Kahlua Vanilla Vanilla Rootbeer Float🍦🍦🍦

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Via Tasty!

1 (4 lb) Pork shoulder roast
1 Yellow onion - sliced
Root Beer (about 1 Liter)
1 Bottle of your favorite barbecue sauce
8 Hamburger buns

Place the pork into a slow cooker. Add sliced onions, and add root beer until the meat is just covered.
Cover and cook on Low 7-8 hours - or High 5-6 hours. Checking occasionally.(Times may vary depending on individual slow cooker)

Meat is done when it easily pulls apart and off the bone. Drain root beer, shred pork, and finish with your favorite BBQ sauce. Serve over hamburger buns and enjoy!


Finished my last radiation session this morning. Had to make two stops on the way home. Limped around a stretch of median on Bethany Drive in Allen, Texas to capture the bluebonnets before they are gone.

Next stop was the store to grab some Henry Weinhard’s Root Beer. You can think there is a better root beer out there, but you’d be wrong :)

Now, let the healing begin. I am tired of hurtin’!!!

Desperately Seeking FanFic

Okay, so there is this fanfiction that I’ve been trying to find for literally ages. 

It goes like this:

There is a guy (maybe in the FBI?) who kinda likes the amazing Dana Katherine Scully (who doesn’t, amirite??) but he doesn’t really think she’ll say yes if he asks her out, so he makes up an excuse to get her on a lunch date saying he needs help on a case or something. Only, he doesn’t realize how much of a team she and Mulder are, so she asks him (mulder) to come along with her. Shes kinda like, if you really want help with a paranormal thing, MULDER is actually the person you want, not me. And this guy is all internally groaning like how did I not realize this would happen?

She shows up before Mulder does, and like orders him a hamburger with extra fries (that she can steal off his plate), and a Root Beer (because inside jokes). And when Mulder shows up they’re all their professional-but-somehow-obviously-closer-than-partners selves and guy-that-likes-Scully is like, welp, guess the rumors are true. I have NO chance.

and that’s it. Except it’s written REALLY well, and I love it… and I’ve been looking for it for like a YEAR at least. Please help!


If found please send to ME. Reward in the amount of eternal servitude and 1 billion virtual hugs.

Thank you. 


Red Witch

by rootbeer (AO3)

Pairing: Derek Hale x Stiles Stilinski


Word count: 34k

Rating: Teen and Up Audiences

Summary: The red hair of a banshee. The red eyes of an alpha. The red hoodie of a mage. The red of fire burning.

Derek Hale has been a prisoner to the hunters since they burned his family alive. But now someone has come to save him: skinny, defenseless Stiles–147 lbs of skin and fragile bones. Turns out, sarcasm isn’t his only weapon.

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Its not Henry Weinhard, but its pretty damn good and much easier to find around here. Lovingly made in Dublin, Texas by a historic bottling company near to the hearts of many Texans.

I am feeling really good. Thanks to all who messaged me or commented. I have bounced back enough to spend half the day today catching up on yard work at Fort Kickass, and still have enough gas in the tank to spend a couple hours tinkering around in my workshop. And drinking lots of Root Beer :)

Road trip tomorrow to Denton, Muenster, and who knows where else, with my Lovely Wife. Good times :)