rooted in christ

Jesus didn’t die to simply give you a thriving business or a big house or the spouse you’ve always dreamed of. He didn’t die to give you a small Christian life that revolves around your own personal comfort and gain. You must not let yourself think that God is going to bow down at your request, that you get to use Him for your own wills and desires like a genie. He is King. This is His story, not ours, and the gospel is Christ dying upon that cross to pay for mankind’s sin and to reconcile us to the Father. Because of the cross we now have access to so much forgiveness. Grace. Mercy. Love.

Praise Him for all blessings; He is a Giver of good gifts. But preachers and churches that promise you more wealth when you believe in Jesus is not preaching the true gospel. Don’t let your joy or identity come from these earthly things–remember that we should be storing up treasures in heaven, not on earth. Your joy and your identity has to be rooted in Christ.

He has to be your greatest Treasure, because He is the greatest Treasure. No amount of earthly wealth or success could ever compare to Him.

Have hope so deeply rooted in Christ, so that when the world falls apart around you, you can still stand with your feet firmly on the ground. Trust in Jesus with your whole heart, not just part of it. Our hope is in the One who, unlike anyone or anything in this world, will never fail you. What I find to be even more beautiful about hoping and trusting in the Lord, is that when pain and heartache becomes a reality for those around you, they’ll be searching for comfort and peace. You know the One who brings joy and comfort. They will look at your life and wonder why your hope is unwavering, and why you are at such peace in this crazy world. He will use these things to speak to others. Trusting in God comes with so many blessings that affect not only your life, but everyone around you.

DAY 107:

let’s not merely say that we love each other; let us show the truth by our actions. 1 John 3:18

My dear sister,

It’s not enough for him to say he wants a relationship with you. It’s not enough for him to just flirt here and there, send you texts here and there, kiss you here and there…whatever it is, love is more than just words. It’s actions, and as followers of Christ, if we truly desire to do things His way by being intentional and godly in our relationships, we have to give our all to it, not just parts of it!

Love goes deeper than just going on dates or going on an emotional roller-coaster with a guy. Love must be deeply rooted in Christ and deeply rooted in the things of God. We don’t just do things just because. We don’t just enter into relationships out of boredom. Because of Christ, everything we do has purpose.

So if you’re talking to a guy or are interested in someone who has words with no actions, it’s time to really look at the time you’re investing. This is important because no matter what this guy says, it is his actions that will really show you where his heart is! Remember this when it comes to:

1. That guy who just wants to text and talk but never commit
2. That guy who likes to flirt with you, but flirts with other girls too
3. That guy who is not respecting your time, your heart, your body
4. That guy who you’ve been thinking about all day, even though you know he is not willing to pursue you
5. That guy who is leaning on you emotionally, physically, or spiritually and he is not committed to being in an intentional relationship
6. That guy who are not in a relationship with but keeps sending you mixed emotions
7. That guy who you are no longer in a relationship with but still wants to talk to you regularly and be completely involved in your life
8. That guy who you are constantly going back and forth over if this is “the one” God has for you

Whatever it is, don’t retreat back to what he said. Think about what he does. Don’t think about the time he said, “Yea, I’m a Christian!” Think about how he LIVES for Christ!

Biblical context + further reading: 1 John 3:11-24
Written by itsmorganlife

Let your roots grow down into Christ and draw up nourishment from him. See that you go on growing in the Lord, and become strong and vigorous in the truth.
—  Colossians 2:7
the jahan au:
  • shaw probs just drags a kid in the same way she would a stray
  • “root it needs a bath. and like, crackers or something”
  • “sameen. why is there a a toddler on the couch.”
  • “parents didn’t make it. robbery gone bad. are you gonna give him a bath or not?”
  • she picks him up, holds him at arms length
  • he giggles
  • root gives her that I Certainly Am Not eyebrow raise
  • “sam. sam, why is he laughing? is he mocking me?”
  • kids aren’t her thing. they’re sticky
  • why are they always sticky?
  • shaw better keep it away from her computers
  • she drops him in the tub. walks back to talk to shaw.
  • “root? where’s the kid?”
  • “in the bath?”
  • “bear can watch him.”
  • shaw’s sprinting
  • root shrugs. you learn something new every day.
  • the toddler is happily splashing away in the bath tub, oblivious.
  • “jesus christ, root. you can’t tell me you’ve never looked after a kid before.”
  • “she rarely gives me missions where i interact with children.”
  • “not even…before the machine?”
  • a dark look crosses root’s face. “definitely not before.”
  • shaw sighs. they both look down at the tub.
  • “i suppose bringing home a human stray was inevitable for you, shaw.”
  • “root. c'mon.”
  • “…i’m not feeding it. or cleaning its litter box.”

anonymous asked:

Imagine there are stones that don't send you through time but into alternative universes.

“Ye must go Claire!”

His voice echoed in my head.

“Ye must go Claire!” A constant loop of his deep voice filled with terror and sadness.

I didn’t want to go, I wanted to stay. There was nothing for me in the future–at least there was nothing that I wanted–to go back to.

The abyss of the stones surrounded me. I clenched my eyes shut, groping my abdomen for dear life, and prayed. I prayed to go back to Jamie. My heart and head, both were set: Jamie was home. Not the twentieth century or Frank, but Jamie. The screams droned on around me, but still the loudest voice of all was Jamie’s voice begging me to leave; to protect myself and our child.

I felt tears stream down my cheeks as I swirled relentlessly through the dark, pulled in one direction then the other; forever churning, and then…silence.

Silence surrounded me. I could no longer hear the screams of the stones or my own thoughts. White light lit the backs of my eyelids. Slowly, I opened my eyes, and blinking I cautiously looked around. Scotland. Not the dark abyss between worlds, between times, but the fresh mountainous air of the Scottish Highlands. The skies were clear blue and the wildlife seemed to be teeming with life. The air smelled fresh, cleaner somehow. The choking smell of cannon and gunfire were missing, as was the clogging smells of automobile exhaust.

Woozily, I sat up, my head spinning and my gut churning with the phantom motions from within the stones.


The hairs on the back of my neck stood up at the sound of the voice. My eyes clenched shut again, trying to block out the ghost. I braced my fists against my abdomen and leaned forward, my forehead nearly touching the ground.

“Claire!” The voice said, alarmed, at the same time a younger voice, another ghost, screamed, “Milady!”

My family. They were gone. They were not here. I was gone to them too, now two-hundred years into the future. A keening wail pierced the air.

“Mo nighean donn, what’re ye doing by the stones?” His voice was closer, stronger than any memory should be and held deep rooted panic with each word.

“Christ! Look at me Claire!” Hands clamped onto my shoulders and I jolted.

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