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One hundred seeds: That’s the number Minara Begum needs to plant in her Detroit backyard in order to grow enough vegetables such as squash, taro root and amaranth greens to feed her family for the year.

She learned to cook and garden at a young age in Bangladesh. In the two years since she moved to the U.S., she’s grown traditional South Asian crops to feed her family — and whoever visits — on any given day. For Begum, this is a way of life. But through Bandhu Gardens, in Detroit, Begum and her neighbors are able to leverage their culinary skills into an entrepreneurial venture.

Bandhu Gardens sells surplus vegetables that are grown in the backyards of about six families to a handful of popular area restaurants. Last year they sold 120 pounds of greens, beans and peppers and 25 pounds of squash to restaurant accounts.

This Garden Connects Bangladeshi Women With Restaurants — And Each Other

Photos Courtesy of Andrew Miller

2B (hopefully)
  • Malec: adopt Madzie, move in together, buy a home, take up gardening and homecraft diys, live a peaceful life, have lots of sex, are left alone and are allowed to be happy together, have lots of wonderful healthy communicative moments
  • Simon: comes to his senses and begs his way back into the clans good graces, shamelessly pursues Raphael and embarasses him with declarations of love in front of the clan until Raphael says yes just to shut him up. is totally ok with Raph's asexuality. is free from CCs terrible fuckboi arc for him
  • Raphael: finally gets the goddamn selfrespecting dignified story arc he deserves, leads the clan to greatness and happiness, pretends to be grumpy about Simon wooing him but really loves it, gets to live his good Catholic life without people abusing and using him
  • Izzy: overcomes her addiction, becomes an advocate for other shadowhunters/downworlders/people who have gone through struggles like hers, has a heart to heart and apologizes to Raphael, goes back to her badass bitch roots, takes up cooking classes, tears it up at the gay clubs at night, revolutionizes shadowhunter fashion, babysits Madzie on the reg, is loved and adored as she deserves
  • Jace: gets a hug and a nice long nap, decides to go on vacation and comes back with a septum piercing and green hair, hits up the gay bars with Izzy and is everyones favorite token Straight™ friend
  • Clary: gets over herself

what if everything worked out with root and shaw 

what if it was someday, when samaritan was gone, and they both made it out alive, and they talked about it, and it wasn’t violent or explosive or annihilating

what if they found a peace within each other, a quiet they’d never felt comfortable in what if it was the kind of belonging they had never expected to achieve, not with their way of life, not with the things they’ve done, the people they’ve killed 

what if, against all odds, they made it and what if root came home one day to their apartment, to sameen’s cooking, to her humming of nostalgic persian tunes, to that small, open smile shaw saves just for her and shaw can tell something’s wrong. 

It’s in roots wet smile, her fast blinking eyes, her hands so still by her sides “what is it?” Shaw asks, her voice flat but her eyes something like vulnerable 

and what if root rubs her forehead, choking out a bitter laugh, because this was supposed to be their someday. and roots voice splits like molten when she says “I’m sick, sameen. I… i don’t- they don’t know how much longer I have. A few weeks, a month maybe." 

and shaws face is empty and solid like stone when root scrabbles across the counter to clutch at her hands, unrelenting, desperate. "you have to know, sameen, I really believe that you were the greatest thing that ever happened to me" 

and sure it’s weeks or months, but it doesn’t matter, because the next thing shaw knows she’s coming home alone to cold floorboards and last nights dishes still in the sink, and the loneliness in bear’s eyes screams noise in shaws ears. 

what if they made it out, what if it was someday, what if they did everything right… but it still wasn’t enough?

Beers & Butterfly Knives

“Root..?” Shaw asks suspiciously while closing the door behind her. Slowly she reaches for her gun, her hand already resting on the cool metal when she hears a bright laugh coming from the kitchen of her apartment. She knows that laugh.

She moved in here a few months ago, the industrial lofty design pretty much stealing her heart the second she walked in. Moving from safe house to safe house was fine. She was used to it, even, but storing her guns at the subway and eating her food at random joints in the wall wasn’t everything for her. Especially if that also meant sleeping in other people’s homes or crappy motels. Or not at all.

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i have so many feels about tonights episode (esp. regarding root) but i think this scene hit me the hardest because team machine went from a few seconds of bliss to remembering their fate. remembering the loved ones they lost. remembering that they probably wont get this fairytale ending… i’m so emo and i just want shaw to come back so root can cook her some carrot soup with crème fraîche and not be so sad anymore 

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Watch the trailer for Bates Motel’s fifth season, featuring the first look at pop singer Rihanna as Marion Crane, the iconic character played by Janet Leigh in Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. The final season premieres on February 20 on A&E.

Executive producer Kerry Ehrin tells EW:

We’re taking threads of [Psycho] and definitely using them so it’s recognizable, it’s just where we go with it is very different. It’s tough to be in a situation where you’re in love with a guy, and for whatever reason, he keeps stalling. You still have all this hot sex with him, and he’s saying he loves you, but he’s stalling. The internal story of that, for a woman, is a really interesting one. We never really got to see that. In Psycho, you just see the outside of that more. It was trying to do a story about a contemporary woman with some edge, with some expectations, who isn’t perfect, who isn’t always perfectly sweet, who is in that situation, but we’re rooting for her to get what she wants.

Freddie Highmore, Vera Farmiga, Max Thierot, Olivia Cooke, Nestor Carbonell, Rihanna, Isabelle McNally,  Austin Nichols, Brooke Smith, Kenny Johnson, and Ryan Hurst star.

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Shoot Prompt- Gen stays with Root and Shaw now any chance she gets, and they have taken on the role of sorta-mothers to Gen nicely. Gen does get exasperated sometimes because Shaw and Root are not normal people with normal lives. One day Gen tells them that she is going to bring over one of her friends, a boy. When they walk in the door, they see Shaw sitting on the couch cleaning her sniper rifle while her wife is fiddling with her favorite taser. Needless to say, the boy gets the message.

Bringing Home a Boy

(For part one- this is a loose continuation- click here)

A thin beam of sunlight trickles in past the drawn blinds, splashing against Root’s hair and lighting it a magnificent bronze. Shaw watches her pale face as she lays on her side, head resting against her arm as she listens to the sound of morning and Root’s slow, steady breaths. Shaw, barely able to suppress a tired yawn, arches her back to free herself from sleep, Root’s arm sliding lightly down her waist in the process. The small shift is enough for Root’s coffee eyes to flutter open, the sunlight reflecting flecks of gold within them. Upon seeing Shaw’s face, she gives a sleep-ridden smile.

“Morning, Sweetie,” Root mumbles, fingers beginning to trace lazy circles on the small of Shaw’s back. Shaw’s eyes look her over slowly, face not revealing anything as her gaze gradually returns to Root’s face. “What do you say to calling out of work today?” With this, Shaw’s stoic disposition falters, and she cracks an amused half smile.

“I don’t think our boss would let that happen,” Shaw murmurs in reply, eyes warm as they take in Root. With the covers over them and the softness of the pillow under her head and Root only inches away- it is tempting to remain like this forever. Root’s bottom lip protrudes in thought, eyes narrowing with play.

“Maybe I could talk to Her; request a sick day,” Root replies, voice muffled with the last tendrils of sleep, eyes closing for a moment.

“Tell me how that works out for you,” Shaw responds with a smile in her voice, yet doesn’t make a show of getting up. Instead, she brings her left hand to the side of Root’s face, pushing back a few strands of her hair before Root places her free hand over Shaw’s, eyes flickering back open. Laying here, Shaw realizes just how much she enjoys the days like this one. The days where they linger here, and where she listens to Root conspire to stay home, knowing full well they’d both grow far too restless without a number to oversee.

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Teenage AU!! Scrawny 13 year old Felicity comes back after 4 years abroad and let's just say her best friends Tommy and Oliver are more than slightly smitten. Please!! And thank you.

[AO3] [Polyvore]

Oliver glanced at his watch for the third time in the last hour. Her plane had been delayed and he’d be lying if he said he wasn’t getting anxious. Four years was a long time. Too long, by his estimate.

Tommy was trying to get in as much reading as he could before she got there. Felicity had warned them last week that she was going to quiz them on their comic book knowledge as soon as she saw them. Of course, they’d had more time than just the last week to prepare. When they met her back in third grade, she’d been a geek of the highest order and had managed to turn both of them onto the awesome world of graphic novels and sci fi. Unfortunately, since she’d left to study abroad when she was 13 years old, they didn’t have her on their backs to see if they’d read the latest issue of whichever series she was currently obsessed with. And, as was common with them, they let their reading slide in favor of others things, like girls and partying.

But, she was finally coming home. Or so the giant ‘Welcome Back Felicity’ board they had folded up and waiting said. Felicity kept in contact with them, of course. She sent long, rambling letters every two weeks, telling them about all the amazing places she’d been and what she was studying. Oliver wasn’t as good at keeping up with those letters. For every two or three of her six page letters there was one, sloppily written reply, his chicken-scratch slanted to one side, looking odd against her flowery, flowing writing. But he did write her, and miss her. Constantly, actually. The last time he saw her, she was all arms and legs, her thick, curly brown hair constantly being dragged back into a ponytail to get out of her face. And the braces, couldn’t forget the braces. The image in his head made him grin, though.

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