We are vibrational beings living in a world based on vibration. 

The Universe absolutely gives us what we “ask” for … not necessarily the things we request verbally, nonetheless we unfailingly get whatever it is that our vibrational frequency “requests”. 

The Universe picks up on our vibrational frequency and attracts to us that which reflects that same vibration. 

Every one’s life experience is determined by their vibrational frequency. 

Our emotional body is designed to “transmit” these vibrations out, where they are picked up and reflected back to us in concrete reality.

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Guardian Angel!Shaw and Human!Root, where Root has a fascination with Shaw’s wings.

This one was fun and delightful. Slightly NSFW though. Most is underneath the cut. 

“Well,” Root says, smiling as Shaw walks into the subway, “back from heaven, are we?”

              Shaw sighs. They couldn’t’ve assigned her a more annoying human being if they tried, but she won’t admit that Root’s been growing on her the past year. Even if she does stroke Shaw’s wings when they’re in bed together, when Shaw chooses to show them.

              “Can’t go there yet,” Shaw says, unlocking her locker at the back of the subway and changing into a tank top. “I haven’t died, or been called back.” She takes a half-cold protein shake from one of the shelves and downs half of it. “Clearly I’m doing something right.”

              “Or your higher deities take amusement in watching this play out.”

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There are innumerable ways of defining civilization. However, the most determining trait seems to be that human labour, once it yields significantly more produce than is required for immediate consumption, becomes subservient to a social elite that administers and appropriates such surpluses.
—  Abdullah Ocalan, Prison Writings: Roots of Civilisation