earlier today, before I posted my newest drawings, we made it to triple digit followers! Thank you so much! I started this blog just for fun, but at this point, it’s also positively affected my attitude towards sharing my art and socializing with kindred spirits.

Here’s to more growth in the future! 💙 🎉

100th Follower: @roothroo
(100th Post: Rootopia)*

*what a coincidence indeed

DIY: salt dough ornaments

E’s on Christmas break so we’ve been trying to keep busy. Some time back, I had seen these really cool keepsakes on a Nest of Posies and decided to try to make them for the grandparents. However, I need to keep them for a second post on salt dough I hope to put up over the weekend. But, in the meantime, I want to share what we did with the left over dough.

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in the eye of the beholder

Last week, E and I were playing around with Paper, by 53. Paper is an app that allows you to sketch, draw, color, using the iPad and your finger, and share your ideas! It’s gorgeous and it’s FUN! The image above is my version of E - she asked that the crown be added - and the one below is her version of me:

I hope everyone’s been having a great week! 


Our 3 y.o. (almost 4) on love and marriage
  • While speaking Portuguese and on the subject of family, to test her comprehension of the conversation and language, I asked E who was her daddy's mommy, again all in Portuguese, to which she replies always in English. The conversation below followed in English...
  • Her:Are YOU daddy's mommy?
  • Dad:LOL!
  • Me:NO, E! I'm his wife. Daddy's my husband.
  • Her:Who's MY husband?
  • Dad:LOL!
  • Me:You don't have one... you're too young.
  • Her:But why?
  • Me:Well, Daddy and Mommy love each other so we got married
  • Her:Me TOO...! I LOVE you! Can I get married 'at' you?
  • Me:SURE, sweetie! Although, kids don't really marry their mommy and daddy.
  • Her:Why?
  • Me:Well one day, you'll meet someone you love and then you can decide to marry them.
  • Her:I love YOU Mamma! Can you be my husband? (Holding up her two hands, wide open) I will give you 'this much' rings and this much 'moneys'!
a snack attack
  • In the car with Dad, baby brother and me...
  • Emma:Maaa... I am hungry, I want a cereal bar.
  • Me:(having said, at least twice, I had no cereal bar on me and that we were stopping soon, remained silent)
  • Emma:I want a cereal bar, Mama. I want a cereal bar.
  • Me:We don't have a cereal bar, Emma.
  • Emma:Did you say: 'How about a banana?' I'd like that. I want a banana, Maaaa....